Friday, December 23, 2011

Tentative and a bit more .

It was 1999-2000 that i have first seen India play on Aussis in Australia and I find it extremely satisfactory to say  Aussis seems to be a little unclear about what their strategy is going to be and further more tentative about the composition of who is going to play. And it was India that started to show the world that Aussis can be won upon.

Normally, we in India we tend to hold on to a player, but Aussis have got that ability i call to let people go. If you see 10-15 years ago Aussis have players like Bevan, Lehman, Gllispe who were not performing, otherwise why we would have not seen Lee Pointing or Hussey today. Time and again they look for performance and not track record unlike we in India . But on this juncture, Ponting, Mike Hussey who's believed to be Mr. Cricket are out of form and they still manage a berth on the playing list. This shows how ambiguous they are about the decision of dropping one of their main front line players. They kept on to Ponting, kept on to Hussey which show lack of aggression that one would normally expect from an Australian team before a tough series like this. And also the inability to take the hard decision. Normally Australians are pretty sure about the composition of the playing 11 way before the match starts. The selection came just less that a week before the test . And also the fact that they are not clear whether to play 5 bowlers or 4, shows how indecisive they are . They generally say, we play 5 bowlers, one keeper, so lets look who the 5 best batsmen are. But now, they say if Marsh plays then 4 bowlers or if he doesn't then 5. The typical decision making selection of Aussis is not to be seen. This suggests to me a little crisis in confidence, which is brought about because of the number of event that took place since quite a while . Ponting not getting a massive score for 31 innings now, getting bundled out for 47 against South Africa, loosing the winning streak in WC matches, loosing to Newzealand for the first time in 26 years, and all other things add to it. More so, as we all know, the confidence of the team reflects in the mouth work they do before such an important series. They should have told by now, India's got injury worries, Zaheer not match fit, Fielding is not up to the standards, Indian were badly hit by England and victory is cake walk for Aussis . Rather they are worrying about their own problems and seem to concentrate less on opponents.

Although, Indian Batsmen failed badly in their previous outing outside India, I do expect the batting legends to come good for India this time . Talking about Indian side, I wonder if Ishant can show the same magic that he has show the last time. Then, he was a fear less young fast bowler, who ran in fast and picked up vital wickets. But, as time goes one gets experiences, that experience makes you play safe . You may not be the same old person who ran in hard and one who can pitche the ball up without any fear. This happens with best of the best players. And players who don't let experience affect their style of play are like Sehwag. He will be the key to lay the right foundation along his partner and legends there to come should make life easy. And this san happen when Indian bowling falls in right shape. And reportedly this is the best chance for India to win this time. I predict a 2-0 or 2-1 for India. And also how can one forget the 100th ton . I see Sachin extremely confident this time around and the 92 not out he scored says so. He could have completed this in Odi's against WI back home and could have gone with a free empty mind. But he has opted against it which shows how confident he is.

 The most awaited.
The action starts monday 26th Dec, 5.30 in the morning. Boxing Day!!!

sakethursforever :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enjoy Yourself, Don't let something else enjoy you.

It takes me a few days back when I was returning home after a late night visit to my friend's place and heard a cocky voice of a person who was accelerating just parallel . I would not have thrown interest if what the person has told wasn't poetic, at least to me . It was not as easy at it looked to demystify the inner meaning of what I heard . Which read, " Life has taught me one thing, You should enjoy the drink but one shouldn't allow it enjoy you ". I could almost spontaneously know about which drink he was speaking about to the pillion rider. One thing which was mysterious to me was that I could not make out the difference between enjoying a drink and vice versa. It was always to me just loosing ones sense to a liquid that itself takes shape of something else that it is contained in.

It is known that a human body has got various organs and the ones which can sense things around are classified into 5 types. It is understood that a person who is medically sound would have all his five senses working to full efficiency  along with the brain that processes the sensing organs. But here comes a situation where a person gifts his vital organs to a bottle of unknown liquid. I used the word 'gift' because the person declares a holiday to himself  and also because I find a lot people who are addicted call it enjoyment or fun. Now what wonders me is how can someone deposit his assets (senses) with someone else and call it enjoyment. How can loosing something vital (senses) as far as your body is concerned to an external agent in the name enjoyment  or fun. Not in worst case ever that a person will give away something that he has, to someone else and say I'm happy. Then why is this not in the case of an addiction. Why is that we give away or rather gift away our senses and claim external happiness. 

