Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Daze...!!

I have a very little idea and  a pinch of hope, if anyone reading this draft can actually draw parallel with the mindset of mine which is rather Confused to be specific. It is that time of the day I think much, then too much to get out of it. 

What ever we win, loose, cherish, dislike, experience, hate, enjoy, adore, respect, ignore; none of it is out of the world we are living in. All of that is an integral part of what we see, do and think. And people around us who accompany doing all that, more or less belong to the same box we are living in. 

When Shakespeare is right, every one's on the same stage playing their own roles, how is there always a thin line that divides me and others in almost everything while playing the same role. Why is there a Competition and a result . Why does a mathematical fourmulae strikes me right away and my friend next to me keeps running to every nook and corner of his brain. When both of us are on the same stage that the famous poem speaks of, why is there a void in roles we play. Why is there a difference in time taken by me and my mate in driving to a same place. When both of us know how to drive and the destination, why is that he always manages to reach sooner. How can a person sitting opposite to me on a carrom table easily put a coin into pocket of his choice, while I'm struggling to strike the coin I wish to. In either of the cases I'm not put into a comparison with a veteran or a dud. I'm just sharing the same stage with others within my domain. So why is it that when measured on a scaling instrument, I sometimes stay ahead and sometimes trail . Which is the ingredient that's changing the taste of dishes we cook. 

Thermodynamics just din't teach me relation between Work, Energy and Temperature. It also taught me that every lesson has a Macroscopic and Microscope orientation . And so does my confusion. If my Macroscopic confusion is about a physically measurable entity, the latter is about an entity which is impractical trying to measure. We mankind illustriously call them Feelings

Why can't we, see things on a single platform. Why can't all of us look at something and feel same about it just like the clock. Every individual looks at it and makes note of same thing which is time. Why can't everything be clocks as far as feelings are concerned. Why do I like a book so much that I complete it the night before an exam and get a dreadful review of the same from one of my friend. How is that I wonder when I get to know how someone feels about something and I think that is exactly not what my thinking or rather feeling capabilities can think/feel of. Why can't we look at something and feel the same thing. After all we are living on a same stage. How can I not feel or feel something which the other one feels and not feels respectively. How can something become very small to think about , when it becomes paramount to me. How can I not feel the pulse of the thinking process people employee . How can someone move on and I get stuck at the same place years together, when both of us shared the same place sometime back. How can a language that we share with someone all of sudden turn Greek and Latin . 

Did I baffle you . Hope Its only a  bit . 

Bottom Line : I'm Confused big time. 

sakethursforever : )