Saturday, March 24, 2012


There were two young kids I knew of age 9 just entering into a state of life, where they started to learn  admiring things, more so learning how to grade something before they admire it. They spend all their evening together playing the most popular game in Indian subcontinent . Each of them bought a piece of wood, convincing themselves and rest around them claiming it to be a cricket bat which also had a piece of paper glued to it and that paper had 3 letters with caps on. And it read MRF . Not for a very long time did they know that it wasn't the name of the cricket bat their favourite cricketer played with, instead it was a rubber factory . Cricket to them was all about meeting the rubber ball they are playing with, with the little slack of wood in their hands, hitting the ball as far as they could, fighting with each other every time when one of them calls it out. Yet there was one more thing that they carried. Each time they set out to bat they tried hard to imitate their legend , whom they thought was the only person playing cricket .

Just as they began to know the game of cricket came the news of Sachin Tendulkar's heroic efforts in taking India to finals and winning it with two back to back tons in a match which was hit by a sand storm . Everyone around in the little world that those kids knew, only spoke about the master and his class. With every one speaking about just one thing Sachin became the first thing that they started to admire apart from the toffees & cakes . The visuals of Sachin winning that final on his birthday and also the car which he won did remain in their memory ever after. Years passed and this like for a specific person turned to be worship after 13 years now. Game after game, I've just seen an improvement in his game and so was  my like towards this person & some of them to whom I spoke about this got offended when I said Sachin was my god; said of those young kids who is into his early 20's.

If we have done what talk show hosts do, I give you a word, you give me a connecting word. When someone in India say talent, one of the few names that pop up on our screen is Sachin. It wasn't that the nurse at the hospital said, here Mrs. Tendulkar here is 100 100's for you. It was his passion, devotion and commitment that made those hundred tons. That little gesture after reaching his100th ton speaks all about it. He was calm, composed and allowed himself to get into that unique feel of feeling a master inside him.

 I've seen people making number of statements for last one year about the 100th 100. Some were positive and other weren't. Seen a gentle man on national media saying, "The 100 has become most important for Sachin than winning matches for India". May be he was right to himself but not to the million people who still had believed in the master. On contrary the same person on the same channel then hailed the master for reaching where he has. Personally on a bigger scale in a real world we are quite adamant in accepting an achievement and more so when it is on this bigger prospect. Hundred hundreds by a single player is nothing less than & as worth as a  Roger Bannister's running for the the first mile in less that 4 minutes at 1929 Olympics,  or a Jesse Owens who won 4 medals in a week, or a Lance Armstrong who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after having survived testicular cancer. 

 I would like to recall one master innings of his against Australia at Hyderabad in Nov 2009 when he was 37 . Australian innings was almost over and the last ball was to be bowled with the score card already reading a huge total of 350 in 49.5 overs.  Sachin was on the covers boundary and the ball was just  lofted towards him. There was only a single there and it was the final ball of the Australian innings. Any fielder could have easily embrace himself and stop the batsman from scoring a second run. Instead fielder in this case put up a forward dive and took a clean catch. And he came back to bat and almost won India that match scoring 170 in 141 balls. At the post match show I remember, a commentator  saying "One obviously cannot learn to bat like the master, but one can easily learn the commitment that he has while putting up that dive on the ultimate ball of an innings".

Calling it the day for sachin to retire was one thing that I've seen people debating on . Personally to me a legend in what ever field he is in, is a legend because one, he worked hard to reach where he did ; two, one who knows what is to be done and when; three, a person who know when to take a right decision . A person is a legend because he knows what is it to a legend, more so what it takes to become a legend. One cannot simply make judgement for a legend . It is not about a person in sport, it applies to every legend in their respective fields specially when you say he is a legend .  One of my friend made a very imperative statement supporting his support towards retirement saying there will be a chance for others to come into the national team & raise  the team, and also that playing more than 22 years is more than enough. Well, personally to me I would prefer using a specific thing untill it stands to my use. I shall admire it through out.

There can never be an other sachin in cricket ever, but having half the attitude, commitment and humble nature he has got would take anyone up there.

Sakethursforever  :)