People may call it healthy, addon to a happy life, enjoyment and the means by which one can get disconnected with rest of the world. But, all this when your senses are sleeping is of no use. Becauae when there is no sense, what is that you enjoy. When someone cannot know what is happening around how can that state of him be defined.

It may be a 21 days old baby, who was put off on ventilator by a sweeper under influence or people who lost their legs just for sleeping on footpath, both of them had done nothing expect having a relaxed sleep. The one who is waiting to see the world . It is a pity that the young lad has not even seen calender change its month, before something brutal has happened . All because someone else is relaxing and enjoying his curiosity. One may say it was an accident. But one that takes place because of misfortune is termed to be an accident. Not the one which is committed in a state of mind where a person himself doesn't realize what his mind is asking him to do.

A person is punished and put behind bars because he has lost the status to live in the civic world ans similarly various organisations treat in a mentally challenged patients away from the outside world to a find a difference between who are mentally sound. I may sound cynical and typical but putting those who are "addicted" under the same roof and keeping them away from the civilized world makes perfect sense (at least to me) . A person can fiddle with any amount of risk, as far as his own life matters, surly not when he could be a hazard to others around. Allowing such people to live in this world will no longer call this a civilized place. That case, probably early man would be a better contender for being called civilized.

Addiction may  may be  fashion, trendy, curiosity or as a status symbol. But, loosing control of ones own sense and mind is like "loosing dignity to live in this world." If you consider to be a human at basic level and if you like to live in a civilized civilization the control system must be redesigned. I would say "Enjoy the life, Don't let your life enjoy your preposterous state of mind."
Not the miasmic fluid inside the bottle, not the nausea that the powed gives you  and not the toxin those  leaves leave behind inside your body are going to do any good to you. Rather great conversation with people around or clam honest talk with self would do great deal of good to you. 

Don't loose your senses to anyone or anything.  Enjoy yourself, Don't let other things enjoy you!!!

PS. Remember anything that disables you mentally or physically is something you should hug. 

sakethursforever :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Evolve Exist & Extinguish

The evolution, existence and everything else that is bound to happen with the smallest of the thing that is a part of the universe is predominantly governed by laws, thesis, reasons that great philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, astrologers framed, written and drafted. As a matter of fact we dint know the existence of the gravitational force until  Newton came up with his argument and a valid support to his thesis.

A well known general philosophical thesis, states that for everything that happens there are conditions such that, given them nothing else could happen. And just like any other thing, this has got enough on the other side of the coin which says, everything that happens just happens whether or not the generalized conditions get imposed.

Imagine this huge ball of fire that dangle in the open space, has number of balls revolving around it . This ball call The Earth finds its place exactly at a certain distance where, "life" is realized . It is not a light year away nor is it half a light year nearer, either of which, the post you are reading may have not taken its shape .

Going by the former theory, there are perfect set of circumstances, that put this system in the exact position that it is in. In a better way, it has a certain purpose for this system to take shape or may be it is determined to evolve this way and determined to exist the way it is for millions of years now. And, hence the theory gets its name The Theory of Determinism. The other side of the argument, The Theory of Randomness; states everything that happens is a shear coincidence.

 Neither of the two theories have yet been proven, and can one be sure that the proof would not see light for quite sometime .

But one can make out another theory out the two theories of Determinism & Randomness; who's proof exist in the very fact that, one of the two theories does exist . It is simply that anything and everything that happened, which is happening and the ones that are going to happen are bounded by one of those two theories. Either are they are determined or random as we see.

A prisoner in one of most barbaric prison of the world or a nation where people are treated worse that slaves, look at Wind which seem as a helping hand and feel if they could be as free as the wind which could act on its own . People may look up to a river that is flowing with great force of enthusiasm and feel if they could run away so happily someday. Be it flowing water or Blowing wind travelling from one place to another are considered to be free and are signs of freedom .

Not many realize that when we look at flowing water and feel blowing wind, they seem to look unhappy. Once a kid tried asking the pleasant wind to stay with him forever . It silently replied, I wish I could be stationary just like every other thing on the earth, but then I will no longer be called wind . It went on to say, I wish I could be as free as you people are, to do anything that you like, visit anyplace that you want. And then it was time for the wind to move on leaving the young kid astonished to what he heard.

It was long before the kid realized in his physics class that wind flows as a result of pressure difference and in his geography class that water flows from one place to other place because of the topography. And both have certain driving forces and neither of the two are really free to enjoy their freedom.

Never was something Determined, that a low pressure would act upon this place and wind may get driven towards that particular area. Neither is that place selected in Random for the low pressure to act . And this contradicts the existence of both the theories . Also, waiting for a new theory to satisfy everything which could soon turn out to be mum after decades just like the other two is not going to fetch something .

