Friday, November 7, 2014

One of those times. . .

Laying under the starry skies, 
A radiant white apple floating over the sky,
I dim my eyes to frame the sight,
My hand's in a seek of another one to hold,
One of those times - I think of you . 

A solely stroll on the golden coast,
Blue to the left and sand to the right,
Leaving my footprint with each of the stride,
All those prints needed a pair,
One of those times - I think of you . 

A tactile fable of the sweetest pair,
I was Sailing through those pages of love,
Drawing parallels with cast on the book,
Something tells me I know this She,
One of those times - I think of you .

Riding down on the way to work,
A mellow chime hits my sense,
Lyrically right for someone I know,
My mind's on a hunt of a familiar face,
One of those times - I think of you .

On the banks of a mighty flow,
Calm and quite on my mind,
Comfort in breath and in life,
Where do I find that cozy feel,
One of those times - I think of you . 

Below the notch of glee I would prefer to be,
In pursuit of a dear to scout me out, 
My quest for a person to speak with me,
Something brings me a virtual you,
One of those times - I think of you .

Gazing at an innocent smile was I,
Bubbly cheeks and a glowing face,
Not more than an year or two on her mother's lap,
I asked myself where to find another of the kind,
One of those times - I think of you .

Sakethursforever : )

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Attitude or Laws, What do you think is the solution .

When ever India Loses a cricket match, I feel bad. I feel as if I lost something . The same thing happens when I see those disturbing headlines on front page every morning and some Facebook shares . Young girls with those hoardings and things about Ethics and true Manhood that they wish to see in Men of the largest democracy of the world. Being an adherent fan of cricket, I feel a sense of responsibility when I see India losing though I have least decimal influence on the result. I tend to hide the thought of being a true fan of cricket for sometime (call me emotional). May be because when India lose a cricket match, I feel I lost it too. And when I see about those embarrassing posts on Men of this country time and again, I feel the same disturbing sense within me. May be because I am a man too (fortunately or unfortunately) in the conditions prevailing today. I feel bad when India looses because I'm an Indian. And I feel woeful because I'm one of those men my friends are addressing on the hoardings and protests . 

India is being Rocked, rather Mocked for last couple of years with annoying reference to abuse on social media and news channels."Solution" I think is still not found. New Laws, Fast track courts, Judgments etc I think is very little to curb the growth of  this annoying evil. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession and I know nothing about psychology. But with the little thinking unit that I posses over my neck, I think that the problem on a higher notch which is not addressed yet. 

Sense and Ethics are two different entities. When you do not follow traffic rules, it is a matter of common sense which can be explained and inculcated by someone else . You can punish or fine a person who breaks a signal and create a sense of fear among the remaining population. But when ethics are violated, I feel it is simply instinctive . It is a problem with a very famous word we keep using ATTITUDE. A non sense can be corrected but a wrong attitude must be treated. And I think not having correct Attitude towards the opposite gender is the epicenter of the problem. It is more of a negative emotional outburst which is instinctive more often than not .

No I'm not against strict and stricter laws against this crime. But just recall what some of the prominent personalities in India thought about this evil. Some of the Leaders & Law Makers, a section of Media & Common Men, Village Panchatyas; all of them had a wrong sense of whats happening . Leaders asked if crime against women is the only news that the media has got, can't they cover something else . Saying "such things happen here and there  in the big country we are living in, you have to accept" is the most ludicrous comment I ever heard . Is he asking us to get used to being a victim. All these while we have heard people threatening to kill someone, and today someone said he would **** ( pardon me, I didn't want to use it ) . Also some say women have no business out side even after President of India being a Women. Clearly an unacceptable change. 

When people of top priority in this nation have such down rated ideologies, don't you think the problem is with Attitude more than anything else. I have many female friends of mine and a grown up sister . If someone calls me saying they got stuck up somewhere all alone, I would surely worry even when there are most cruel laws in place. Only thing that would make me worry less is knowing people here, living along have right attitude and ethical values. 

Laws can be made, debated on and constitution can be amended time & again . But the major concern is how do we curb the wrong Attitude that has its roots deep into our system. I'm no scholar to suggest how we inculcate values among our self, but it has to start at a basic level of this social society. 

