Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This one's for you Jyo.

Counting and counting through opaque calender for a few days now. Building a connection between the real and virtual facts of myself and making a affirmative call was I, allowing my self to believe that the last sms we exchanged, panipuri we shared, ice cream scoop we tasted could possibly be the last one; at least for some time now.

Once there was a time when I was highly tentative as far as you were concerned . May be your river philosophy scared me then (I still have those recordings mind you) and my possessiveness also contributed.  But then the time that followed has just been magical. The confidence, vivaciousness and stupidity that you are made up of, is something that someone could very rarely find .

Those long rides will no longer be what they used to be, without you demanding for those stupid songs again and again .
 May be it would get difficult for me to digest the fact that, there isn't someone who would call me stupid for no reason and that too 16 times an hour.
Roads in anandbagh and surrounding areas would prove lot more safer for people like me.
I'll be waiting for being a second pillion rider on my own bike, that too when the clock reads 1 O'clock midnight, when I looked weird for a dog as well .
My right shoulder is showing sigh of relief as the only one who keeps pushing me while riding will now be taking a break.
Movies we'v been too, arguing about the story and  shouting there at peak of our voice will echo there forever.
Time we spent together making that shortfilm, playing in rain, walking on railway platform, riding triples on main road like manic, songs we sang...
Waiting at a bus stand all night and the raising in of my blood pressure cause of the tension is one thing Ill never ever forget.
Waiting out side the trial room and making you waiting there...

A big CHEERS for all that and believe me we just rocked through all of that.

I'll also have to wait for a while before fooling around people at a bakery or a Traffic police cop (something which onl y two us know) . On that note how can I forget cycling doubles on necklace road and shouting all around making our self look so weird  .

We will also fall short with 'Tales of Stupidity'  which I promise will draft another blog .

How can I let you go without my dose of suggestions....
Here they are...
Stop discussing stupid issues (remember I would bring out a paper if you did that),  stop feeling bad for petty things and please do not ruin America . Do remember to get up early .And please don't let hours pass un-noticed while you were sleeping.

There might be least possibility of my mobile reading  JO and 7788 no. on the incoming log or on the inbox for sometime, but surely two years will be a lot of time in an era where people 'change' for no matter. Hope we don't change though.

Early morning rides...aha awesome days.
Wishing Obama all the best for letting someone like you into his country and hope list of fan that you gathered here increase exponentially there too. Posting this with rush of emotions, great deal of nostalgia and all those beautiful memories we shared, arguments and differences we had, time we spent together and love we shared. Hope we get to do all that again.

Wish you all the best and wishing Mr. Obama much more....

We will Miss you Jyo. (Bharath's gonna miss you much more)

Take Care and Love you : ) : )

sakethursforever : )

Friday, December 7, 2012

VISA it is.

Call me xenophobic, I say indeed without letting the clock tick so far away.

Surely a place where I expect myself so much so little was that alley at Begumpet . Accompanying a friend was I wondering or may be confused about too many things there, I know too little about. Days when I don't know what a passport is, I was cheering for my friend who was patiently waiting for the VISA interview, which I believe is the next stage of what you call getting a passport.

To me it was like an illiterate going into a chemical laboratory where you find colorful fluids flowing and people busily working on them with an excitement, nervousness and tension all around. Knowing very little about what a Visa means on dictionary as well as on ones emotional terms, I had to walk my friend through a span of time which I believe was one of the most difficult things to do just because I had no idea what a Visa is and how much it is rated on . But that tight hug she gave me walking out through the barrier gates calling me and those tears breaking through her already red turned eyes spoke more then what it actually was .

It has been sometime now since I have seen all that and yet I don't understand the logic behind chasing something, somewhere so far away leaving everything that has been a part of our life for so many years .

If feelings and prayers had a solid shape, there would be no more space for anything else to exist on that street. The only discussion there was about the criterion which brought people a visa and that which din't. The air was filled with the ambiance of questions asked and the replies that were to be given and the ones that were already given. All this seemed very preposterous initially but the seriousness on made me think quite opposite.

Though the population there was dominated by students there were almost all sorts of people out there. Newly wed brides waiting to join their grooms outside, elderly couples probably visiting their children and middle aged ones either on a vacation or work. Every one dressed decent with a formal look, which took me back to days when I attended a couple of interviews . It was as if there was a dress code to leave the country. There were young boys with a bunch of papers clipped, girls who got out of those big sedans with trendy body language and only thing that was common with all of them there was tension & prayers that they were burning out. I was also lucky enough to see a Scorpio that stopped in front of me.  The back door slowly began to open, as a plastic cover rolled out of the car. It made a comfortable place in  middle of the road and people climbed out of it and briskly walked away.

It was a new place for a person like me. Holding my friends bag and mobile I spent some time out there watching different things, different people, listening to their sagas and trying to absorb everything & updating my system. It was a place filled with millions of hopes, tons of prayers, people ready to fly out anytime now and people like me who were wishing good luck to their mates against their wish .

Surely I could read the happiness of people and also their grief.  It was amazing to see the amount of joy my friend has experienced and the degree of jubilance she was in . And of course it made my day...!!!

One irony of that place is a hoarding which promoted tourism in India which read, "Incredible India".

Sakethursforever : )