So, just like that little kid, we all are just students through out and we keep learning things which changes us, changes our life and everything related to it very easily . And not to forget, this keeps going as long as we keep learning.

sakethursforever  :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DAWN.. Breaking somewhere, Building elsewhere

Morning Light,

You scoot through the lands with freedom at a village,
You peep into narrow lanes of a city.

You initiate someone for a early walk,
You make someone else malaise.

You bring light into peoples life,
You bring plight into someone else's life .

You hover over the young pupil bright faces at school,
You also wander with an unwanting expression into  attenuated prisons.

You mark days of youngsters with a stamp of positive hope,
You mark a day for the ones on seventh stage with all the grief.

Some wait for you to arrive,
Some do not want you to punch the clock.

Some take you to be an antidote,
For someone else you are just an antibody.

You lay a bed of roses,
but also lay a platform for funeral.

Some mark you and try to remember as long as they are,
You just become an anathema for others .

You bring victories to sports men,
You leave miseries to their opponents.

You put men at work,who builds a better world,
But you take men to war over places.

You show happiness in an infants innocent smile,
You show tears in eyes of people left behind.

You bring in fresh feel of a day,
You also bring tunes of cacophony.

Just as my teacher said,
You make me bright here,
You push someone else into dark somewhere else.

You and your mate keep running away,
we shall chase you down someday,
we shall chase you down someday.

Sakethursforever :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There are hell a lot things that as a child one experiences and wonder why they happen. Then, as life goes on, one understands what is what and all other things. Well, one strange thing that is never in my jurisdiction of understanding capability is CHANGE. No I'm not talking about change that reflects things different . The change I'm addressing here is CHILLAR. Change of currency.
I always wonder why would a shop keeper gives you a feel of pouncing on to you and giving you one tight slap when ever you ask for change. He almost creates an atmosphere as if you asked whole of his money locker for free.
Time and again when ever I come across this, it makes me feel  ridiculous when the same person who denied giving change, readily offers you change when you borrow something. Say a Indian Rupee symbol.svg5  chocolate for  Indian Rupee symbol.svg100.

It was quarter past 7 in the evening when I suddenly found my bike tyre flat. I was fortunate enough to get a place which could be of my help . But every story has an unfortunate side of it and here is what happened to me. He charged me Indian Rupee symbol.svg40 and I had two Indian Rupee symbol.svg10 notes and a Indian Rupee symbol.svg500 note. It was almost the end of business hours, which made me feel assured about the change. Then came an answer from the owner of the mechanic shed that he doesn't have an exchange for Indian Rupee symbol.svg500. Main road being a little more that a 100 meters and I began my walk with a hope of finding money which would set me and my bike free.

It was baker's store that I entered first. There were people in there with different requirements . As soon as the person at the counter looked at me with a confused expression and Indian Rupee symbol.svg500 note in hand, he probably understood what I wanted . Even before I said some thing his head began to swing from -ve X-axis to +ve X-axis. My next step was into a drug store. I asked him if I could get an exchange for my Indian Rupee symbol.svg500, he began to clip his expression  and said NO, as if he was an examiner who's not allowing me into exam for being late. It was as if I asked him a pizza at the drug store.

I stepped out and found my luck turned worse. It began to rain and it was bloody heavy. I found myself no less than a begger, begging in rain for change of course. Well, that is what globalisation can do. After couple of attempts in the rain, I started to enjoy the shower. I found a small pani puri wala down the empty road, which was already flooding. My instincts almost pulled me there, for obvious reasons though and not for change. Pani puri in rain is a yard short of heaven .

Had enough of it to satisfy myself and as I began to move, I wanted to try my luck there.  If you feel I had to restart my haunt, then that was something that never happened. To my surprise, or may be even yours, I got what I wanted, there at that small vendor. It was something that made my mouth wide open. The vendor quitely took out a packet, gave me my change, not before checking it twice.

One thing that I learnt from my little experience is that you call it CHANGE in english, CHUTTA in hindi and CHILLARA in telugu. Wonder if it is a co-incidence, the very word that troubled me,surprised me and amazed me starts off with the letter "C". Isn't it ironic.

I tought twice about everything that happened in the fable. But, yet I fail to understand two things.
Well if anyone can guess why they are the way they are, please let me know....

sakethursforever :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Other than what it costs.