All this is of Paramount importance because it is attitude and ideologies that build a nation in the first place. Laws and Rules follow them.  

I support M.A.R.D

sakethursforever : )

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And I sign OFF

Out I see the sun go down, Out I see the stars come out. Through the bars of the room I'm in, I see the world, which is running around trying to find the path to an unknown foreign terminal. 

I can see someone, with the most happiest moment as I write this through his triumph; I also see someone, just experiencing a nightmare and wondering if he can be the same person in consequent clicks of the clock. I can spot someone at a busy corporate estate, before in time waiting for his turn to make a career. I also spot someone who's missed his flight by a moment or two. I feel the joy and cry too, only because I am fellow human breathing the same oxygen . 

Right now somewhere;
There are people on streets with guns and blood, making this a scary place to live. Firing at flights aiming for catastrophe, triggering bombs and derailing the life. There is a crowd waiting for their team, to win the cup and laurels too. Others playing their heart out, to see a grin on people they like. Someone's trying to keep his power. Someone's dying to get to power. Someone else is trying to over power; across the minds, states, territories, countries and destiny. There is a rover miles away form us, trying to figure out our existence there. There are men at work, trying to make this a better place to live. 

Right now somewhere;
There is a silent prayer and a shower of wishes in a corner, there is a loud cheer and a shower of pats on another. The wait for something have just ended, and quest for something else just started . There is a happy tear to share with a mate and an isolated one at an abandoned soul. 

I send my wishes far to the west of my place, where my friend's rubbing her eyes and finding the day. I also send my wishes far east where she's on the bed, all set to dream. 

Somewhere right now,
The world is going around. I sit on my desk and telling myself a short story .

And I sign off.

Sakethursforever : )

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A mail to someone somewhere.

I was there, staring you go long away,
deep down the dust and the turf of time.
I wish I knew right at the time of dawn,
your intentions were of staying for a brief
Wish not I, sat there and wait,
letting the gloomy grey swallow me. 
It was all grace moments ago,
where is the blot which changed the plot.
You were the light of my day and time,
now I know what shadow is like .
I wait for you to show my way,
back to the place where you were my mate. 
What did you do with the promise of words,
here is the chariot of aegis I brought.
Sometimes wisdom is virtue of pain,
it tells me you are gone far away .
Wish I was an innocent naive,
with no cognizance of your changing veer.
Can I be a kid who waits, for the clouds to free;
knowing they are impassable port to you. 
You were like a balmy bliss,
you made me feel soft and snug.
Where will I earn a beautiful day,
where would you earn a friend like me....

I sign such mails now and then, 
To tell you ,
I feel so good when I think you read,
I feel so good to think of you,
Even if you not happen to read,
I feel so good, you lent me your time, while writing this mail.
"Even when you are no where around."

Sakethursforever : )

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Daze...!!

I have a very little idea and  a pinch of hope, if anyone reading this draft can actually draw parallel with the mindset of mine which is rather Confused to be specific. It is that time of the day I think much, then too much to get out of it. 

What ever we win, loose, cherish, dislike, experience, hate, enjoy, adore, respect, ignore; none of it is out of the world we are living in. All of that is an integral part of what we see, do and think. And people around us who accompany doing all that, more or less belong to the same box we are living in. 

When Shakespeare is right, every one's on the same stage playing their own roles, how is there always a thin line that divides me and others in almost everything while playing the same role. Why is there a Competition and a result . Why does a mathematical fourmulae strikes me right away and my friend next to me keeps running to every nook and corner of his brain. When both of us are on the same stage that the famous poem speaks of, why is there a void in roles we play. Why is there a difference in time taken by me and my mate in driving to a same place. When both of us know how to drive and the destination, why is that he always manages to reach sooner. How can a person sitting opposite to me on a carrom table easily put a coin into pocket of his choice, while I'm struggling to strike the coin I wish to. In either of the cases I'm not put into a comparison with a veteran or a dud. I'm just sharing the same stage with others within my domain. So why is it that when measured on a scaling instrument, I sometimes stay ahead and sometimes trail . Which is the ingredient that's changing the taste of dishes we cook. 

