Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Fantasy - A Delusion

"M.E LECTURE HALL 2", the board read on the first floor inside the old PG building. Bench 2 & 3, Row 1 were we four, with least possibility of recollection anything else other than the work at hand. Sushma was busy solving WILSON  θ  method for dynamic analysis and Shiva was trying hard to find a way out of the differential equations that kept flowing over 4 pages all together. Adityan doing what he is best at, preparing last minute study material and I employed my very small mind into CRANK NICOLSON method . Sound of pencil lead rubbing against the paper, loose papers, texts full of foreign names, different kinds of symbols, note books, rhythm of pen getting tapped on bench and few lays packets coexisted with us. Window was flattering to the far right and tube light flicking (standing up to its name & reputation) . Newton's first law worked with many other domains not just science. We remained in the state of " Student before Exam " mode until there was an external force that acted on us. Those familiar audio waves students are often treated with. Something vibrating on the metal desk making hollow sound. All of a sudden everyone were back to living senses. It was as though we were kidnapped by someone and just got released. It took me a while to realize, that was my mobile vibrating beneath. Shiva gently pushed his books aside deciding to take a break, sushma took out her side dish to munch, Adityan started explore his all new Blackberry.  

Typing in the mobile passkey 97325, I logged onto Whats App. There was only one message and it instantly brought a dab smile that ran across my cheek. I've forgotten all the derivations done till then and that one line on the mobile screen seat ejected me out of library mode into a virtual hill station. The other three went into some discussion already and I was searching for a song on my mobile. Linked the song "TUM HO THO" from Rock on  and quickly put my thumb finger on the send button. The chat log for the day read Diya's name with a message "I LOVE YOU" and a MP3 file which was my reply. My mobile kept silent for a while and then the screen started to glow. Soon a picture came up, it was She with a cute smile sitting on my bike and giving a charming pose. Quickly I respond the call and walked out of the room for a brief talk. I returned back after few moments and everyone inside the room wore a fickle smile on their face. We bundled up all our derivations after an hour and we started to leave. On my way back, my bike rode straight to her place. We shared the Bournville I brought for her, went on a prolonged stroll, had a long chat and delightful panipuri. It was time to head home and complete the remaining part of derivation. As I put my bike key into the holder, she asked me to call her once I reached home and told me a beautiful BYE; to which my reaction was an affirmative smile. 

I got back home, locked my bike and dialed 9866...... just as she has asked me to do. Spoke about some random stuff for next 10 minutes and decided to meet her the next morning at jogger's path. She said BYE. Even before I said something she began to say in a despondent tone " You have not told bye in the evening too...".  Moments later I went back to her place . Gave a missed call on her mobile, a signal asking her to come out. I could see the surprised look on her face as she walked, out along with the excited expression which she always gives when we meet. With a confused tone she asked why I was there. 

I went closer to her,  looked straight into her eyes and said, " YOU KNOW WHAT...I CAN NEVER TELL A 'BYE' TO YOU DIYA...." .

We spent a couple of seconds without saying anything. She finally broke the silence and gave me an affable tap on my cheek. She then said, "YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU ARE REALLY VERY SWEET, SAKETH".

Lights were dim that evening, cool breeze, about to rain kind of climate and someone you love the most just said you were SWEET. Wow, I thought it was Life. There was another friendly pat now. Another one, this time a bit harder. The next one was almost a slap. Even before I realized the slap, I received one more on my shoulder. Then came faint voice .... Shiva called you thrice, Sushma is now calling you will you get up at least now......

You wake up this late and run away without having your breakfast she exclaimed...!!

Umm...hmm...Good Morning AMMA I said....!!!

Later that evening in a very sarcastic tone, my mom told me to dream as early as 5 AM in the morning and to hope them come true.
Not at 9 .

Sakethursforever : )