Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This one's for you Jyo.

Counting and counting through opaque calender for a few days now. Building a connection between the real and virtual facts of myself and making a affirmative call was I, allowing my self to believe that the last sms we exchanged, panipuri we shared, ice cream scoop we tasted could possibly be the last one; at least for some time now.

Once there was a time when I was highly tentative as far as you were concerned . May be your river philosophy scared me then (I still have those recordings mind you) and my possessiveness also contributed.  But then the time that followed has just been magical. The confidence, vivaciousness and stupidity that you are made up of, is something that someone could very rarely find .

Those long rides will no longer be what they used to be, without you demanding for those stupid songs again and again .
 May be it would get difficult for me to digest the fact that, there isn't someone who would call me stupid for no reason and that too 16 times an hour.
Roads in anandbagh and surrounding areas would prove lot more safer for people like me.
I'll be waiting for being a second pillion rider on my own bike, that too when the clock reads 1 O'clock midnight, when I looked weird for a dog as well .
My right shoulder is showing sigh of relief as the only one who keeps pushing me while riding will now be taking a break.
Movies we'v been too, arguing about the story and  shouting there at peak of our voice will echo there forever.
Time we spent together making that shortfilm, playing in rain, walking on railway platform, riding triples on main road like manic, songs we sang...
Waiting at a bus stand all night and the raising in of my blood pressure cause of the tension is one thing Ill never ever forget.
Waiting out side the trial room and making you waiting there...

A big CHEERS for all that and believe me we just rocked through all of that.

I'll also have to wait for a while before fooling around people at a bakery or a Traffic police cop (something which onl y two us know) . On that note how can I forget cycling doubles on necklace road and shouting all around making our self look so weird  .

We will also fall short with 'Tales of Stupidity'  which I promise will draft another blog .

How can I let you go without my dose of suggestions....
Here they are...
Stop discussing stupid issues (remember I would bring out a paper if you did that),  stop feeling bad for petty things and please do not ruin America . Do remember to get up early .And please don't let hours pass un-noticed while you were sleeping.

There might be least possibility of my mobile reading  JO and 7788 no. on the incoming log or on the inbox for sometime, but surely two years will be a lot of time in an era where people 'change' for no matter. Hope we don't change though.

Early morning rides...aha awesome days.
Wishing Obama all the best for letting someone like you into his country and hope list of fan that you gathered here increase exponentially there too. Posting this with rush of emotions, great deal of nostalgia and all those beautiful memories we shared, arguments and differences we had, time we spent together and love we shared. Hope we get to do all that again.

Wish you all the best and wishing Mr. Obama much more....

We will Miss you Jyo. (Bharath's gonna miss you much more)

Take Care and Love you : ) : )

sakethursforever : )

Friday, December 7, 2012

VISA it is.

Call me xenophobic, I say indeed without letting the clock tick so far away.

Surely a place where I expect myself so much so little was that alley at Begumpet . Accompanying a friend was I wondering or may be confused about too many things there, I know too little about. Days when I don't know what a passport is, I was cheering for my friend who was patiently waiting for the VISA interview, which I believe is the next stage of what you call getting a passport.

To me it was like an illiterate going into a chemical laboratory where you find colorful fluids flowing and people busily working on them with an excitement, nervousness and tension all around. Knowing very little about what a Visa means on dictionary as well as on ones emotional terms, I had to walk my friend through a span of time which I believe was one of the most difficult things to do just because I had no idea what a Visa is and how much it is rated on . But that tight hug she gave me walking out through the barrier gates calling me and those tears breaking through her already red turned eyes spoke more then what it actually was .

It has been sometime now since I have seen all that and yet I don't understand the logic behind chasing something, somewhere so far away leaving everything that has been a part of our life for so many years .

If feelings and prayers had a solid shape, there would be no more space for anything else to exist on that street. The only discussion there was about the criterion which brought people a visa and that which din't. The air was filled with the ambiance of questions asked and the replies that were to be given and the ones that were already given. All this seemed very preposterous initially but the seriousness on made me think quite opposite.