Last one week, took me to one of the city's most popular multiplex and also to a touring talkies. The feel of feeling my presence at a theater near by and the multiplex is quite comparable, and the comparison is quite fascinating.
And all that results in this blog post.....

Apart from a projector projecting light rays on to screen and sound box giving out the special effects and punch dialogues, and of course the ticket price  there are hell a lot of differences when you watch a movie in a multiplex and in a theater which in the by lanes of your little locality.

One thing which I did since my childhood out of curiosity is, trying to get a glimpse of the ticket counter as soon as I enter the theater . You need to get a ticket for the on going show, only then you will be allowed to park your vehicle. Even the audience wouldn't risk parking their vehicles before they get a ticket for them self. On contrary, when you intend to watch a movie in a multiplex, you will have to park your vehicle first and only then you are allowed  to look at the ticket counter. May be people are confident of getting a ticket because there are 5 to 6 screens at a multiplex.

Whole of the parking lot seems to look alike in a multiplex . And one need to wonder where you parked your  bike. Or even the cellar number may trouble you. You have got no such problem at the talkies. Only thing that bothers you is the safety of the bike. One wrongly parked vehicle can result in breaking the side indicator or rear view mirror of you bike.

One thing that made me nervous always was loosing the ticket. You have 5 members going for a movie you have same number of tickets in your hands.  You need to preserve all the 5 pieces of paper for getting into the theater. Multiplex are so much audience friendly that they just give you a piece of paper which has all the details printed, along with a cartoon, which they claim to be your photo.

Another dominating aspect that demands a draft here is posters . There wouldn't be as many posters
 of the movie that you have been too at the multiplex. One at the entrance and another at the notice board just beside door that leads you to your seat.

You also do not find many people at the multiplex talking about the movie. No matter if it is prior to the start of the show, at the interval or at the back end of the movie. You will get minimal response. Before the start of the movie people are mainly worried about the seats and the view of the screen that their seat would provide. The issue shits to combo packs that would serve them at the interval (coke+popcorn @ ***). People would only plan about spending some more time at the mall after the show. At the theaters that we are exposed to, prior to globalization, the talk would always circle around the movies,story, actors, performance, songs, gossips,highlights etc etc.

Another crazy thing that came to my sight is that, you don't come across people who would  be waiting at the doors for you to complete the show so that they can take over because the way out and the way in are not the same. So you can neither get a warning from someone about the credibility of the film nor can you help others, which happens at the end of every show at the small theaters .

In a multiplex the person coming to watch the movie is the boss. Or at least the management there makes us feel so (must be having something to do with business tactics). The management creates an environment there which says, "It is great that you have come to watch a movie here" . But here in the little theaters, the managements seems to feel great because of they have something that draws masses to them. You realise this more in the interval time when you go to a vendor selling soft drinks and popcorn.

Toilets at the multiplex are to be dealt with utmost care. First thing that bothers me are the clean mirrors. At the first go, you fail to get the navigation of the wash room. Then the sensors.You never know where there is a sensor and when & where water gets splashed. You have a drier just beside the wash basin. At the warm air comes out only for 5 sec and the machine gets terminated abruptly.  The person visiting for the first time wonders if he hasn't used the machine the way it to be used. At the theaters we are used to, there are neither clean nor are they as hitec . So ultimately one doesn't need to care for anything.

The feel of feeling the feel of a movie lies with us. Whether it is a touring talkies,  a five star theater , a pub with small screen or a multiplex, for me movie and my company are paramount. Entertainment is only thing that I get driven end of the day. Only then comes all the others.

sakethursforever :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

What is 2G scam?

Well there are 3 generations of mobiles that we are using or rather used
First generation 1G, or we call that CDMA. We used to have those Lg mobiles for Tata and & Relaince. They used to provide you with the handset as well. No other network can be operated from those mobiles except for the sim that the provides has given you . This was the start of mobiles in India and  we named them 1G, First generation or CDMA. This was quite famous with Tata, Ralience & virgin. No other networks had much of CDMA (Code division multiple access) stuff .

Second generation was the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)  world that we are or rather we WERE living untill 3G arrived. That was like, you have one hand set with you, you can use any network . Unlike that CDMA mobiles, here the user has the choice of changing the network when he wished to.

Then then came third generation and you what all you are provided with . Video calling, highspeed Internet etc etc....

