Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There are hell a lot things that as a child one experiences and wonder why they happen. Then, as life goes on, one understands what is what and all other things. Well, one strange thing that is never in my jurisdiction of understanding capability is CHANGE. No I'm not talking about change that reflects things different . The change I'm addressing here is CHILLAR. Change of currency.
I always wonder why would a shop keeper gives you a feel of pouncing on to you and giving you one tight slap when ever you ask for change. He almost creates an atmosphere as if you asked whole of his money locker for free.
Time and again when ever I come across this, it makes me feel  ridiculous when the same person who denied giving change, readily offers you change when you borrow something. Say a Indian Rupee symbol.svg5  chocolate for  Indian Rupee symbol.svg100.

It was quarter past 7 in the evening when I suddenly found my bike tyre flat. I was fortunate enough to get a place which could be of my help . But every story has an unfortunate side of it and here is what happened to me. He charged me Indian Rupee symbol.svg40 and I had two Indian Rupee symbol.svg10 notes and a Indian Rupee symbol.svg500 note. It was almost the end of business hours, which made me feel assured about the change. Then came an answer from the owner of the mechanic shed that he doesn't have an exchange for Indian Rupee symbol.svg500. Main road being a little more that a 100 meters and I began my walk with a hope of finding money which would set me and my bike free.

It was baker's store that I entered first. There were people in there with different requirements . As soon as the person at the counter looked at me with a confused expression and Indian Rupee symbol.svg500 note in hand, he probably understood what I wanted . Even before I said some thing his head began to swing from -ve X-axis to +ve X-axis. My next step was into a drug store. I asked him if I could get an exchange for my Indian Rupee symbol.svg500, he began to clip his expression  and said NO, as if he was an examiner who's not allowing me into exam for being late. It was as if I asked him a pizza at the drug store.

I stepped out and found my luck turned worse. It began to rain and it was bloody heavy. I found myself no less than a begger, begging in rain for change of course. Well, that is what globalisation can do. After couple of attempts in the rain, I started to enjoy the shower. I found a small pani puri wala down the empty road, which was already flooding. My instincts almost pulled me there, for obvious reasons though and not for change. Pani puri in rain is a yard short of heaven .

Had enough of it to satisfy myself and as I began to move, I wanted to try my luck there.  If you feel I had to restart my haunt, then that was something that never happened. To my surprise, or may be even yours, I got what I wanted, there at that small vendor. It was something that made my mouth wide open. The vendor quitely took out a packet, gave me my change, not before checking it twice.

One thing that I learnt from my little experience is that you call it CHANGE in english, CHUTTA in hindi and CHILLARA in telugu. Wonder if it is a co-incidence, the very word that troubled me,surprised me and amazed me starts off with the letter "C". Isn't it ironic.

I tought twice about everything that happened in the fable. But, yet I fail to understand two things.
Well if anyone can guess why they are the way they are, please let me know....

sakethursforever :)