Though the population there was dominated by students there were almost all sorts of people out there. Newly wed brides waiting to join their grooms outside, elderly couples probably visiting their children and middle aged ones either on a vacation or work. Every one dressed decent with a formal look, which took me back to days when I attended a couple of interviews . It was as if there was a dress code to leave the country. There were young boys with a bunch of papers clipped, girls who got out of those big sedans with trendy body language and only thing that was common with all of them there was tension & prayers that they were burning out. I was also lucky enough to see a Scorpio that stopped in front of me.  The back door slowly began to open, as a plastic cover rolled out of the car. It made a comfortable place in  middle of the road and people climbed out of it and briskly walked away.

It was a new place for a person like me. Holding my friends bag and mobile I spent some time out there watching different things, different people, listening to their sagas and trying to absorb everything & updating my system. It was a place filled with millions of hopes, tons of prayers, people ready to fly out anytime now and people like me who were wishing good luck to their mates against their wish .

Surely I could read the happiness of people and also their grief.  It was amazing to see the amount of joy my friend has experienced and the degree of jubilance she was in . And of course it made my day...!!!

One irony of that place is a hoarding which promoted tourism in India which read, "Incredible India".

Sakethursforever : )

Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Oscar, a Worldcup & a Commitment.

On the top there on the cliff I was with my heart pumping more then what it usually does . With the essence of dawn, there I was just listening to my lungs taking in and giving out its full volume. With my eyes closed and mind open, I was capturing everything around and allowing myself to believe I was doing something that my system has never done before. Inviting a new person within me to take control I slowly started fading away from what I am. Some chirping and other were tweaking, the frequency was just something complimenting my state of mind. Regretting and cursing the inventors for not inventing an instrument which could capture whole of the feel that I was going through then, I started to think what I'v done all this while.

My day started with the organizer calling me to confirm my presence for the event. With actually not knowing what and how it is gonna turn out to be, I started early on a chilly morning with mild fog making my day more gorgeous. Through the woods of cantonment I made my way to the place . My first look at 10-15 members already present there told me that I have a long day with those strangers waiting there. I just told to myself, whether or not I like their company, I'll defiantly be liking the experience of going on an adventure with not even one person I already know. All others seemed to have come with someone they already know, so they had at least one to share their feelings with . And thanks to my amigos, no one turned up along . People who turn up to an adventure are generally gracious enough to let their emotions mix with others, and my hypothesis turned to be exactly right. Forming a group, we introduced each other . And what I was amazed was that, most of the 13 members were working for an IT firm . I never expected people from IT organizations could actually do all this. Our organizer gave us few instruction before the warm up. Then we moved deep into the place, from where we were about to start out trek before which I quickly updated my Facebook status .

We started moving deep into the shrubs grown out of control . Everyone were carrying a bag with cameras, water and something to munch . It was my first time and I was worried about the safety. Walking through the path, which came into existence because of the the clubs frequent visits was I happily following people.  To my senses I surly knew I was neither tentative nor was I excited. We started the ascent. Slowly catching through  the cracks we started gaining altitude. 

Then came the moment of tentativeness I was tentative about. The height was around 10-15 feet, with two giant rocks 2-3 feet apart. There was no other way of getting on top of it, than to lean your back on one rock and firmly pushing your legs on to another.The posture was as if I was sitting on a chair, the only difference being a virtual chair. You may call it a upward crawl, trek or anything else, that was the first instance when I said to myself, Come on you can do it. Yes for a moment though, things crossed my mind about leaving the task and returning home . But that was not gonna happen with the bunch of people I was with.  The batch of 13 people there, developed an all new environment all around. Every one were tentative, but everyone tried and spread those positive encouraging vibes.

