Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top of the world!!!

It was a decade ago when i was getting closer and closer to a game called cricket. It gradually got injected in my blood and cricket has become my passion. Passion to speak about cricket, to play cricket and also watch cricket on television. It was the time when SACHIN was the only performer for INDIA. As soon as this guy was back , it was almost certain that the teams gonna loose the match keeping apart some of the exceptional shows by many others.
I used to look at team Aussis and wonder if they atleast give a tought about loosing a match. Almost each and every match they play they used to come out victorious . Every time i see a match that involved australia , there used to be stats in between suggesting the number of matches played by them,runs scored,percentage of winning and all. Those statistics used be amazing. Way back in 2001 when LAXMAN and HARBAJAN under GANGULY played some great cricket and won that series to us, I wondered why that victory was so much spoken about. But then realised we won against Aussis. That team of aussis used to pull away a victory from no where. They used to look forward for a victory like a lion which sights flesh after 10 days of hunger. Even a new player used to come up to the party and would play like father of cricket. It used to be a deadly line up!!!

I used to look up to the team and think when INDIAN team would set stage for a golden era. And today I see a change in the body language of the great PONTING, when ever he heads to a match with INDIA. I seen a change in his approch when ISHANT SHARMA runs into him. Not just Ponting and Aussis, it is about all the cricketing nations round the globe speaking so much about INDIA and it's performance. It is about every cricketer thinking twice before he walks in a match with INDIA.

Once there used to be a period where movies and media used to make comdey clips to increase sales on the national cricket team of this nation. Once there was a time when main plays don't perform the match was lost. Once there was time when first few overs were enough to tell if it was win or not. Once there was a chance for some sike cricketers to pass stupid statments on the ground during the match.

But, (this "BUT" is a big one)
As someone rightly said everyday is not a sunday, today there is drastic change in the senerio. The type of quest that was iminently visible in  australian cricket has squared upon INDIAN team.

India is making the cricketing world spin around . There a clear visible change in the body language, attitude, style and more inportantly STATISTICS of INDIAN cricket team. Today, there are instances when a match is pulled back after loosing 8 wickets. And this hads not just happened once. Each and every match played,INDIAN tem has been looking to pull things till the last ball is bowled. If it was last ball win at 20:20 world cup or the famous CB series win or that last ball win against pakisthan in asia cup or LAXMAN-ISHANT partnership agains aussis or harbajan and sreeshant turning things around or young stars like M.VIJAY,VIRATH,PUJARA,OHAJ winning matchs and plenty lot. If you note, not a single star has been named in the above instances. All of them were those victories which were not expected by anyone.
The bench strength is phenominal.India has been able to pull of matches with out SACHIN, SEWHAG, GAMBHIR,YUVI,ZEEK,BHAJI. IF this is one side of the bench strength , we have players like YUVARAJ whos trying hard to find a place for him self. There are players like ROHIT, UTTHAPPA, R.P SINGH, PUJARA, AT RAIDU ,TIWARI and hell a lot of people waiting to get in. This is something exceptional.

This was the status of INDIAN NATIONAL TEAM that i really wanted to see. Well champions are neither made nor born they 'RISE' .

sakethursforever :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GOD _/\_

Sir god is believed to be a person who's quoted as the supreme power , super natural creator and overseer of universe that he created .Theologians and philosophers have ascribed a number of attributes to God, including omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence . But of late people have extended the definition of god, putting a star mark at the end of the definition stating 'conditions apply'. Today most of the people not only see the supreme power with respect to the above definition, but also consider him to be a stress buster one way. Any help that a person is in need, he would readily dial to god and ask him to show a  solution or a way out. And as the problem diminishes, the theory of existence of this supreme power has a stronger base. No matter, what solved the problem.

And the recent trend has some new axis of views.

Any one can be considered to be god, if he can support and help a person who is in need . When you help a person who is badly in need of some assistance, you may not see a god in you but for the person at the receiving end  you are the ultimate thing that has happened to him and that you could be his super natural power. For instance, if a person all of a sudden hits ground in a busy market, most of the people may think of calling a doctor, splashing water or providing the person with some shade. But, if there is a man who checks his pocket, finds a piece of paper stating some way out, this person would stand high up there when compared to others who were present there. And finally he appeas to be GOD.

