Saturday, February 20, 2016

Emotionally Practical We

Rahul always loved working late into early hours before an important day making sure he ticked off all the necessities. What accompanied him were his sharp instincts, watchful insights about challenges that he might have to face the next day, a ball which constantly hit the wall, sticky notes to the left of the monitor, a digital clock on the table, a couple of empty coffee mugs. It was indeed an important 20 hours to follow. He had an early morning flight to Mumbai where he would represent his company in signing a prestigious project. Every time he saw his tattoo on his right shoulder dressing up, next thing he did was to call up his hero, back at Hyderabad. He took out his mobile, rang his father expecting him not to pick up his first call as the clock still showed 4 Am. “Hello”, and came a cold response. “Mom, how come you got up so early, temple day today..?”enquired Rahul. “Not really, are you ready, what time is the flight”. “It is at 6.10, 20 minutes’ drive from here and one hour for the check in, I should be fine”. “Anyway Dad’s up.?Or still dreaming about his old Maruthi...?” There was a brief silence as if his mom was preparing for something extreme. “Dad met with an accident last night while returning from the market.” Even before Rahul assessed the situation, she continued “Nothing to worry about, a little bruise on forehead and a cut on his ankle.Doctor assured there’s nothing to worry about, 4 stiches, TT and a couple of tablets that is it”. “For God Sake please let me speak to him” he exclaimed. “Come on, I said there’s nothing to worry about, he mishandled his leg in sleep and the leg started to bleed. Arun uncle was here to take him for dressing”. Half an hour later Rahul reached airport. The LED departure board showed six flights open for boarding and two other flights which were yet to open. Having missed a call earlier, he received his mom’s call the second time in less than 5 minutes. “I know which flight you are looking for, and you exactly know what I called you for.” Rahul let himself wait a while, “Be Practical Rahul”it was more than an affirmative order. “Dad is fine and there is nothing you can do here.” She took a deep breath and pacified him “He needs rest and all of us are here to ensure that. Wound is no more than many scars that you brought home from the football field.” Rahul began to say, “But..” his mom did not let him speak another word “You are 28 now and it is high time you add a bit of practicality to every decision you take.”

“Flight is re scheduled to 2AM Karthik, I guess if there is no further delay you can pick me up at 5 from the airport.”. Indu was returning to Delhi after paying a visit to her parents. Karthik set his alarm clock  and made himself comfortable on the couch thinking it would be the last night before he would get a good night kiss and bed coffee in the morning every day. “Jut boarded the flight and about to take off...” Indu sent a message at 2.15.  Karthik made some sandwich, put it into the oven, set the timer on the oven to keep it warm, readied the coffee for her and switched on the geyser. He set everything in place Indu and left to airport. Karthik met Indu right outside the arrivals. Neither of them showed the stress of having a sleepless night. They were only glad that they were together. The clock read 7.30 and Indu arrived at their home. She paid for the cab, took the lift to their flat. Sipping away the coffee that was waiting for her, she called up Karthik. “I just reached home. I hope I shared this coffee with you baby... is the problem fixed” she asked. It was dinner time and it was a week since both Indu and Karthik eat together. “Karthik I’m really lucky, because you care about your things this very much. I’m just glad that I’m your too.” Karthik always loved listening to Indu specially when it was about both of them. “ But sometimes you have to let things go karthik.” He looked up wondering what Indu was speaking about. “I know how much attached you are karthik, I know it was your dream to own a car. But you cannot carry things once the expiry date is done. Today it is just me, but it might be something big tomorrow.”  With a Shaky tone Indu said “Our car is done karthik. No point being emotional. It is high time we plan another one.”

Lakshmi always felt it was a difficult task managing a married life while letting her do what would give her extreme pleasure. She was accompanying her in-laws at a family event. But only thing that ran through her mind was the auditorium room back at the Dance Class where her students were performing, trying to convince the trust members, they would excel at the cultural event at Singapore. She knew it was unfair to choose a preferred student among those she taught, but she had special liking to Priya. Last evening Priya assured she would take care of the event in madam’s absence and also showed poise in winning the members yes. Later that evening Lakshmi received a phone call. “You are on board to Singapore this 25th madam, your team impressed everyone from the panel. The trust is ready to sponsor and please complete all the necessary formalities before Friday,” said chairman. It was more than a sign of relief to her. Chairman continued, “Especially Priya was Splendid I must say”, this was an added honey. After the practice session a week before their journey, chairman was speaking to Lakshmi in his cabin. The table had a pile of envelopes from the travel agent on one side and a single envelop on the other. Lakshmi could sense what was coming, but she waited for the chairman to continue. “I’ve been to Priya last evening” taking his eye contact off Lakshmi’s he started to stare into his mobile and continued “ Doctor said it will be a week more before she could completely re coup.” Priya stepped on the ear ring which accidently fell off her partner’s jewellery while practicing. Heal being a soft part, the cut was deep and that put her out of practice since. “This is not charity, we cannot carry people all the way to Singapore on a holiday. More so when someone is not fit.” Finally he saw into her face and said “You must let her know the news and to her family too.”  “But it is a question of ethics,” she retaliated. “The child might lose faith in art, she might lose her confidence.” “We are not here to restore faith or carry ethics. We are lot more practical in our approach” said the chairman and walked out of the room.

Rahul, Lakshmi and Karthik were in a similar situation. All three of them were urged to be practical, but being practical also wanted them to keep their emotions away. Rahul was emotional attached to his father. He completed his assignment and flew straight back to Hyderabad. Being emotional about her role as a teacher Lakshmi did take back the envelop and asked the chairman to return the envelop which belonged to her as well. She assured him Priya was her responsibility and the trust did not have to pay for both of them. Finally karthik there after never  missed a coffee with Indu.

Can a Emotional person be Practical. Is being practical also imply you are not emotional. Most of us are emotionally attached to someone or something and there comes a situation where being practical means you cannot value your emotions any further. Carrying emotions and being practical are two sides of a coin. The probability is always 1/2. It can never be 1/3 where the 3rd likely event is being both practical and emotional. Being practically emotional or emotionally practical is like searching for salt in a sugar cane. 

"Practicality is a virtue which has no place in the Playing Space of Human Emotions"

Sakethursforever : )