Now if you set up an communication network in India, you will HAVE to transver your call only through BSNL . That might be any permutation and combination . Make a call from Airtel to Idea or Idea to Vodafone or what ever, the call has to the through BSNL. So there are certain frequency bands which are combat able with BSNL. This is just like radio frequency and and other bands. So every network has to use that specific band width or need to set to the frequency. This facility of using the frequency or spectrum will be auctioned and it is need to be bought, paying all kinds of taxes and other things to government of India.
Anything in a country like ours, should be first provided by government  only then it can be given to private sector. So that government can recover all the money it spent on installing the equipment like towers, satellite cables and all . So when 2G arrived , it was to be given to government ie Cellone should have provided it first until it recovered all the inventory it spent and only then it was to be given to private organisations.
Our telecom minister Mr. Raja was least concern about the government inventory . So he directly let out the spectrum for private firms like Bharathi Airtel ,TATA ect. The 2G spectrum scam in India involved the issue of 122 licenses of the 2G spectrum to 85 companies including many new telecom companies with little or no tax at all. For which Raja and his assosiates have been paid heavily.
So, government had to face losses of 1.76 lakh CRORES.
In short this is the story of 2g scam.

sakethursforever :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I seriously fail to understand  the logic behind half of my generation out here, who out source music and feel as if it a deadly crime to listen to Indian music and call themselves to be "MUSICIANS" & "MUSIC LOVERS". Isn't it a bull shit kind of crap. They claim themselves to be Musicians not knowing the basic definition, that music is divine,irrespective of it being INDIAN or an OUT SOURCED track.

People here look up to an an English track and say wow!!! which is understandable, but i feel like knocking the same person down when he says Indian music is not his cup of coffee. Aren't we in most charitable position where in we applaud a product designed out side, not even giving a go at produce made at home. Don't you all so called musicians or music loves know where you are drifting .

Some say Music here is below standards, and some say Indian music is lot more of copy from western tracks. But, what it make me feel like is, fair proportion of people feel admiring music made in west is something that takes their character to a greater level. And, what's worst part of the story is that these SO CALLED ( I insist on saying SO CALLED), musicians or music lovers have so damn knowledge that they would judge music done back home.

Well, I seen no wrong is using the same  tune or source form a Western track . And even if there is something wrong, people who don't have basic knowledge about music have no right to judge or even comment. When people like you prefer the Western ones and over look the creativity here, i see no wrong in imitating or even using the source music to reach fools like you. And also one should know playing or recording the same stuff done once is not as easy. We all are living in a false prestige or false status, where in we admire people who are known all over the world just because they have a global market.

It has become a habit for every obnoxious person knowing how to play a  Guitar or Drums to call themselves to be a musician who doesn't know the basic definition of what music is . Well if it is to show Attitude, please keep it to yourself, because Indian music has nothing to play to you. What I can actually say to these people is that, if you are true music lover or a musician as you claim to be, please have a broad 'ears' to have a neat go music, irrespective of its origin,source,composer and other production values.And if you still can't actually know the value of MUSIC on a whole, they i can only pity you!!!

Stop crying about the origin of the music, source, who being great and who not being great, ultimately what a , music lover should look at is if it makes him feel good or not .

(this post is a dedication to all those literal fools out there who dis agree that credibility of music dosen't depends on its origin!!! )

sakethursforever :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just one thing!!!

What does a youngster in India would wish to have??

* Pocket money This is the first and foremost thing that you consider being a person of my age. I am fed with enough father's really good at this.
*Phone My land line is free . That is i can make unlimited calls, thanks to my dad who worked hard and got into Postal & Telecommunications Audit.
* Mobile phone I have got one of the best mobile in the  market. Samsung Corby Pro, with 3G and video calling facility. It has got touch,slide and every attractive feature.
* System with Internet Dell vostro 320, the system with CPU built in !& inches LED screen, sleek look with 1.3 M P inbuilt cam,wifi,internal speakers with 128 mbps Internet line serves more than what is required.
* Vehicle Well all new Alto K10 is there always parked in front of my house, it is mine as much (or even a little more ) as it is my Dad's. And to add I'm a good driver (thanks to one of my dear friend). There's my uncle who gives his bike anytime i ask,so it is pretty much mine.
*Smart I do look smart, not that Im most handsome chap, I feel I'm okay.  And to add to this I'm smart enough even mentally.
* Fitness No I'm not a body builder, but guess my fitness is good enough, cricket being my passion.
* Family Yes i have a great family with Dad always encouraging, Mom always pampering, Grand parents always teaching & guiding and not to forget a little cute sister always fighting.
* Friends  I have got hell a lot of friends, with different mind set,different out look...and I'm glad that I donot have a single person that I don't speak to.
*Attitude Well I think I have got cool attitude towards things. Most of my friends say I posses a good one... (I insist on most not all) .
*Knowledge I'm good enough both technically and with current affairs. Well my blog is a replica of what I drafted.
*A nice cute girl friend...

