Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just one thing!!!

What does a youngster in India would wish to have??

* Pocket money This is the first and foremost thing that you consider being a person of my age. I am fed with enough money...my father's really good at this.
*Phone My land line is free . That is i can make unlimited calls, thanks to my dad who worked hard and got into Postal & Telecommunications Audit.
* Mobile phone I have got one of the best mobile in the  market. Samsung Corby Pro, with 3G and video calling facility. It has got touch,slide and every attractive feature.
* System with Internet Dell vostro 320, the system with CPU built in !& inches LED screen, sleek look with 1.3 M P inbuilt cam,wifi,internal speakers with 128 mbps Internet line serves more than what is required.
* Vehicle Well all new Alto K10 is there always parked in front of my house, it is mine as much (or even a little more ) as it is my Dad's. And to add I'm a good driver (thanks to one of my dear friend). There's my uncle who gives his bike anytime i ask,so it is pretty much mine.
*Smart I do look smart, not that Im most handsome chap, I feel I'm okay.  And to add to this I'm smart enough even mentally.
* Fitness No I'm not a body builder, but guess my fitness is good enough, cricket being my passion.
* Family Yes i have a great family with Dad always encouraging, Mom always pampering, Grand parents always teaching & guiding and not to forget a little cute sister always fighting.
* Friends  I have got hell a lot of friends, with different mind set,different out look...and I'm glad that I donot have a single person that I don't speak to.
*Attitude Well I think I have got cool attitude towards things. Most of my friends say I posses a good one... (I insist on most not all) .
*Knowledge I'm good enough both technically and with current affairs. Well my blog is a replica of what I drafted.
*A nice cute girl friend...

well are you expecting something out of this?? NOOOOOOOOO i don't have one...
This must be the only only only thing that I don't have...  and would love to have one...anyone out there interested, come on I'll show what is it to be with an awesome guy like me...!!
Having enough pocket money, having a free land line at home,having a mobile with 3G,being an awsome driver, and all the other things, Do'nt you feel it a bit unfair not having a girl friend???  Well i dont bother if you care or not but having all that, I do miss this one thing... Lets hope I draft a post as soon as possible about the feel of feeling a nice cute Girl friend!!!!

(This post is a replica of a debate about having everything that a person wishes for. I was talking, rather shouting with my friend that I'm happy with what I have except . And he says I would wish to have something else if I get that last thing too.. I promise I would end my wishlist here...& I know i would be having some stupid comments here...)

Sakethursforever :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Indian Politics and Politicians, this is one area that most talk about when there is a chat on having less hope or being hopeless . Well, I said hopeless because not more that 25-40% people in India have a hope. At least, not having a hope is okay, but large proportions of Indian population are HOPE'LESS' . And this hopelessness has a direct relation with the number of odd incidents that dent the figure of INDIAN POLITICS . Be, that people like Kalmadi who's ready to pay lakhs for making his WASHROOM a safer place (may be he was too impressed with disinfection advertisements) , Raja who always appears in white & white (may be to cover the BLACK inside),  Yeddyurappa who wish to eat away all the visible land or may be, our Hou'ble Prime Minister Of India who just watchs all this to be a 3-D animation movie or may be it has more dimensions. Every one is equally responsible for this hopeless feeling that prevails, at least among we youngsters and age old people because we are one who are more worried about future. Because we neither have a home to make nor do we have heavy responsibilities

But, as someone very hopelessly told something which actually never gave me a convincing expression. "EVERY THING HAPPENS FOR GOOD & TO LOOK INTO POSITIVES IN EACH AND EVERY NEGATIVE THING".

