Thursday, January 30, 2014

How can I Say you're not the ONE

How can I blame that lovely dove,
who failed to deliver my heap of love.  

I sent you a phrase of words and sign,
the intent was lost somewhere on the line .

I asked the flowers to send you an elegant puff,
the essence were lost somewhere with the huff.

I urged the sand on the river bank,
just when waves have left them blank. 

The mail was the letter of what I feel, 
the text diminished the amount of zeal. 

I told the butterflies, you are the bliss,
they almost gave you a distant miss .

I delivered a note of what it is,
you saw it like a jumbled quiz. 

I put my pain on a plane of mine,
your radar screen was far too plain. 

I wrote it on the gust of air,
the wind spattered it here and there. 

I sang a song to tell a truth,
the theme was lost in the band of sound. 

Though the tune is not the same,
lyrics always meant the same. 

Fortunes always flung far away,
but you were always on my way.

You ask me who was the one on mind,
You ask me who is one who's lined.
You ask me where do I send this to,
You ask me who's not there all through.
You ask me who is the desired one,
How can I say you'er not the one. 

Sakethursforever : )

Sunday, January 19, 2014

That Wonderful Buddy

It was when I met him for the first time. He seemed to me like a car dead still, parked at the lay by on a busy highway. With speedy cars racing on, he was silent, confused, disorganized and never seemed to belong on the tough road (going by his standards). Everything he looked at seemed tall. What I liked going with this young kid was that he has always learnt to drive on his own capabilities and did things which were just enough for his survival on the long road ahead. As he started to learn, the tallest things became taller and taller things seemed tall.

He always though he was a rare find on the highway. I said rare because he never had any extraordinary adjectives attached to his work or character and he was pretty simple & basic. And don't you think being a normal chap is rather unusual these days. He never planned his journey beyond the visible curve and just got along with ease as he passed the milestones. As I told you he learnt just enough to drive through the road ahead. Not a notch more, not a notch less.

Amazing quality of his, that I would personally love to download into my system is his ability to have an opinion on everything he comes across as he drives through. He has a typical though process of his own and that is something he is very proud of. Not many times can something influence his though process. All the time it just like what it has to be. He hasn't told me any of this, but One can read it on the things he do. He loves being a decision maker even when count of his decisions being right is five out of ten. I sense he plays a little gamble before making decisions. Sometimes he is also fickle, but he loves changing the decision just like the winds .

He is very specific in likes he own, the choices he make. He once told me, if you make a list of likes for 5 individuals in a room, the list would be distinct. Just like finger print, retina scanner, people can also be identified based on their likes and probably dislikes too. But the problem here unlike the bio metric system is that the likes and dislikes are dynamic which keep changing. Anyway when he likes something, he likes it to the fullest. None can match him on the scales of liking, or probably loving that particular instance.

He hates changes that take place around him even when they are inevitable. Be it the road he is travelling, car he's driving or the companions he accumulate and relations which he develops with them. He has an unique nature of getting into a emotional relation with almost everything he comes across. People, Seasons, things like pens, Coins; the list doesn't have a particular genre. He loves his likes more than anything else . It would be lucky for anyone to be his most favorite because it is a privilege. And believe me I'm not exaggerating. I would love to be a pen that he likes, just because that is nothing short of getting treated like a princess.

My friend, if I can call him so, is  as old as I am on the road we are driving. He has taken over me many times and I did the same quite often. Everything that we come across leaves an impression on us . And this guy left more than an impression on my lifestyle in all these years that we have been together.

He inspired me mutually, he put me under pressure constantly, he dominated me unknowingly, he drove me emotionally, influenced me mentally and partnered me physically. Most of my system which is walking around, thinking, doing things and breathing is mostly influenced by that wonderful gentleman I ever met.

On the eve of his Birthday, He's me wishing him a spectacular B'Day. Let me tell you, you have been an alluring friend of mine.


Sakethursforever : )

Friday, January 3, 2014

You are the one who deserves all that

A Vow exists, that I never shared,
An Oath survived, that I never declared .

Always safe inside myself,
That phrase was a promise all by itself.

Always secured was my will,
Trying hard not to out spill.

Those lines were always under the mask,
Delivering them is not my task.

Someone said words had power,
Just enough, to stall a rapid river.

Wanting to flow off the brimming heart,
Longing to flood the distance apart .

I bar them on my mind sometimes,
I cover them up in my voice sometimes.

They make their way out of my lips,
And get away like some unheard scripts .

They knock me out of the sleep sometimes,
They wrack me into a dream sometimes.

Read them on the things I do, Read them on the words I do.
Read them on the way I'm, Read them on the tune I hum.
Read them on the likes I own, Read them on the enmity I hold.
Read them on the tranquil around, Read them on my eloquent eyes.

Wish you are the who, who reads all that.
Wish it is you, who need all that.
Hope I don't have to say all that. 
Hope you know that lovely that. 

You are the one who deserves all that .

sakethursforever : )