Saturday, November 19, 2011

Evolve Exist & Extinguish

The evolution, existence and everything else that is bound to happen with the smallest of the thing that is a part of the universe is predominantly governed by laws, thesis, reasons that great philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers framed, written and drafted. As a matter of fact we dint know the existence of the gravitational force until  Newton came up with his argument and a valid support to his thesis.

A well known general philosophical thesis, states that for everything that happens there are conditions such that, given them nothing else could happen. And just like any other thing, this has got enough on the other side of the coin which says, everything that happens just happens whether or not the generalized conditions get imposed.

Imagine this huge ball of fire that dangle in the open space, has number of balls revolving around it . This ball call The Earth finds its place exactly at a certain distance where, "life" is realized . It is not a light year away nor is it half a light year nearer, either of which, the post you are reading may have not taken its shape .

Going by the former theory, there are perfect set of circumstances, that put this system in the exact position that it is in. In a better way, it has a certain purpose for this system to take shape or may be it is determined to evolve this way and determined to exist the way it is for millions of years now. And, hence the theory gets its name The Theory of Determinism. The other side of the argument, The Theory of Randomness; states everything that happens is a shear coincidence.

 Neither of the two theories have yet been proven, and can one be sure that the proof would not see light for quite sometime .

But one can make out another theory out the two theories of Determinism & Randomness; who's proof exist in the very fact that, one of the two theories does exist . It is simply that anything and everything that happened, which is happening and the ones that are going to happen are bounded by one of those two theories. Either are they are determined or random as we see.

A prisoner in one of most barbaric prison of the world or a nation where people are treated worse that slaves, look at Wind which seem as a helping hand and feel if they could be as free as the wind which could act on its own . People may look up to a river that is flowing with great force of enthusiasm and feel if they could run away so happily someday. Be it flowing water or Blowing wind travelling from one place to another are considered to be free and are signs of freedom .

Not many realize that when we look at flowing water and feel blowing wind, they seem to look unhappy. Once a kid tried asking the pleasant wind to stay with him forever . It silently replied, I wish I could be stationary just like every other thing on the earth, but then I will no longer be called wind . It went on to say, I wish I could be as free as you people are, to do anything that you like, visit anyplace that you want. And then it was time for the wind to move on leaving the young kid astonished to what he heard.

It was long before the kid realized in his physics class that wind flows as a result of pressure difference and in his geography class that water flows from one place to other place because of the topography. And both have certain driving forces and neither of the two are really free to enjoy their freedom.

Never was something Determined, that a low pressure would act upon this place and wind may get driven towards that particular area. Neither is that place selected in Random for the low pressure to act . And this contradicts the existence of both the theories . Also, waiting for a new theory to satisfy everything which could soon turn out to be mum after decades just like the other two is not going to fetch something .

So, just like that little kid, we all are just students through out and we keep learning things which changes us, changes our life and everything related to it very easily . And not to forget, this keeps going as long as we keep learning.

sakethursforever  :)