Friday, December 23, 2011

Tentative and a bit more .

It was 1999-2000 that i have first seen India play on Aussis in Australia and I find it extremely satisfactory to say  Aussis seems to be a little unclear about what their strategy is going to be and further more tentative about the composition of who is going to play. And it was India that started to show the world that Aussis can be won upon.

Normally, we in India we tend to hold on to a player, but Aussis have got that ability i call to let people go. If you see 10-15 years ago Aussis have players like Bevan, Lehman, Gllispe who were not performing, otherwise why we would have not seen Lee Pointing or Hussey today. Time and again they look for performance and not track record unlike we in India . But on this juncture, Ponting, Mike Hussey who's believed to be Mr. Cricket are out of form and they still manage a berth on the playing list. This shows how ambiguous they are about the decision of dropping one of their main front line players. They kept on to Ponting, kept on to Hussey which show lack of aggression that one would normally expect from an Australian team before a tough series like this. And also the inability to take the hard decision. Normally Australians are pretty sure about the composition of the playing 11 way before the match starts. The selection came just less that a week before the test . And also the fact that they are not clear whether to play 5 bowlers or 4, shows how indecisive they are . They generally say, we play 5 bowlers, one keeper, so lets look who the 5 best batsmen are. But now, they say if Marsh plays then 4 bowlers or if he doesn't then 5. The typical decision making selection of Aussis is not to be seen. This suggests to me a little crisis in confidence, which is brought about because of the number of event that took place since quite a while . Ponting not getting a massive score for 31 innings now, getting bundled out for 47 against South Africa, loosing the winning streak in WC matches, loosing to Newzealand for the first time in 26 years, and all other things add to it. More so, as we all know, the confidence of the team reflects in the mouth work they do before such an important series. They should have told by now, India's got injury worries, Zaheer not match fit, Fielding is not up to the standards, Indian were badly hit by England and victory is cake walk for Aussis . Rather they are worrying about their own problems and seem to concentrate less on opponents.

Although, Indian Batsmen failed badly in their previous outing outside India, I do expect the batting legends to come good for India this time . Talking about Indian side, I wonder if Ishant can show the same magic that he has show the last time. Then, he was a fear less young fast bowler, who ran in fast and picked up vital wickets. But, as time goes one gets experiences, that experience makes you play safe . You may not be the same old person who ran in hard and one who can pitche the ball up without any fear. This happens with best of the best players. And players who don't let experience affect their style of play are like Sehwag. He will be the key to lay the right foundation along his partner and legends there to come should make life easy. And this san happen when Indian bowling falls in right shape. And reportedly this is the best chance for India to win this time. I predict a 2-0 or 2-1 for India. And also how can one forget the 100th ton . I see Sachin extremely confident this time around and the 92 not out he scored says so. He could have completed this in Odi's against WI back home and could have gone with a free empty mind. But he has opted against it which shows how confident he is.

 The most awaited.
The action starts monday 26th Dec, 5.30 in the morning. Boxing Day!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enjoy Yourself, Don't let something else enjoy you.

It takes me a few days back when I was returning home after a late night visit to my friend's place and heard a cocky voice of a person who was accelerating just parallel . I would not have thrown interest if what the person has told wasn't poetic, at least to me . It was not as easy at it looked to demystify the inner meaning of what I heard . Which read, " Life has taught me one thing, You should enjoy the drink but one shouldn't allow it enjoy you ". I could almost spontaneously know about which drink he was speaking about to the pillion rider. One thing which was mysterious to me was that I could not make out the difference between enjoying a drink and vice versa. It was always to me just loosing ones sense to a liquid that itself takes shape of something else that it is contained in.

It is known that a human body has got various organs and the ones which can sense things around are classified into 5 types. It is understood that a person who is medically sound would have all his five senses working to full efficiency  along with the brain that processes the sensing organs. But here comes a situation where a person gifts his vital organs to a bottle of unknown liquid. I used the word 'gift' because the person declares a holiday to himself  and also because I find a lot people who are addicted call it enjoyment or fun. Now what wonders me is how can someone deposit his assets (senses) with someone else and call it enjoyment. How can loosing something vital (senses) as far as your body is concerned to an external agent in the name enjoyment  or fun. Not in worst case ever that a person will give away something that he has, to someone else and say I'm happy. Then why is this not in the case of an addiction. Why is that we give away or rather gift away our senses and claim external happiness. 

People may call it healthy, addon to a happy life, enjoyment and the means by which one can get disconnected with rest of the world. But, all this when your senses are sleeping is of no use. Becauae when there is no sense, what is that you enjoy. When someone cannot know what is happening around how can that state of him be defined.

It may be a 21 days old baby, who was put off on ventilator by a sweeper under influence or people who lost their legs just for sleeping on footpath, both of them had done nothing expect having a relaxed sleep. The one who is waiting to see the world . It is a pity that the young lad has not even seen calender change its month, before something brutal has happened . All because someone else is relaxing and enjoying his curiosity. One may say it was an accident. But one that takes place because of misfortune is termed to be an accident. Not the one which is committed in a state of mind where a person himself doesn't realize what his mind is asking him to do.

A person is punished and put behind bars because he has lost the status to live in the civic world ans similarly various organisations treat in a mentally challenged patients away from the outside world to a find a difference between who are mentally sound. I may sound cynical and typical but putting those who are "addicted" under the same roof and keeping them away from the civilized world makes perfect sense (at least to me) . A person can fiddle with any amount of risk, as far as his own life matters, surly not when he could be a hazard to others around. Allowing such people to live in this world will no longer call this a civilized place. That case, probably early man would be a better contender for being called civilized.

Addiction may  may be  fashion, trendy, curiosity or as a status symbol. But, loosing control of ones own sense and mind is like "loosing dignity to live in this world." If you consider to be a human at basic level and if you like to live in a civilized civilization the control system must be redesigned. I would say "Enjoy the life, Don't let your life enjoy your preposterous state of mind."
Not the miasmic fluid inside the bottle, not the nausea that the powed gives you  and not the toxin those  leaves leave behind inside your body are going to do any good to you. Rather great conversation with people around or clam honest talk with self would do great deal of good to you. 

Don't loose your senses to anyone or anything.  Enjoy yourself, Don't let other things enjoy you!!!

PS. Remember anything that disables you mentally or physically is something you should hug. 

sakethursforever :)