Let us take an other modern definition, where in a person is considered to be god because he inspires people around him, not necessarily working in same field. A person, when works hard and reaches great heights, he would definitely inspire people around him. It is not that person helps you, but it is about the life style of people whom you follow. And, through out your journey the only person who is ultimate to you is the person from whom you got inspired from .

In the first case a person is saved from a certain problem . In the second case a person realise his dream because of him getting inspired form a legend. In both the above cases, the person who helps or the person who inspires are the ultimate things for these respective humans. So in one way anything that is price less to you is your god and everything. In the first case it was life, in the latter case it was an ambition.

To me,searching for your god or god with in you, instead of waiting for a supernatural power considering him god, is very much better. Look at what is ultimate to you and start working towards your like, you shall find the divine soul within you.

That hand which heals your life and which takes your pain aways always depends on what you want it to be.

People never made a statment just like that.....
देवो मनुष्य रूपेण

sakethursforever :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Past half a decade saw Pakisthan on the headlines of international media quite a lot . But, i never saw at least once this developing nation taking some serious step regarding all those things that went wrong. Every time some thing happens, media which generally keeps waiting to pull up their socks , make a big issue all over the world. But , authorities in Pakisthan keeps give some stupid comments on the issue. And we as country which share border with this crazy nation has so much to do with each and every thing that is going on, on the other side of the border.
I shall quote some occasions...  

Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was campaigning ahead of elections in 2008, where she was killed by a unknown person who open shot her. It is more than 2 years since this assassination happened . Whole of the media all over the world was shouting at its best but there was not a single comment form the authorities there. There were also some speculations that there were some indian brains that planned things that happened.

Then it is all famous 26/11 attack on INDIA'S economic capital MUMBAI. After all the mess that has happened, Indian higher authorities prepared a detailed repor of more that 15oo pages and sent it to pak , stating all terrorists were pakisthanis. Ridiculous answers and replys were given even after KASAB clearly stating himself as a citizen of pak. Even to day there is never a pak administrator who says they will do the need full regarding the most brutal killings of some hundreds. 

Then, similar attacks on srilankan cricket team.Unidentified men, believed to be 12 in number and aarmed with Kalashnikov rifles and rocket launchers, opened fire on the bus carrying players to stadium. Several players were injured and the tour got canceled . Media all over the world was at its desk covering the news and pak government slowly said just one thing , that the attacks were not carried out by any of the terrorist organistaions in pak, instead was done by LTTE , who all over  from srilanka had to come to pak to attack srilankan players. 

Another instance is flooding Indus river .Over a dozen villages in punjab province were inundates in the border areas and pakisthani officials blamed it on India ,saying authorities across the frontier had released excess flood water.But the necessary action to evacuate people was not the main criteria then.

Shahid Afridi, now one day captain was caught on camera biting the ball as if it was a his favorite fruit, he was banned for few matches but eventually after a month he was made the CAPTAIN of the national cricket team. Players like asif who were suspended for drugs were again taken back in the team. So is the case with Shoiab malik.

A month ago, pak cricket players were caught red handedly taking bribes and fixing matchs. Media all over the world shown and re shown the same clip again and again. But , officials in pak couldnt  actuallyget the gimps of what was happening on the clip and responded that they did not have anything to speak about the issue until and unless there was a detailed report of what happened. Even a small kid could know what was happening out there.

And now Pakistani cricketer Zulqernain is being criticized foe leaving the team as he was threatened . Well, after all what else can  tha bichara do. He knew what kind of reasons pak would have given if he complied to the officials.

When would this nation stop blaming things,stop being diplomatic and start actually working so that they can lead development.When government can motivate its citizens, when would the people get developed from ??
 Probably problem is that their visible power centre is pretty much powerless regarding important matters...at least i'm happy that their maturity level is up there we in they can know what is important and what is not!!!