Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Birthday 'Baby'

I'm very familiar with the person who loves the most. That person who brings out smile on my face, who never lets me down and the superstar of my day and night. I'm always in sync with self and I'm the hero of my life. I love me back. But there are those days when you find everything around you loving you back. 

You get up, find yourself fresh. Just of the bed, Boost reaches your side,exactly the way you like. Ankle troubling for a while seems ok and you just spring out the bed.Trimmer giving a perfect smooth shave with just enough charge to get me groom. Geyser already switched on, hot steaming bath on the way. WoW bliss. Out from the shower, mom waiting with sweet and all new jeans and blue shirt, again just the way I like. Click a selfie and the first click itself was a wow . Perfect morning with a cool breeze with sun peeping out with doubt, again just the way I like. Get on the bike, give it a kick and the engine's into life without giving a  second go. 

I was as though everything was loving me back. Boost, Ankle, Trimmer, Geyser, Mobile, Camera, Mom, Bike and finally the weather. 

If that was not enough, the first song that played on my head set was the 'one' which kept my senses going going and going . I scoot through the traffic with others giving me and my darling bike just enough space to race past which would never happen on my normal days. I see a traffic signal count down, 5,4,3,2....and just before the light turns red, I drive past the pole. Everything was working wonders. For the first time in last 30 odd days I find my friend already waiting for me even before I called her to come down. Exactly on time to office. Awesome at work. Excellent wishes, a cute gift, a greeting, perfect day. Come evening, early exit from office. Amazed to find no traffic at all, back home in less than an hour. 

Lot s of time with friends, family and an awesome dinner. everything seemed to love me back. After all it was my birthday. How can the beautiful world I live in not love me back. Yeah I do miss a special shake of a hand, a beautiful kiss on my cheek, a charming smile, a naughty wink and someone wishing my "Happy Birthday Baby". But then you can't have all of it right. Fingers crossed, let me have that some time later.

All in all, Happy BirthDay Baby. You are the Hero of your own league. Keep smiling and keep loving yourself.

Sakethursforever : )