The advancement to the top of cliff was something else. The first glimpse of the city that caught my sight was just incommunicable, indefinable, ineffable, inexpressible, indescribable and  unutterable. The clock did not read anything more that 6.40 that morning and the sight that was captured by my retina told me I was living in a world which is a bit more beautiful that what I expected it to be and the world has lot more to tell me than what I had been listening all these days. There was a gentle canopy of white mist that was making my sight lot more fantastic . On one side the fog was making the greenery lot more scenic.  To the other side were street lights of the colonies which weren't switched off yet. The fog was insinuating me that there was a blanket wrapping up those living creatures who were still in the state of hibernation  and delaying their dawn for a couple of minutes. Birds were already free, on their way to work . Add to this, there was a railway line passing adjacent to the cliff . Trains passed us at a pace making usual rhythmic sound which added to the awe-inspiring flavor of feel inside me that morning. I just wished the time I spent there was not as capricious as people are. Guess that is the only difference between a thinking individual and the beautiful exotic wonder of the nature.

 There I was sitting at a fair height and allowing myself to believe, I  breath through some majestic moments that morning. I was standing on a cliff that had many things to tell me that morning. About the tales of its formation form the lava that came out from core to crust of the apple that we are living on .About the stories of people who already experienced all this before me. And about about its mates; rain, sun and breeze .

 Just then my instructor Faisel bhiya said, come on fasten your harness and get ready for the moment. He's told about the basic operation that we had perform while getting down, the position, posture and other important things . He started using technical wordings which were new, but only till then . I came back to the world I was living in and realized that the amazement was only half done. The cliff still has something more which would amaze and thrill me further more. Our instructor made sure we were not fearful. To help his argument he also told us that the rope that was used was designed to carry 24 KN of load, which made me think of my mechanics and also thought all other IT guys around didn't know what is designing and force analysis. 

Slowly I started my descent . The cliff made me remember those mensuration problems that we used to solve in our school days. It was like a hemisphere surmounted on a cube . The slope was not steep as I started. I could see Faisel Bhiya and others for the initial 10-15 steps that I took with utmost consciousness and tentativeness . As it went steeper and steeper, I lost their sight. I brought all my courage to look down . The steep was still there and I couldn't see anyone neither at the top of the cliff nor at the bottom.  It was only "Saketh-Rope-Cliff" at that point of time. It was the biggest fear I thought I would have . But  certainly not when I was in the middle. I made my lungs available with adequate volume of oxygen and made a satisfying shout at top of my voice. And that moment was ultimate. It was a Worldcup for a sports man inside me, An Oscar for an actor inside me and a Commitment for a Lover inside me.

I'm ending this blog post here because to write any further I'm not finding words to explain the amazing feel I went through. 

And all this in common language is called Rappelling . 

sakethursforever :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Move on Every time ??

Most of the time when a majestic era ends, that which has been a part of our life for so long, we tend to recollect all our memories making a track record of that particular thing . We make a chronological tape of that era, play it a few hundred times for our self  may be for a week and comfortably lay back then, move on. We, calling so I generalize all of us, have made it a routine that we move on . But not everything is a lovely mountain that you relax and see through the window on your journey, which excites you until you find an other one or until the journey end. It is completely easy to move on in such cases because you will have to end your journey at some point. But, there are few, which cannot or rather should not be taken on a lighter note. They need a replacement and one that equally excites you.

Indian cricket team has seen two of its tailor made test players retire recently . Dravid-Laxman were those, who could romance test cricket in a way, which no one else were meant to adopt. The very thought of not seeing Dravid walking in at No.3 when there's a quick wicket upfront and making the bowling attack look silly, made every cell of my little brain feel bad. So is the case with Laxman . Well, I do agree that there is a saturation point for a sporting career, if it is Ganguly yesterday, Dravid-Laxman today it will also be the cricketing God tomorrow. But is it that we should just look at their track record, make an excel sheet of their stats, make a record of their outstanding innings, discuss their career in detail, make a video, put up status, bold headlines and do nothing there after. Well, I guess 'after' is a wrong word to use in this context, it is 'way before' that we need to fix things. I am very imperative in saying this is not the way a system should function. We, just cannot end an outstanding era without having a proper substitute. Or in this case I even doubt if I can believe we have one. Moving on just because we know it is all over is not the ultimate thing, at least in this case.

