Sunday, October 23, 2011

DAWN.. Breaking somewhere, Building elsewhere

Morning Light,

You scoot through the lands with freedom at a village,
You peep into narrow lanes of a city.

You initiate someone for a early walk,
You make someone else malaise.

You bring light into peoples life,
You bring plight into someone else's life .

You hover over the young pupil bright faces at school,
You also wander with an unwanting expression into  attenuated prisons.

You mark days of youngsters with a stamp of positive hope,
You mark a day for the ones on seventh stage with all the grief.

Some wait for you to arrive,
Some do not want you to punch the clock.

Some take you to be an antidote,
For someone else you are just an antibody.

You lay a bed of roses,
but also lay a platform for funeral.

Some mark you and try to remember as long as they are,
You just become an anathema for others .

You bring victories to sports men,
You leave miseries to their opponents.

You put men at work,who builds a better world,
But you take men to war over places.

You show happiness in an infants innocent smile,
You show tears in eyes of people left behind.

You bring in fresh feel of a day,
You also bring tunes of cacophony.

Just as my teacher said,
You make me bright here,
You push someone else into dark somewhere else.

You and your mate keep running away,
we shall chase you down someday,
we shall chase you down someday.

Sakethursforever :)