Thermodynamics just din't teach me relation between Work, Energy and Temperature. It also taught me that every lesson has a Macroscopic and Microscope orientation . And so does my confusion. If my Macroscopic confusion is about a physically measurable entity, the latter is about an entity which is impractical trying to measure. We mankind illustriously call them Feelings

Why can't we, see things on a single platform. Why can't all of us look at something and feel same about it just like the clock. Every individual looks at it and makes note of same thing which is time. Why can't everything be clocks as far as feelings are concerned. Why do I like a book so much that I complete it the night before an exam and get a dreadful review of the same from one of my friend. How is that I wonder when I get to know how someone feels about something and I think that is exactly not what my thinking or rather feeling capabilities can think/feel of. Why can't we look at something and feel the same thing. After all we are living on a same stage. How can I not feel or feel something which the other one feels and not feels respectively. How can something become very small to think about , when it becomes paramount to me. How can I not feel the pulse of the thinking process people employee . How can someone move on and I get stuck at the same place years together, when both of us shared the same place sometime back. How can a language that we share with someone all of sudden turn Greek and Latin . 

Did I baffle you . Hope Its only a  bit . 

Bottom Line : I'm Confused big time. 

sakethursforever : )

Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a Thought

Every day as soon as I begin to shut my system off, start romancing the bed & bliss, I begin to worry. An uneasiness about the bigwig of my life 'Tomorrow'.

Out of every thing that can be defined, there is one thought on my mind. You can call it a wish. Can I order that one wish of mine to any of the angel . 

Can I ask for a morning tomorrow with people around me with absolutely no Identity; just a wish. Can I ask for a morning tomorrow, which is full of people I have never known; spare a thought. Can I wake up to that morning and conquer the world full of faces that I've never seen; a hope may be. Or can someone let me hide myself beneath the blanket until my face is forgotten . I always wonder if I can ever breath air into that one wish of mine. 
When you ask me why, that becomes quite complicated to answer. One which may not convince you, but makes extreme sense to me, my thinking capabilities and my skill of understanding self. 
  • When there isn't a past between me and you, that is a kind of freedom. I can actually speak anything and everything on my mind. 
  • Gives me freedom of ego. Mine is a pristine one. 
  • Do not have to keep in mind our last conversation before I start to speak, In short I don't have to censor myself. 
  • No one expects anything out of a new chap . So here I"m without out any pressure of expectations and pleasure running the way I like & the way I want .   
  • I can be self. Not a puppet of someone else's likes and dislikes. Just because I don't have to impress anyone. 
  • Do not have to play on emotions and let someone play on them either . 
  • Just because I don't know you, I can address the way I want .
  • There is nothing but open mind when you are judging me and vice verse. 
  • Mistakes once done will no longer mean anything in branding myself . There is always a chance of a new me. And no one ever knows any of them.
  • I'll not be a bouncing ball, bouncing back into things that hurt or rather the ones that haunt me.
  • I can respect myself lot better. 
  • No regrets . I can always do things with new people which I wished to do with you today
  • Finally do not have to feel bad when I ping someone and don't get a reply back. Because you'll be the one I knew for one day . Seriously I wish you were. 
You may say being an amnesia patient is better, forgetting everything as soon as you get up. But that doesn't give freedom of knowing self which is extremely paramount, at least to me.

Just imagine.... "Just a new day when ever I wake up...Wow it sounds Piquant."

    Sakethursforever : )

    Thursday, January 30, 2014

    How can I Say you're not the ONE

    How can I blame that lovely dove,
    who failed to deliver my heap of love.  

    I sent you a phrase of words and sign,
    the intent was lost somewhere on the line .

    I asked the flowers to send you an elegant puff,
    the essence were lost somewhere with the huff.

    I urged the sand on the river bank,
    just when waves have left them blank. 

    The mail was the letter of what I feel, 
    the text diminished the amount of zeal. 

    I told the butterflies, you are the bliss,
    they almost gave you a distant miss .

    I delivered a note of what it is,
    you saw it like a jumbled quiz. 

    I put my pain on a plane of mine,
    your radar screen was far too plain. 

    I wrote it on the gust of air,
    the wind spattered it here and there. 

    I sang a song to tell a truth,
    the theme was lost in the band of sound. 

    Though the tune is not the same,
    lyrics always meant the same. 

