Friday, August 13, 2010

a most wanted SMS!!!

Well according to me there are three types of students.

# the first are those who switch off their mobile before class starts .
# second are the ones who keep their mobiles  alive during the class but only for messages.
# and obviously you know who the third kind of people are.

Not speaking about which class of students i fit into , i realised recently that all the students are divided only into these THREE classes .
What actually made me realise this is a small incident that took place few days ago at my college. As soon as,a long 2 hrs class got over, i  pounced out of my desk with some of my friends and been out of the class to fetch a bottle of water. I was busy caring about my thirst . All of a sudden i found no one around me .
All guys who came out from my class along me were all of a sudden out of sight.I went back to class.
And to my wonder the door was closed. Began to knock the door.There was no reply. Tired applying newton's 3rd law on the door , but it proved to hold good as my hand began to pain.

There were hell a lot of things running through my mind....No lecturer closes the door untill and unless there is somethimg important. I could have easily walked back to canteen and spend some time if i actually wanted to bunked the class.But, here the situation was a bit different.

 Initially didn't know what was going on inside.....didn't know which lecturer was taking the class....never knew what the position was inside...

In actual terms i felt as if it was a Ram Gopal Varma kind of horror stuff , where in the hero all of a sudden finds himself alone in the theater and a ghost chases him. Every thing that was going on gave me the same feel.
*first not find anyone who came out along side me....
*then it was bottel cap that ran away....
*then me walking back to my class all alone and finding the door closed....
*no one atleast caring to open the door....
*the door not opening....
 the only things that were missing were terrible background and some kind of cat crossing me.....and thank god it was all day time...

Then gave a sight at the timetable that was stuck out the door of our class... knowing it was Anuradha mam's class....again tried to push the door and again it didn't open.
Only then that it stuck to me that my signal receiver and transmitter (mobile) could save me. I sent a message to one of my friend who came out to drink water with me asking him open the door. Waited for 2-3 mins and failed to get a reply. Then it was a bit more filmy...
I didn't know who were inside the class and who were outside. After a while, i received a message that read that he was at canteen and that he was not in the class.Then i too wanted to walk back. But the closed door was something that stopped me from taking this tricky step.
I sent a message to every one in the class asking them to open the door. Some replied that they were not in the class and others didn't reply.
Then, finally i realised something very important. People who came out with me never returned to class. And the ones inside would not use their mobiles during class time. Again i wanted to walk back to the canteen....but the closed door actually did not allow me walking away. Then stuck a crazy idea of ringing my lecturer's mobile itself(irrespective of consequences). But dropped the idea later though.
After 20 mins of the horror movie, 31 sms sent and banging the door for N number of times  a friend appeared at the door and opened the door with a naughty typical smile on his face showing as many teeth as he can....felt like mt hear beat was back to normal...but my thirst was back cause of all the things that happened!!!
it was really a crazy incident and thanks to my " SIGNAL TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER" I LOVE YOU MY MOBILE

sakethursforever :)