For the By-Polls to be held in Kadapa Dist of A.P, there is a young leader contesting named Y.S.JAGAN MOHAN REDDY son of late Y.S.R . And after scrutiny of all the nominations filed, ten Jagans are to contest the by elections in Kadapa . Yes as far as 9 others with same "name" are competing against this leader in the district. It is apparent that the opposition parties have sent there mind to the renovation center and have come with this incredible idea of confusing the poor voters . And original Jagan's party not having a permanent party symbol comes to their advantage.  I would challenge my heart and soul if any of these leaders think so much about doing a word of good to the voters, or rather people they fool around.This is really a master stroke as far as confusing the voters and pushing the original JAGAN into dark .

And now, I see a positive thing alteast in this hopeless, so called crooked thinking of our leaders. That is, if BCCI ( board of cricket control in India ) should look into this very keenly, they can have all the 11 members in the team with same name, surly the opposition will be confused and we can cash upon this. And, if that one name is a iconic one, say SACHIN TENDULKAR then the game is half won already. Physiologically the game is already in our hands because every time the opposition listen to this particular name, they skip a beat or may be two. And for all of you who say this is playing negative, this is the way that our leaders are leading us. I hope BCCI is hearing me .  Or at least wearing a mask, as a replica of the icon will also do because there is physical presence of characters here. And probably for the first time I'm able to see something positive in negative . Well at least lest HOPE everything happens for a reason and that suspicious reason comes good .

From now on lets HOPE MORE to figure out a positive in every scam that our country sights.

sakethursforever :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


One who plays cricket is a  cricketer, one who does painting is a painter, one who sings is a singer, one who fights is a fighter, one who writes is a writer and finally one who opens up his mind here is a blogger . This is my definition of what i am at this very place, a true BLOGGER.

I blog about various things, movies, politics, sports, people around and most importantly my feelings. My feelings about every thing that happens around me ,with me, even without me. My mind is surly not the same all the time. My writings when perceived, gives a clear picture. My blog is a source that is created by me to flush out what ever i feel at core of my heart, i stand on the tag that i have give to my blog.

Early days of me on blogger were like being in a unknown city with no idea which way to go and which subject to draft on. So i felt i should be all out about my self first. And that was the day i realised my first post SAKETHURSFOREVER. To continue to write, after hearing to people who read my first post was like a cake walk. So, i chose to draft a article on my GOD  SACHIN TENDULKAR. Then came the real mouth watering post about IPL. I found myself so expressive while drafting it . It was actually inspired from a debate on national media. The amount of self belief that post gave me was humongous. Six degrees of separation was a very attractive topic that i really felt i should share . And then my encounter with first year in graduation was really my memory that i cherish . Then came a gap. I knew i could could draft some nice articles. But lack of interesting topics to blog upon, lack of time and many other stupid reasons i could not actually blog much.

Towards the end of last year, two things that took my breath away, one most hilarious and other the cutest thing that happened to me were very amazing which i had to draft on. These two post actually shown me that i was way good in expressing my feeling.

With start of next year i also wanted to start better blogging. Next two months were most exciting part in my life as i was going through most of the learning experience and situations that never realised in my life till then.It was that time when nothing was understandable. And my writings then will clearly reflected the amount of pain,excitement and lot more. Through out those posts, i always wanting to tell someone something or wanted to know something from someone. All those posts that i posted were only aimed at expressing my feeling. Sometimes it is pain, sometimes it was gain and i was all out.

Then came back to a blog about IPL, where i had to start a new way of blogging. From this time it is really WOW feel of blogging. From here on i wanted to write hell a lot .  I wanted to show i could write different stuff. If one post was about A DAY OFF , the next one is a LOVERS FEELINGS. One very divine about A UNDERCOVER HERO, the next about being BORED.  The one on religion was inspired form having two festivals on same day. YES I AM CHILDISH was the one which i really wanted to tell to my mom and many others who think I'm childish. The post about searching god is a post that is inspired from an awesome movie that i saw which gives a perfect definition about almighty.

Through out my writings, it is all about feeling that i felt many things that happened to me, that happened around me, those that i wanted to cherish, that i wanted to share & those i wanted to tell to people around.


sakethursforever  :)