Dravid at No.3 and Laxman at No.5 are two defensive weapons that Indian armory have or may be had is a right word, now that both of them hung their boot. It is not attacking mode of play that wins wou a battle ( in real sense too ), it is how good you are at defending, that decides the result and also creates a scope to attack . So now that we have our core department retired, don't we have a need to search for a replacement, that I do not believe we have. Probably concerned people should have first looked for replacement and then approve the resignation. This era of Laxman and Dravid is not a passing scenery, which can be left behind . They thought us how to romance the leather ball with the willow for hours together and sessions to follow. Passing on the legacy of these cricketers to those who follow should be of prime importance.

This is one place where moving on doesn't make any sense. We mustn't move on, rather learn and reproduce what these legends have done at least to half their way .

Moving on, with things make them less important to us. And these legends are not worth moving on after all.

Sakethursforever :)  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

PM to AM

My mind comfortably caught between aroma and the pages I turn with endless desire to stay there inside that coffee house. With heavy clouds hovering, I made my way in there roughly an hour ago on a late evening . With not many living souls bothering my presence , I was in abundance of comfort slowly sipping away the cup's content and turning sheldon's classic pages . Was too difficult to get knocked off the trans that I was in . One thing that got my eye in through my play there, was when the peddler switched on the lights.

Doing a page per minute was I, leaving behind rest of the world . Not to my immediate senses that I knew what was I doing in there . Only other thing that I noticed when I turned from one page to another was the fine music that was playing, which was the only harmony until I heard someone calling me . Your name is one thing that always puts you alive no matter how absent your mind is . So, my instincts brought me back to life as soon as those audio waves reached my ear drum . Failed to notice anyone calling me around, had a glance at the clock . Took the final sip of the leftover stuff  and began to vacate the place. Just then, I heard my name for the second time with something said before it, which was vague it didn't catch my attention . It is quite obvious that your name catches your attention very quickly, specially when it is unique .

 Fortunately, noticed someone at the adjacent cabin speaking on his mobile. He again began to say ' Hey Diya, this is Saketh here '. I strongly feel mine is a unique name and I have this habit of meeting people with same identity that I posses . So before I made my move towards the cabin, I decided to let him complete his call, then I would say a ' HI ' and leave the place . I was there, next 5 minutes waiting for him to complete the call . I exactly dint know the tone of his chat, but there was an anxiety with tinge of nervousness in his tone through out. Met him a couple of minutes later and introduced myself to be a person carrying the same signature . He was warm enough to respond well . He looked lot more relaxed, contrast to what he was a few moments earlier . Being a curious person that I am , I asked him the reason for him being impatient .

 He gave me a moral smile and told me, 'Aunty saw diya's call log and asked whom she was speaking to at 3 at night, so I was worried '. Now every thing's fine he ensured. I was very much tempted to ask him something, he began to look deep into his mobile and started to say something . I missed the starters of what he said once again, but heard the important bit of it. He said  'She's damn smart' . Without giving me a chance to speak, he further said,  'Do you know what she has done.... She has changed her clock settings from PM to AM just then ' . I was was unaware what the logic was, but only for a second though. We exchanged good byes and left the place.

On the way back, I was astonished with the game played by this girl. To act with such spontaneous thoughts is impeccable . She changed the setting from PM to AM just then . Just when her mother asked her about the call log that afternoon, she changed the settings . It was afternoon and the clock on her mobile then read AM . She could have easily convinced any brutal court of law in this world that her clock was set wrong and the log actually meant 3 PM last evening.

Well that was one heck of a line . 'She's damn smart....'

I wish I was like that, so spontaneous, pro active and ultra smart. Wish I was a part of a game something of this sort....
Or may be I'm already a part of one....

