Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a Thought

Every day as soon as I begin to shut my system off, start romancing the bed & bliss, I begin to worry. An uneasiness about the bigwig of my life 'Tomorrow'.

Out of every thing that can be defined, there is one thought on my mind. You can call it a wish. Can I order that one wish of mine to any of the angel . 

Can I ask for a morning tomorrow with people around me with absolutely no Identity; just a wish. Can I ask for a morning tomorrow, which is full of people I have never known; spare a thought. Can I wake up to that morning and conquer the world full of faces that I've never seen; a hope may be. Or can someone let me hide myself beneath the blanket until my face is forgotten . I always wonder if I can ever breath air into that one wish of mine. 
When you ask me why, that becomes quite complicated to answer. One which may not convince you, but makes extreme sense to me, my thinking capabilities and my skill of understanding self. 
  • When there isn't a past between me and you, that is a kind of freedom. I can actually speak anything and everything on my mind. 
  • Gives me freedom of ego. Mine is a pristine one. 
  • Do not have to keep in mind our last conversation before I start to speak, In short I don't have to censor myself. 
  • No one expects anything out of a new chap . So here I"m without out any pressure of expectations and pleasure running the way I like & the way I want .   
  • I can be self. Not a puppet of someone else's likes and dislikes. Just because I don't have to impress anyone. 
  • Do not have to play on emotions and let someone play on them either . 
  • Just because I don't know you, I can address the way I want .
  • There is nothing but open mind when you are judging me and vice verse. 
  • Mistakes once done will no longer mean anything in branding myself . There is always a chance of a new me. And no one ever knows any of them.
  • I'll not be a bouncing ball, bouncing back into things that hurt or rather the ones that haunt me.
  • I can respect myself lot better. 
  • No regrets . I can always do things with new people which I wished to do with you today
  • Finally do not have to feel bad when I ping someone and don't get a reply back. Because you'll be the one I knew for one day . Seriously I wish you were. 
You may say being an amnesia patient is better, forgetting everything as soon as you get up. But that doesn't give freedom of knowing self which is extremely paramount, at least to me.

Just imagine.... "Just a new day when ever I wake up...Wow it sounds Piquant."

    Sakethursforever : )