Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Attitude or Laws, What do you think is the solution .

When ever India Loses a cricket match, I feel bad. I feel as if I lost something . The same thing happens when I see those disturbing headlines on front page every morning and some Facebook shares . Young girls with those hoardings and things about Ethics and true Manhood that they wish to see in Men of the largest democracy of the world. Being an adherent fan of cricket, I feel a sense of responsibility when I see India losing though I have least decimal influence on the result. I tend to hide the thought of being a true fan of cricket for sometime (call me emotional). May be because when India lose a cricket match, I feel I lost it too. And when I see about those embarrassing posts on Men of this country time and again, I feel the same disturbing sense within me. May be because I am a man too (fortunately or unfortunately) in the conditions prevailing today. I feel bad when India looses because I'm an Indian. And I feel woeful because I'm one of those men my friends are addressing on the hoardings and protests . 

India is being Rocked, rather Mocked for last couple of years with annoying reference to abuse on social media and news channels."Solution" I think is still not found. New Laws, Fast track courts, Judgments etc I think is very little to curb the growth of  this annoying evil. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession and I know nothing about psychology. But with the little thinking unit that I posses over my neck, I think that the problem on a higher notch which is not addressed yet. 

Sense and Ethics are two different entities. When you do not follow traffic rules, it is a matter of common sense which can be explained and inculcated by someone else . You can punish or fine a person who breaks a signal and create a sense of fear among the remaining population. But when ethics are violated, I feel it is simply instinctive . It is a problem with a very famous word we keep using ATTITUDE. A non sense can be corrected but a wrong attitude must be treated. And I think not having correct Attitude towards the opposite gender is the epicenter of the problem. It is more of a negative emotional outburst which is instinctive more often than not .

No I'm not against strict and stricter laws against this crime. But just recall what some of the prominent personalities in India thought about this evil. Some of the Leaders & Law Makers, a section of Media & Common Men, Village Panchatyas; all of them had a wrong sense of whats happening . Leaders asked if crime against women is the only news that the media has got, can't they cover something else . Saying "such things happen here and there  in the big country we are living in, you have to accept" is the most ludicrous comment I ever heard . Is he asking us to get used to being a victim. All these while we have heard people threatening to kill someone, and today someone said he would **** ( pardon me, I didn't want to use it ) . Also some say women have no business out side even after President of India being a Women. Clearly an unacceptable change. 

When people of top priority in this nation have such down rated ideologies, don't you think the problem is with Attitude more than anything else. I have many female friends of mine and a grown up sister . If someone calls me saying they got stuck up somewhere all alone, I would surely worry even when there are most cruel laws in place. Only thing that would make me worry less is knowing people here, living along have right attitude and ethical values. 

Laws can be made, debated on and constitution can be amended time & again . But the major concern is how do we curb the wrong Attitude that has its roots deep into our system. I'm no scholar to suggest how we inculcate values among our self, but it has to start at a basic level of this social society. 

All this is of Paramount importance because it is attitude and ideologies that build a nation in the first place. Laws and Rules follow them.  

I support M.A.R.D

sakethursforever : )