well are you expecting something out of this?? NOOOOOOOOO i don't have one...
This must be the only only only thing that I don't have...  and would love to have one...anyone out there interested, come on I'll show what is it to be with an awesome guy like me...!!
Having enough pocket money, having a free land line at home,having a mobile with 3G,being an awsome driver, and all the other things, Do'nt you feel it a bit unfair not having a girl friend???  Well i dont bother if you care or not but having all that, I do miss this one thing... Lets hope I draft a post as soon as possible about the feel of feeling a nice cute Girl friend!!!!

(This post is a replica of a debate about having everything that a person wishes for. I was talking, rather shouting with my friend that I'm happy with what I have except . And he says I would wish to have something else if I get that last thing too.. I promise I would end my wishlist here...& I know i would be having some stupid comments here...)

Sakethursforever :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Indian Politics and Politicians, this is one area that most talk about when there is a chat on having less hope or being hopeless . Well, I said hopeless because not more that 25-40% people in India have a hope. At least, not having a hope is okay, but large proportions of Indian population are HOPE'LESS' . And this hopelessness has a direct relation with the number of odd incidents that dent the figure of INDIAN POLITICS . Be, that people like Kalmadi who's ready to pay lakhs for making his WASHROOM a safer place (may be he was too impressed with disinfection advertisements) , Raja who always appears in white & white (may be to cover the BLACK inside),  Yeddyurappa who wish to eat away all the visible land or may be, our Hou'ble Prime Minister Of India who just watchs all this to be a 3-D animation movie or may be it has more dimensions. Every one is equally responsible for this hopeless feeling that prevails, at least among we youngsters and age old people because we are one who are more worried about future. Because we neither have a home to make nor do we have heavy responsibilities

But, as someone very hopelessly told something which actually never gave me a convincing expression. "EVERY THING HAPPENS FOR GOOD & TO LOOK INTO POSITIVES IN EACH AND EVERY NEGATIVE THING".

For the By-Polls to be held in Kadapa Dist of A.P, there is a young leader contesting named Y.S.JAGAN MOHAN REDDY son of late Y.S.R . And after scrutiny of all the nominations filed, ten Jagans are to contest the by elections in Kadapa . Yes as far as 9 others with same "name" are competing against this leader in the district. It is apparent that the opposition parties have sent there mind to the renovation center and have come with this incredible idea of confusing the poor voters . And original Jagan's party not having a permanent party symbol comes to their advantage.  I would challenge my heart and soul if any of these leaders think so much about doing a word of good to the voters, or rather people they fool around.This is really a master stroke as far as confusing the voters and pushing the original JAGAN into dark .

And now, I see a positive thing alteast in this hopeless, so called crooked thinking of our leaders. That is, if BCCI ( board of cricket control in India ) should look into this very keenly, they can have all the 11 members in the team with same name, surly the opposition will be confused and we can cash upon this. And, if that one name is a iconic one, say SACHIN TENDULKAR then the game is half won already. Physiologically the game is already in our hands because every time the opposition listen to this particular name, they skip a beat or may be two. And for all of you who say this is playing negative, this is the way that our leaders are leading us. I hope BCCI is hearing me .  Or at least wearing a mask, as a replica of the icon will also do because there is physical presence of characters here. And probably for the first time I'm able to see something positive in negative . Well at least lest HOPE everything happens for a reason and that suspicious reason comes good .

From now on lets HOPE MORE to figure out a positive in every scam that our country sights.

sakethursforever :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


One who plays cricket is a  cricketer, one who does painting is a painter, one who sings is a singer, one who fights is a fighter, one who writes is a writer and finally one who opens up his mind here is a blogger . This is my definition of what i am at this very place, a true BLOGGER.

I blog about various things, movies, politics, sports, people around and most importantly my feelings. My feelings about every thing that happens around me ,with me, even without me. My mind is surly not the same all the time. My writings when perceived, gives a clear picture. My blog is a source that is created by me to flush out what ever i feel at core of my heart, i stand on the tag that i have give to my blog.

