Sunday, May 10, 2015

'IPL' Through My Pair of Eyes

It is more than an evident fact that Cricket or anything associated with it in India has humongous response. As Harsha Bhogle mentioned in one of his video blogs, Cricket is India's longest running   SOAP OPERA . With endless episodes and never ending story. No one dies here and come backs with a new face. But they surely come back with enduring memories. When Cricket is still a daily serial in India, IPL changed the face of Cricket in India. It is now a super hit Rock Band of this nation.  IPL is like a season comes back every year entertain and pack back.

I find the face of most of the teams similar to people around. Or may be there is always a striking parallel with how we feel when I look at different IPL franchises . Here are a few.

Mumbai Indians : Sachin is your Love . MI is like your First Love. You almost acknowledge the fact that it doesn't come back, but you still keep track of whats happening . You keep track of scores, just switch on the television, hope you get a glimpse of cricketing god and try convincing yourself that you are not bothered about MI after sachin left. Just like checking out your first loves FB profile & keeping track of their statuses or checking her last seen on whats app . You may be in love or even married to someone else, yet you tend to look at the memories MI has given. Out and Out which ever team you support, you silently always wish MI wins.

Chennai Super Kings : CSK is Someone so lucky that when they are around, nothing can go wrong. It is like finding a dry polythene cover at a shelter less highway on a rainy night when all you are worried about is your 25k smart phone getting wet. You can almost catch a live wire with bare hands and expect the power to go off just then when a talisman called luck is on your side. CSK is like that guy who possess a talisman. CSK is like a pack of maggie. All across India people get associated with it quite effectively and love the taste .

Sun Risers Hyderabad  : SRH like a food court which would never understand the meaning of the word stability. On a tired day you go there order a plate of noodles and find them extremely tasty. You come back  the next day to find same food bland. Next time when you step out to pacify your appetite, you can neither rule out the option of going to that food court, nor can you confidently walk in and order something.   

Kolkata Knight Riders :  KKR is like a student who asks about library even before knowing where his classroom is. They are like a sincere student of  a rock star father who always brings gifts irrespective of results. Or rather KKR is that student who sets his alarm clock for a very early get up even before deciding when to sleep . Very serious, always studious, speak only about ranks and points. While every other team plans to get into IPL playoffs, they always think winning Champions League not just IPL.

Delhi Daredevils : DD is that team in IPL which has never made it to finals, not got a familiar big shot owning it, do not have star players except for Sewhag, Gambhir, Yuvi, donot promote as much as other teams do and is the last team on the list when you start counting IPL teams. Normally one do not keep any information about this team's performance until the result someway affect your favorite franchise. They are like Salman & Akshy in Kuch Kuch Hotha hai and Dil Tho Pagal Hai respectively. You only care for them because you want SRK to finally win the heroin.

Royal Challengers Banglore : RCB is like that big discount sale on electronic retail stores; Flipkart, Amazon etc. They put up 50% off on electronic goods on the front page of the daily newspaper and stock is never available expect for someone really fortunate. Just like the discount sale you sit down and try to watch Gayle, ABD, Kholi fire and finally realize they put those 3 name on 1,2,3 on their line up just to scare off the opposition. Customers wait for the lucky sale and viewers wait lucky Gayle. More often they are like a pack of Diwali Rockets slightly drenched in rain. When you fire it, you may see astonishing patterns of light in the night sky or just a dud sound right on the ground.

Rajasthan Royals : RR is like a bowl of macaroni at a vintage South Indian Udipi Hotel . While every team has a desi masala kind of backing, RR has a smooth and rather different aura in Australian Dominated lineup. Right from the first season you can associate every IPL team with India, but you tend to  lean towards Australia when you think of Rajasthan Royals. They are like small PEN sized PSLV. Pen because when you look at their lineup you would hardly find a team with all the players equally reputed. You find half of the team picked up from by-lanes of Indian cities. But they just shoot up like a fully loaded PSLV. Samson, Tambe, Rahane, Trivedi,Binny and the list goes on.

Kings XI Punjab : KXP is like a car that is moving on a 8-lane highway at its own will. Never consider what and how the other cars are performing. They are in their own league. Seem like they never bother the points table. Sometimes they play like they are on notch 10 when others are still on 7 or 8. Later you find them peacefully resting on a lay-by just miles before the end mark. They are like tourists who visit a particular place in a Air Conditioned bus and return back as the holiday ends. They might bring back stunning photographs along or lost bags of pride from the holiday.

Sakethursforever : )