Sakethursforever :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


There were two young kids I knew of age 9 just entering into a state of life, where they started to learn  admiring things, more so learning how to grade something before they admire it. They spend all their evening together playing the most popular game in Indian subcontinent . Each of them bought a piece of wood, convincing themselves and rest around them claiming it to be a cricket bat which also had a piece of paper glued to it and that paper had 3 letters with caps on. And it read MRF . Not for a very long time did they know that it wasn't the name of the cricket bat their favourite cricketer played with, instead it was a rubber factory . Cricket to them was all about meeting the rubber ball they are playing with, with the little slack of wood in their hands, hitting the ball as far as they could, fighting with each other every time when one of them calls it out. Yet there was one more thing that they carried. Each time they set out to bat they tried hard to imitate their legend , whom they thought was the only person playing cricket .

Just as they began to know the game of cricket came the news of Sachin Tendulkar's heroic efforts in taking India to finals and winning it with two back to back tons in a match which was hit by a sand storm . Everyone around in the little world that those kids knew, only spoke about the master and his class. With every one speaking about just one thing Sachin became the first thing that they started to admire apart from the toffees & cakes . The visuals of Sachin winning that final on his birthday and also the car which he won did remain in their memory ever after. Years passed and this like for a specific person turned to be worship after 13 years now. Game after game, I've just seen an improvement in his game and so was  my like towards this person & some of them to whom I spoke about this got offended when I said Sachin was my god; said of those young kids who is into his early 20's.

If we have done what talk show hosts do, I give you a word, you give me a connecting word. When someone in India say talent, one of the few names that pop up on our screen is Sachin. It wasn't that the nurse at the hospital said, here Mrs. Tendulkar here is 100 100's for you. It was his passion, devotion and commitment that made those hundred tons. That little gesture after reaching his100th ton speaks all about it. He was calm, composed and allowed himself to get into that unique feel of feeling a master inside him.

 I've seen people making number of statements for last one year about the 100th 100. Some were positive and other weren't. Seen a gentle man on national media saying, "The 100 has become most important for Sachin than winning matches for India". May be he was right to himself but not to the million people who still had believed in the master. On contrary the same person on the same channel then hailed the master for reaching where he has. Personally on a bigger scale in a real world we are quite adamant in accepting an achievement and more so when it is on this bigger prospect. Hundred hundreds by a single player is nothing less than & as worth as a  Roger Bannister's running for the the first mile in less that 4 minutes at 1929 Olympics,  or a Jesse Owens who won 4 medals in a week, or a Lance Armstrong who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after having survived testicular cancer. 

 I would like to recall one master innings of his against Australia at Hyderabad in Nov 2009 when he was 37 . Australian innings was almost over and the last ball was to be bowled with the score card already reading a huge total of 350 in 49.5 overs.  Sachin was on the covers boundary and the ball was just  lofted towards him. There was only a single there and it was the final ball of the Australian innings. Any fielder could have easily embrace himself and stop the batsman from scoring a second run. Instead fielder in this case put up a forward dive and took a clean catch. And he came back to bat and almost won India that match scoring 170 in 141 balls. At the post match show I remember, a commentator  saying "One obviously cannot learn to bat like the master, but one can easily learn the commitment that he has while putting up that dive on the ultimate ball of an innings".

Calling it the day for sachin to retire was one thing that I've seen people debating on . Personally to me a legend in what ever field he is in, is a legend because one, he worked hard to reach where he did ; two, one who knows what is to be done and when; three, a person who know when to take a right decision . A person is a legend because he knows what is it to a legend, more so what it takes to become a legend. One cannot simply make judgement for a legend . It is not about a person in sport, it applies to every legend in their respective fields specially when you say he is a legend .  One of my friend made a very imperative statement supporting his support towards retirement saying there will be a chance for others to come into the national team & raise  the team, and also that playing more than 22 years is more than enough. Well, personally to me I would prefer using a specific thing untill it stands to my use. I shall admire it through out.

There can never be an other sachin in cricket ever, but having half the attitude, commitment and humble nature he has got would take anyone up there.