Early days of me on blogger were like being in a unknown city with no idea which way to go and which subject to draft on. So i felt i should be all out about my self first. And that was the day i realised my first post SAKETHURSFOREVER. To continue to write, after hearing to people who read my first post was like a cake walk. So, i chose to draft a article on my GOD  SACHIN TENDULKAR. Then came the real mouth watering post about IPL. I found myself so expressive while drafting it . It was actually inspired from a debate on national media. The amount of self belief that post gave me was humongous. Six degrees of separation was a very attractive topic that i really felt i should share . And then my encounter with first year in graduation was really my memory that i cherish . Then came a gap. I knew i could could draft some nice articles. But lack of interesting topics to blog upon, lack of time and many other stupid reasons i could not actually blog much.

Towards the end of last year, two things that took my breath away, one most hilarious and other the cutest thing that happened to me were very amazing which i had to draft on. These two post actually shown me that i was way good in expressing my feeling.

With start of next year i also wanted to start better blogging. Next two months were most exciting part in my life as i was going through most of the learning experience and situations that never realised in my life till then.It was that time when nothing was understandable. And my writings then will clearly reflected the amount of pain,excitement and lot more. Through out those posts, i always wanting to tell someone something or wanted to know something from someone. All those posts that i posted were only aimed at expressing my feeling. Sometimes it is pain, sometimes it was gain and i was all out.

Then came back to a blog about IPL, where i had to start a new way of blogging. From this time it is really WOW feel of blogging. From here on i wanted to write hell a lot .  I wanted to show i could write different stuff. If one post was about A DAY OFF , the next one is a LOVERS FEELINGS. One very divine about A UNDERCOVER HERO, the next about being BORED.  The one on religion was inspired form having two festivals on same day. YES I AM CHILDISH was the one which i really wanted to tell to my mom and many others who think I'm childish. The post about searching god is a post that is inspired from an awesome movie that i saw which gives a perfect definition about almighty.

Through out my writings, it is all about feeling that i felt many things that happened to me, that happened around me, those that i wanted to cherish, that i wanted to share & those i wanted to tell to people around.


sakethursforever  :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not more than 100 sms can be sent in a day:ORDER


Well TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) will be the one thing that is being badly abused by the young community of India who speak less and text more. Well these are some things that came to my mind as soon as i heard this news of limiting the text messages that can be sent per day.

* People can easily identify who actually wants to be in touch with you and who don't. So beware my friends, PEOPLE you TEXT to can actually count the number of messages that you send which reflect your intent. Well do text more to your GIRL/BOY from now. You can actually show your affection this way. And my suggestion to you is to prepare a pie chart so stick it to your cup board so that you can have a clear idea about the messages you SHOULD be sending. So if someone sends you more then 10 sms per day then do watch out for them.

* What happens to the forwards. I'm really worried about this particular thing. There will no more be BALA KRISHNA, RAJINIKANTH jokes on your inbox. This is pretty sad :( . The creative ideas of our youth of framing jokes on everything has been shattered.

*You can no long send sms during class to chit chat with your friend whos sitting beside you. Nor can you send the status of class to your friend who's out side waiting for the class to get over. And ya answers during exams are also ditched :( .

* People who text more should follow a strategy from now. I have a perfect idea for some of my friends who romance on mobile itself .Give 5 mobile numbers to your friends, and allot a particular time to each number. For example use a number from morning 6 to 10. As the count reaches 100, put life into second number from 10 to 12 . And use your other numbers in similar fashion.  

Well one thing is sure you can actually find out if your loved one has genuine feeling for you or not.  Be really careful guys your relationship status can shift either ways. All the very best .... :)

sakethursforever :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My MOM'S memories...

It was around half past eight in the evening on January 23rd, when there was a sudden telegram that my senses received from my memory storage center on my mind. It was about a dream i dreamt. It was just like a lightening flash that took me to my childhood. I realised a curve and I pushed the lever beneath my leg downward with a feather touch and rotated the steering wheel in counter clockwise direction.

I slowly uttered these word to mom who was silently enjoying my drive in an assorted voice, "MUM THIS IS VERY ROAD THAT I LEARNT PEDDLING A BICYCLE". I really had no clue of what was going through my mom's mind. She silently gave me a enigmatic smile, reason for which I really couldn't read. Moments later I could see the real face of her smile when she told me that it was the same road where she had seen her months old son in the trolley that she was driving,with innocent looks all around . It was 20 years ago and I could sense the excitement in her voice as she was narrating the fable .

I actually started off telling my MOM about the dream of driving a CAR on the very roads which me  and my mates use for cycling. But then, ended up knowing some sweet memories that my MOM had with me on those roads even before I actually remember completely opening my eyes. I was completely moved with my memories as I drove through those roads and i was almost speechless. But it was a terrific feel to experience what my MOM was recollecting yesterday. And the way she was sharing those memories with me made me completely spell bound.

