Thursday, October 24, 2013

Straight out of my thoughts...

Take me there, where I can breath some air,
and find a smile that can be my pair. 
Take me through to a lovely dawn,
where smile is the only suit to don. 

Get me a cloud of immense rain,
which ships our every drop of pain.
Get me a mask of glee to wear,
and drop the bleak somewhere down the stair. 

Drive me through the gate of fate,
with no limits on my freight. 
Drive me past the cries on the way,
leaving behind everything in grey.

Gift me a beam of flashy light,
I would use it through the gloomy night.
Gift me a hefty share of luck,
to force me out of the place I'm stuck. 

Let me run an extra mile,
to see my woe whacked under the nail.
Let me learn the rhyme of happy chime,
let me learn the theme of time. 

Guide me out of the clumsy cage,
to play my role on the center stage.
Guide my thoughts to a greater height, 
and let me sense a sharpened sight .

Help me find a soul in me.
Help me find a soul for me.
Help me find a hand to hold.
Whenever the time is cold. 

Find a smile that can be my pair....Find a smile that can be my pair....

Sakethursforever : )