Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Oscar, a Worldcup & a Commitment.

On the top there on the cliff I was with my heart pumping more then what it usually does . With the essence of dawn, there I was just listening to my lungs taking in and giving out its full volume. With my eyes closed and mind open, I was capturing everything around and allowing myself to believe I was doing something that my system has never done before. Inviting a new person within me to take control I slowly started fading away from what I am. Some chirping and other were tweaking, the frequency was just something complimenting my state of mind. Regretting and cursing the inventors for not inventing an instrument which could capture whole of the feel that I was going through then, I started to think what I'v done all this while.

My day started with the organizer calling me to confirm my presence for the event. With actually not knowing what and how it is gonna turn out to be, I started early on a chilly morning with mild fog making my day more gorgeous. Through the woods of cantonment I made my way to the place . My first look at 10-15 members already present there told me that I have a long day with those strangers waiting there. I just told to myself, whether or not I like their company, I'll defiantly be liking the experience of going on an adventure with not even one person I already know. All others seemed to have come with someone they already know, so they had at least one to share their feelings with . And thanks to my amigos, no one turned up along . People who turn up to an adventure are generally gracious enough to let their emotions mix with others, and my hypothesis turned to be exactly right. Forming a group, we introduced each other . And what I was amazed was that, most of the 13 members were working for an IT firm . I never expected people from IT organizations could actually do all this. Our organizer gave us few instruction before the warm up. Then we moved deep into the place, from where we were about to start out trek before which I quickly updated my Facebook status .

We started moving deep into the shrubs grown out of control . Everyone were carrying a bag with cameras, water and something to munch . It was my first time and I was worried about the safety. Walking through the path, which came into existence because of the the clubs frequent visits was I happily following people.  To my senses I surly knew I was neither tentative nor was I excited. We started the ascent. Slowly catching through  the cracks we started gaining altitude. 

Then came the moment of tentativeness I was tentative about. The height was around 10-15 feet, with two giant rocks 2-3 feet apart. There was no other way of getting on top of it, than to lean your back on one rock and firmly pushing your legs on to another.The posture was as if I was sitting on a chair, the only difference being a virtual chair. You may call it a upward crawl, trek or anything else, that was the first instance when I said to myself, Come on you can do it. Yes for a moment though, things crossed my mind about leaving the task and returning home . But that was not gonna happen with the bunch of people I was with.  The batch of 13 people there, developed an all new environment all around. Every one were tentative, but everyone tried and spread those positive encouraging vibes.

The advancement to the top of cliff was something else. The first glimpse of the city that caught my sight was just incommunicable, indefinable, ineffable, inexpressible, indescribable and  unutterable. The clock did not read anything more that 6.40 that morning and the sight that was captured by my retina told me I was living in a world which is a bit more beautiful that what I expected it to be and the world has lot more to tell me than what I had been listening all these days. There was a gentle canopy of white mist that was making my sight lot more fantastic . On one side the fog was making the greenery lot more scenic.  To the other side were street lights of the colonies which weren't switched off yet. The fog was insinuating me that there was a blanket wrapping up those living creatures who were still in the state of hibernation  and delaying their dawn for a couple of minutes. Birds were already free, on their way to work . Add to this, there was a railway line passing adjacent to the cliff . Trains passed us at a pace making usual rhythmic sound which added to the awe-inspiring flavor of feel inside me that morning. I just wished the time I spent there was not as capricious as people are. Guess that is the only difference between a thinking individual and the beautiful exotic wonder of the nature.

 There I was sitting at a fair height and allowing myself to believe, I  breath through some majestic moments that morning. I was standing on a cliff that had many things to tell me that morning. About the tales of its formation form the lava that came out from core to crust of the apple that we are living on .About the stories of people who already experienced all this before me. And about about its mates; rain, sun and breeze .

 Just then my instructor Faisel bhiya said, come on fasten your harness and get ready for the moment. He's told about the basic operation that we had perform while getting down, the position, posture and other important things . He started using technical wordings which were new, but only till then . I came back to the world I was living in and realized that the amazement was only half done. The cliff still has something more which would amaze and thrill me further more. Our instructor made sure we were not fearful. To help his argument he also told us that the rope that was used was designed to carry 24 KN of load, which made me think of my mechanics and also thought all other IT guys around didn't know what is designing and force analysis. 

Slowly I started my descent . The cliff made me remember those mensuration problems that we used to solve in our school days. It was like a hemisphere surmounted on a cube . The slope was not steep as I started. I could see Faisel Bhiya and others for the initial 10-15 steps that I took with utmost consciousness and tentativeness . As it went steeper and steeper, I lost their sight. I brought all my courage to look down . The steep was still there and I couldn't see anyone neither at the top of the cliff nor at the bottom.  It was only "Saketh-Rope-Cliff" at that point of time. It was the biggest fear I thought I would have . But  certainly not when I was in the middle. I made my lungs available with adequate volume of oxygen and made a satisfying shout at top of my voice. And that moment was ultimate. It was a Worldcup for a sports man inside me, An Oscar for an actor inside me and a Commitment for a Lover inside me.

I'm ending this blog post here because to write any further I'm not finding words to explain the amazing feel I went through. 

And all this in common language is called Rappelling . 

sakethursforever :)