If  I fall short of words to express what i felt like, it is just amazing to imagine what went through my MOM's mind seeing her 20 year old son... 

sakethursforever :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My go at Indian team for most awaited WC2011

The first 14 players that are selected for the squad could have been done even by my aunt, pani puri wala, or even the watch man of our college. If I was MSD or even the Chief selector, I would have not opted for ASHWIN as the third spinner and  i would have gone with someone like Dinesh Karthik or Parthiv Patel, who would play down the order and also would server as a backup keeper.

Well team at any game would be having two seamers and one spinner i.e is preferably Bhajji,zak and Praveen Kumar. And the 4th bowler would be chosen according to the conditions of play and opponents. That could be an extra spinner if it is turning track or a seamer if it is a fast wicket. I see no space for a player like Ashwin in the playing 11 . That is because 10 to 15 overs will be done by Yuvi, Raina, Yusuf, Sewhag depending upon who is going to play taking into consideration the amount of overs bowled by them. If these part timers can bowl 10-15 overs you would be left with 35 overs to be bowled by 4 front line bowlers of any combination of spin and pace. Which not only takes the pressure off the bowlers but also keeps captain in check.

Next big thing that bother me is not finding a place for Virat Kholi, atleast in my playing 11 even inspite of he being in an excellent form. This is because, when Sachin,Sewhag,Gambir occupy first 3 positions, you are left with Msd,Yuvi,Yusuf,Raina to follow and the 4 mani blow;ers you would play. So where is the place for Kholi to bat. If he bats after Gambir at no. 4, then Dhoni needs to play at 5 and big guns like Yuvi,Raina,Yusuf who can change the course of match in couple of overs donot actually get enough time to review the situation. So it is sure that only 3 out of Yuvi,Raina,Yusuf and kholi would be in the plaing 11. And going for Yuvi, Raina, Yusuf would make better sense because of the fact that they can bowl as well. Or if Kholi has to be taking into the playing 11, One of the top 3 players i.e Sachin ,Sewhag or gambhir must be left out which is not going to happen. So it would surly be a interesting gamble made by MSD.

Yes this is the best team that selectors COULD or rather SHOULD have picked. But, Iwould have gone with an extra keeper or even Rohit Sharma or a player like Raviendra Jadeja instead of R.Ashwin because he is neither experienced nor is he worthy. An other change that i probably think could work is taking Ohja as the second spinner in place of Piyush Chavla because Chavla is not that exposed to the A class cricket these days as much as Ohja is.

Well, team is already picked and by far quoted as the best team that could make up out of 30 probables. Lets lean back and cheer team INDIA which is making a mark on the cricketing world with its world class cricketing strengths for couple of years now. Lets hope Sachin's dream of bringing cup back home has life pumped into.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


From past 4 years , according to a  survey across India there were  thousands of young teenagers who were deeply impressed with INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE. For all this three years it has always been in news. If it was for keeping aside players who joined the rebel league at the first edition, Security concerns in the second edition, Big sum of money that is involved, Lalith modi scam in the third edition , Match fixing thing or what ever . Recent auctions have again created a mass hype to the fourth edition of the IPL.
So being a teenager here, it even had a good impact on me and also on my writings as well. Well after seeing all this on television and reading so much about the auction on news paper daily, this motivated to pick a team for myself as well. Keeping the retention scheme and money available, this would be my team.



TEAM CO OWNER :BHARATH (one of my good friend)

TEAM SPOKES PERSON : KARTHIK MNS (friend of mine who would manage media well)

MANAGER : BEN JONATHEN (my friend, capable of managing anything on this planet)

TEAM BATTING COACH : SACHIN TENDULKAR ( who else would know how make the best use of this instrument other that this guy )

TEAM BOWLING COACH : McGRATH (only bowler who can pitch the ball even on a coin placed at any place on the pitch for atleast 5 balls of an over)

TEAM FEILDING COACH : JONTY RHODES( donot thing i need to give a reason for choosing him)


Now getting into the core team...

 JACQUES KALLIS (bowl/bat)
YUVARAJ SINGH (bat/bowl)
MANISH PANDEY (bat/bowl)
ALBI MORKEL(bat/bowl)
VETTORI (bowl/bat)

Well this be my best side which has the perfect balance to beat any team.I think i fall short of one more quality spinner. But on a give day yuvi would do. And also i should be having a reserve keeper. Gilli would be more that enough . I would surly bet my money here!!

sakethursforever :)