Sakethursforever  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Relations, Their Definitions

A logical or natural association between two or more things, relevance of one to another, in some cases it is also a connection two or more things . Which is what is the possible definitions one can come up with, when someone address the word "Relation".  It is just that Bats, Rackets and Clubs are related to Cricket, Tennis and Golf respectively .  It is evident that a person has a bat, racket or a club, depending upon which game he is related to . In case 1, the relation is a Bat & Cricket. In case 2, the same relation is a Racket & Tennis . The relation changes its course again with the third case. In each of those 3 cases, there is a fixed relation which holds good until one looks only at one case in particular.  

Our power of knowledge helps us by all means in relating the right things together all the time . We are civilized enough to know that, a person who comes out of a hospital is related to some kind of  physical suffering that he has.  And a person who needs a book, has to be related with a library . In due course of things, we keep relating each an everything that we come across in life. And this amazing  power of RELATING things has become one of our greatest weakness very often then not. 

It will surly be cricket, if one or more that one picks up a bat. And the place is surly a giant library, for a person or people, who are in search of a book. We may notice that the relations that we related, proves right even when no. of times we relate things change.  In each and every relation that that we related on this post, are something which do not change with respect to Time, Place, Situation, or any other criterion .  The relation is defined in only one way. If it is book, then it is library. 

But, I'v been calling this power of relating things, a growing weakness among us. 

It is simply because we put our power to work and try relating two things and give that particular  name which does not vary with respect to time, place and other factors. The problem is when we try relating two things which are bound to change their characteristics.

We, people are very good at applying all our laws with people we leave with. We relate people and define a relation just as we did with other things around. And always we expect the relation and more so the definition of the relation to hold good through out. The problem may be confusing yet it is simple.  When you say two people are related and they are friends, we frame a picture of they both being friends and following certain things which make them or rather relation to be termed as friends. But, who exactly knows what is it to be friends. Because as time passes, the the way they relate them self to each other changes but still you say they are friends.

A couple says they are in love and they make time  for each other everyday just to talk to each other for hours together. Another couple says they hang out as much as possible because they love each other. There is a third category who neither meet much nor do they talk to each other much, yet they say they are in love. Each of the pair is in a relationship, yet the definition of the relationship is different. The way the relationship is carried is different.

Same thing can be reflected with parent-children relation as well. Not every parent- child relation is same. Yet the relation has a common name. It is a 'Father' who beats up his child when he does something wrong. It is again 'Father' who encourages and cheers you for next time . And it is again 'Father" when he doesn't even care.There might be different types of parent child relationships yet in each case the name given to the relation is same . One may see no. of Mother-child relationship. One may be just like friends and another Mother child relation may end up to be contrast.

You may have two different types of friends. Once you meet regularly and once you do not. Yet all of them make it to you birthday list .  He is a friend who helps you every day. He is also your friend who calls you once a month . There may be some who never speak to each other unless one is in help.  

Each and every relation we make is different and unique. Only because each and every person has a different way of viewing things . And you have a different way of linking to different people.

 Each and every relation that we make is defined by the people who live in it. It is like a thread hold by two different people. The definition of that particular relation limits itself between things those two can do and cannot . It is not that a parent is only a parent if he beats his child when he does a mistake. He is also a parent if he encourages and cheers the young one. 

 But when we make a relation out of nonliving things, it remine same universally. But when you define a relation between two people, you are bound to go wrong. So don't expect yourself be be someone else . Rather create your own definition for a happy relation. 

Next time when you compliant that your friend ,lover or anyone else is not the way someone else is, do remember that a Relation Do not Have a Generalized Definition. It is a definition that you two should be framing and defiantly  not something that you inherit. 

"RELATION" Do not have a generalized definition . Stop searching for one and do help you self creating a unique definition of yours. Have a happy relations.

Sakethursforever : )

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gobbledygook Mail

Intimate Tootsie,

There is something that abet my senses to become a espionage agent & gait you everywhere.I drone your appellation diurnal course. Every thump of my heart is babbling your eponym. And that is something that undock my day and also outset my day.

I wake up with the sanguineness feel of making a tryst with you and sleep with an awe. Every second that the chronograph ticks, my mind is at only one place that is you. All the attempts that I made to talk to you are evermore a thwart.My feelings for you are always pristine.