    Fortunes always flung far away,
    but you were always on my way.

    You ask me who was the one on mind,
    You ask me who is one who's lined.
    You ask me where do I send this to,
    You ask me who's not there all through.
    You ask me who is the desired one,
    How can I say you'er not the one. 

    Sakethursforever : )

    Sunday, January 19, 2014

    That Wonderful Buddy

    It was when I met him for the first time. He seemed to me like a car dead still, parked at the lay by on a busy highway. With speedy cars racing on, he was silent, confused, disorganized and never seemed to belong on the tough road (going by his standards). Everything he looked at seemed tall. What I liked going with this young kid was that he has always learnt to drive on his own capabilities and did things which were just enough for his survival on the long road ahead. As he started to learn, the tallest things became taller and taller things seemed tall.

    He always though he was a rare find on the highway. I said rare because he never had any extraordinary adjectives attached to his work or character and he was pretty simple & basic. And don't you think being a normal chap is rather unusual these days. He never planned his journey beyond the visible curve and just got along with ease as he passed the milestones. As I told you he learnt just enough to drive through the road ahead. Not a notch more, not a notch less.

    Amazing quality of his, that I would personally love to download into my system is his ability to have an opinion on everything he comes across as he drives through. He has a typical though process of his own and that is something he is very proud of. Not many times can something influence his though process. All the time it just like what it has to be. He hasn't told me any of this, but One can read it on the things he do. He loves being a decision maker even when count of his decisions being right is five out of ten. I sense he plays a little gamble before making decisions. Sometimes he is also fickle, but he loves changing the decision just like the winds .

    He is very specific in likes he own, the choices he make. He once told me, if you make a list of likes for 5 individuals in a room, the list would be distinct. Just like finger print, retina scanner, people can also be identified based on their likes and probably dislikes too. But the problem here unlike the bio metric system is that the likes and dislikes are dynamic which keep changing. Anyway when he likes something, he likes it to the fullest. None can match him on the scales of liking, or probably loving that particular instance.

    He hates changes that take place around him even when they are inevitable. Be it the road he is travelling, car he's driving or the companions he accumulate and relations which he develops with them. He has an unique nature of getting into a emotional relation with almost everything he comes across. People, Seasons, things like pens, Coins; the list doesn't have a particular genre. He loves his likes more than anything else . It would be lucky for anyone to be his most favorite because it is a privilege. And believe me I'm not exaggerating. I would love to be a pen that he likes, just because that is nothing short of getting treated like a princess.

    My friend, if I can call him so, is  as old as I am on the road we are driving. He has taken over me many times and I did the same quite often. Everything that we come across leaves an impression on us . And this guy left more than an impression on my lifestyle in all these years that we have been together.

    He inspired me mutually, he put me under pressure constantly, he dominated me unknowingly, he drove me emotionally, influenced me mentally and partnered me physically. Most of my system which is walking around, thinking, doing things and breathing is mostly influenced by that wonderful gentleman I ever met.

    On the eve of his Birthday, He's me wishing him a spectacular B'Day. Let me tell you, you have been an alluring friend of mine.


    Sakethursforever : )

    Friday, January 3, 2014

    You are the one who deserves all that

    A Vow exists, that I never shared,
    An Oath survived, that I never declared .

    Always safe inside myself,
    That phrase was a promise all by itself.

    Always secured was my will,
    Trying hard not to out spill.

    Those lines were always under the mask,
    Delivering them is not my task.

    Someone said words had power,
    Just enough, to stall a rapid river.

    Wanting to flow off the brimming heart,
    Longing to flood the distance apart .

    I bar them on my mind sometimes,
    I cover them up in my voice sometimes.

    They make their way out of my lips,
    And get away like some unheard scripts .

    They knock me out of the sleep sometimes,
    They wrack me into a dream sometimes.

    Read them on the things I do, Read them on the words I do.
    Read them on the way I'm, Read them on the tune I hum.
    Read them on the likes I own, Read them on the enmity I hold.
    Read them on the tranquil around, Read them on my eloquent eyes.

    Wish you are the who, who reads all that.
    Wish it is you, who need all that.
    Hope I don't have to say all that. 
    Hope you know that lovely that. 

    You are the one who deserves all that .

    sakethursforever : )