Friday, October 28, 2016

Detour to Paradise Yet Again

Fed up with unresponsive AutoCAD window, I was stressed & thought to myself; definitely time for some coffee. As I  minimized the window on the system, I observed the black screen with grids and design making way to a bright yellow flower. The desktop looked vibrant. My little dark cubicle seemed to brighten up a bit. Yellow petals with early morning dew & sun light at dawn twinkling on the moist face of the petals. Whole of the flower seemed safe in asylum of long greeny leaves. She clicked it, on her holiday last month. A person crossed my mind. Her cheeks looked brighter than those yellow petals, shine she brought up into my life was exponentially more than the shine of dawning sun and the dew drops with a twinkle resembled her moist, innocent eyes. The erratic design of a fixture block on AutoCAD was on my mind till then, it made way to the beautiful design of fortune I had planned for life. It is sometimes not anything else, when you forget someone's name; it is just that you are far too awed.

It has been a while, may be a day since I heard from her. Away she was, attending a leadership training program organised by her work place. She took a flight few days back, when I gave her a tight hug and wished a safe flight at the domestic terminal.

It is pretty unusual, when you think of someone and the person start knocking you on phone. But sometimes, unusual is always usual. Specially when it is Diya. A charming image of her's appeared on my mobile screen. She, seated on my bike posing with a lop sided smile and a blue top black jeans. As in picked the call " Listen, the charging is low." That statement already cut off any chances of pleasantries. " I'm done with the training a day in advance, please find me a flight tonight or tomorrow morning back home." Before I could say yes or no, " also let me know if we can have a late dinner today or a early breakfast tomorrow." That also meant she wanted me to pick her, and drop her home. She hung up and the line went dead. A while since, AutoCAD was again gaining grip over my mind, a message popped up.

< How could you do that. You claim me to be best part in your life and you are now playing a thrifty. >
I smiled and replied, < Haha >
< Why so kanjussi, my office would have reimbursed the fare. What the point in booking a premium ticket on train. > she snapped back.

I replied.  < Flights were full >
< What do you expect me to do for 9 hours on the train. God only know >

I smiled to myself and said, < Get to the hotel and sleep tight, I'll wake you up in the morning. >
< Please wake me up, and also pick me up from the station. Please do not plan anything mean while picking me up. Reached my room. >
< Dont bother about picking you up from the railway station, you will love it. >

I hoped she felt " I love nothing more than you Saketh." 

I knew she hated early morning travel plans, but I had mine too. I booked her on an early morning train back home. I woke her up in the morning and made sure she reached station. Coach was B2, seat was 24.

< Good Morning, reached station boarded, thanks for waking me up. > I received her message. I immediately called her, I could listen to her ring tone. " I thought you might have slept after waking me up" she said. She knew I preferred to grab any little possibility of dreaming. "How could I, had to make sure you hopped on board baby." I tried to keep my tone low fearing she might listen me off air too.  She sounded irresistibly lovable when she said, "Aww that is why you are a darling." "I can make myself a bigger darling in a while" I too tried sounding sweet. "Obviously, you will. But how...??" I could feel her excitement. "That is when I take the seat opposite to you, the seat no. 23." "What the f..." she swallowed the last word. "I'm always besotted by you girl", I said as I made myself comfortable on front seat, gifting a chocolate and myself to her.

"You are the biggest darling" she said, I could feel the excitement. "You too are one" I said " by the way...hang on you called me a thrifty, Economy and a kanjuss..." I tried to scoff her.  Before she said anything I said, " I did three things after you called me last night. One, I booked myself a late night flight to this place. Two, I booked both of us separately on this premium train. Three, I mailed to my lead to intimate my absence today." "Sometimes you  confuse me saketh. I cant really choose between a sweet boy friend and crazy lover in you." That statement was nothing short of a tickle.  I looked at her and said in a lower voice " that is how much I planned, to spend some time with you Diya. It's always a bliss to give my girl a bit more than what she asked. You asked for a pick.  I just thought why not pick you up from your source rather than making it to your destination."

It took some time for her to believe that, it was not a dream. We were having a great conversation and breakfast together. I asked if I deserved a high-five. She said I deserved a couple of them. She raised both her hands, brought closer to mine and it was a perfect cheers. Something bothered me. Those were not her's. Hands that came in contact with mine were far more rough to be my girl.

The silence around made way to a crescendo. Railway announcements, people shouting in chaos, The sound of coffee, tea, samosa bread omlet in air. I fought with something and opened my eyes to find Manoj in front of me, vigorously trying to wake me up with both his hands. He sounded frustrated, "You wanted me to pick you, fine, you wanted me to wake you up took me a while to find your coach and berth. Now leave my hands and get down dumbo....both of us need to get to work."

I quickly gained conscious, flexed my body, rubbed my eyes and cursed my fortune for taking a detour to Paradise yet again.

sakethursforever : )


Prudhvi Ram said...

hahah good one bro...

Pithani Shiva said...

Some times dreams are beautiful..that we cant forget in our life..good one ra..👍