Neither am  jeering nor bantering. I am not a philanderer. I need you to complement my esprit. I did fringe a pantheon for you in my heart. You are the diety in my life. I am presuming that you would perch through out my life.

The only time I discover a connoisseur in me is when I see you.  If ever there is a cynosure your life would see, that is me. The fragrance of my love remains even when we are octogenarians. When I embrace your hand i feel I am the zenith of happiness. And the jiff you leave me, it make me fall  into a pandemonium......

I can love you in the best possible way.....you writhed my life....

I don't mind even if i look zany or zucchini, but you are always zephyr of my life.
I may not be the best he in the world.... but if you miss me you will be the lassie with plight through out your life....

(Courtesy and regards @Bharath my dear friend for his commitment towards completing this post )

sakethursforever : )

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indian failure.

There are not many products that have been failing for 15 long years in today's global market. One exception will surly be BCCI's product 'TEAM INDIA' . Over and again this product has been failing in one particular tour i.e of Australia. It is exactly what I'm going to concentrate with this post of mine.

With India loosing the series to Aussis 3-0, with a match yet to be played & also has least possibility of pulling the next one off, there is another game on (off the field though), called the blame game. Now then this particular game has its presence always when ever there is a failure . Each and every person has his own structure of theory which blames someone or the other, depending upon the persons knowledge, thinking ability and most importantly how active is he with respect to media . The latter of those three, according to me is most significant because half of the people who draw conclusions are directly influenced by media . And they blindly reproduce what is being said in media.

Getting into theories of failure, there are 4 main ones.  Seniors not performing up to the mark. Second one though is bit hypothetical, which say lack of a aggressive captain . Blaming IPL for all the bad reasons have become a habit now. Sachin concentrating on that ton of his and not on winning a match . Not playing Rohit sharma instead of Kholi or Sewhag and some more add to the list though. But hang on, just as a prominent cricket analyst, commentator say the tumor is not just here. India has not won a single Test series in Australia . Which says it is not just changing one player here and there or changing the opening composition that would serve. The problem is deeper. One can't keep loosing for a decade and give a momentary excuse.

Remember there isn't a single player in India who should have been on this tour and who isn't . This is by far  the best set of players who could have been on this tour. So it is not just the selectors who need to put their thinking mode on. And when one blames IPL, we need to remember our top 5 batsmen became test players way before IPL started . Dhoni was applauded for being the best aggressive skipper that cricketing world could have ever seen . And there is no point in blaming Sachin because he is still getting those 70's and 80's .

And what really wonders me in personal with this particular tour is that, our defensive weapons badly failing. A war can never be won when you have you defensive weapons weak. You can still win it, if you can't attack though.  But being strong at defending is something that puts you in a better position because it often makes the opposition think of different strategies. So, Dravid and Laxman can't be left out either before you find a perfect replacement. You can't say you can bring in Rohit Sharma either, because his is not a Tendulkar-Bradman put together. Yes he is a good player, but you see, when your front line players fail you can't expect a youngster to come in and fire.

There is one more thing that most of us are negatively proud of saying. 'Inda cannot play over seas ' . Same is the case with the other teams right. England and Aussis could keep their winning streak going whn they toured India in recent past. Hence it is evident that one can play only in their back yard. Which brings all under the same roof. England, the no.1 team itself failed terribly and ended game in just 3 days with Pakistan when not played in England. Not producing  sporty tracks can only be the possible reason which questions if the game is played in right spirits.

Finding a solution to the problem with India touring Aussis is not something that one can sit back and arrive at on a blog. BCCI should think "Why is my product failing time and again " . For now it is sure that, irrespective of the 11 Aussis is playing, India cannot play cricket in Aussis. After all, after seeing  5 series's disaster you can arrive here. It is the administrators, selectors, skipper, seniors & staff who need to think about the failure time and again. And it is not media, common cricket analysts who fail to understand difference between a red ball and the white one, who should be thinking so much.

Being a true cricket fan, I support men in blue and cheer them .

sakethursforever : )