Thursday, February 16, 2012

Relations, Their Definitions

A logical or natural association between two or more things, relevance of one to another, in some cases it is also a connection two or more things . Which is what is the possible definitions one can come up with, when someone address the word "Relation".  It is just that Bats, Rackets and Clubs are related to Cricket, Tennis and Golf respectively .  It is evident that a person has a bat, racket or a club, depending upon which game he is related to . In case 1, the relation is a Bat & Cricket. In case 2, the same relation is a Racket & Tennis . The relation changes its course again with the third case. In each of those 3 cases, there is a fixed relation which holds good until one looks only at one case in particular.  

Our power of knowledge helps us by all means in relating the right things together all the time . We are civilized enough to know that, a person who comes out of a hospital is related to some kind of  physical suffering that he has.  And a person who needs a book, has to be related with a library . In due course of things, we keep relating each an everything that we come across in life. And this amazing  power of RELATING things has become one of our greatest weakness very often then not. 

It will surly be cricket, if one or more that one picks up a bat. And the place is surly a giant library, for a person or people, who are in search of a book. We may notice that the relations that we related, proves right even when no. of times we relate things change.  In each and every relation that that we related on this post, are something which do not change with respect to Time, Place, Situation, or any other criterion .  The relation is defined in only one way. If it is book, then it is library. 

But, I'v been calling this power of relating things, a growing weakness among us. 

It is simply because we put our power to work and try relating two things and give that particular  name which does not vary with respect to time, place and other factors. The problem is when we try relating two things which are bound to change their characteristics.

We, people are very good at applying all our laws with people we leave with. We relate people and define a relation just as we did with other things around. And always we expect the relation and more so the definition of the relation to hold good through out. The problem may be confusing yet it is simple.  When you say two people are related and they are friends, we frame a picture of they both being friends and following certain things which make them or rather relation to be termed as friends. But, who exactly knows what is it to be friends. Because as time passes, the the way they relate them self to each other changes but still you say they are friends.

A couple says they are in love and they make time  for each other everyday just to talk to each other for hours together. Another couple says they hang out as much as possible because they love each other. There is a third category who neither meet much nor do they talk to each other much, yet they say they are in love. Each of the pair is in a relationship, yet the definition of the relationship is different. The way the relationship is carried is different.

Same thing can be reflected with parent-children relation as well. Not every parent- child relation is same. Yet the relation has a common name. It is a 'Father' who beats up his child when he does something wrong. It is again 'Father' who encourages and cheers you for next time . And it is again 'Father" when he doesn't even care.There might be different types of parent child relationships yet in each case the name given to the relation is same . One may see no. of Mother-child relationship. One may be just like friends and another Mother child relation may end up to be contrast.

You may have two different types of friends. Once you meet regularly and once you do not. Yet all of them make it to you birthday list .  He is a friend who helps you every day. He is also your friend who calls you once a month . There may be some who never speak to each other unless one is in help.  

Each and every relation we make is different and unique. Only because each and every person has a different way of viewing things . And you have a different way of linking to different people.

 Each and every relation that we make is defined by the people who live in it. It is like a thread hold by two different people. The definition of that particular relation limits itself between things those two can do and cannot . It is not that a parent is only a parent if he beats his child when he does a mistake. He is also a parent if he encourages and cheers the young one. 

 But when we make a relation out of nonliving things, it remine same universally. But when you define a relation between two people, you are bound to go wrong. So don't expect yourself be be someone else . Rather create your own definition for a happy relation. 

Next time when you compliant that your friend ,lover or anyone else is not the way someone else is, do remember that a Relation Do not Have a Generalized Definition. It is a definition that you two should be framing and defiantly  not something that you inherit. 

"RELATION" Do not have a generalized definition . Stop searching for one and do help you self creating a unique definition of yours. Have a happy relations.

Sakethursforever : )

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gobbledygook Mail

Intimate Tootsie,

There is something that abet my senses to become a espionage agent & gait you everywhere.I drone your appellation diurnal course. Every thump of my heart is babbling your eponym. And that is something that undock my day and also outset my day.

I wake up with the sanguineness feel of making a tryst with you and sleep with an awe. Every second that the chronograph ticks, my mind is at only one place that is you. All the attempts that I made to talk to you are evermore a thwart.My feelings for you are always pristine.

Neither am  jeering nor bantering. I am not a philanderer. I need you to complement my esprit. I did fringe a pantheon for you in my heart. You are the diety in my life. I am presuming that you would perch through out my life.

The only time I discover a connoisseur in me is when I see you.  If ever there is a cynosure your life would see, that is me. The fragrance of my love remains even when we are octogenarians. When I embrace your hand i feel I am the zenith of happiness. And the jiff you leave me, it make me fall  into a pandemonium......

I can love you in the best possible writhed my life....

I don't mind even if i look zany or zucchini, but you are always zephyr of my life.
I may not be the best he in the world.... but if you miss me you will be the lassie with plight through out your life....

(Courtesy and regards @Bharath my dear friend for his commitment towards completing this post )

sakethursforever : )