Saturday, August 31, 2013

I liked it.

Like every other 22 year old, Movies make an important chapter on my list of likes . It was a couple of months since I've seen a video shared on Facebook. A trailer it was. I thought it was promising. And here for the first time I write about a Movie I am thoroughly impressed with . 

"Madras Cafe"  11:00 PM show at a multiplex with a set of three friends who barely knew each other and I was the only common link or a mutual friend going by Facebook language. This will probably be first time with movies in my domain (post 1997), I would term a movie "DIFFERENT" . As a movie goer Yes, I've been treated with a different stuff. The feel that took over me is no different when compared to the gripping moments I went through while reading "Angels & Demons" or a "Dooms Day Conspiracy" .  

It will be a kind of social studies answer where in the first line of every response starts like this; " Something is because of the following reasons : 1,2,3.... ", Here are the reasons why I term Madras Cafe as one of the best  (at least in my domain).

The movie was made on a purpose, and every frame had that purpose expressed with a prudent tact. There wasn't a frame that was un-necessary, there isn't a character awkwardly poking his nose and most importantly each & every dialogue that is written has a point and weight . Screenplay was specific and so was the plot .  

I had never seen an Indian movie which could think beyond Pakistan when dealing about National Security (A movie that can be aired on 15th of August or on 26th of January).  May be for the first time though we've made an attempt in thinking beyond the limits which we imposed on self. 

Emotions play an important role in making a knock on ones mind. The movie has got certain high emotional sequences which are dealt with higher order realistic tinge.  There are scenes in the movie where in you feel Vikram's going to shout at peak of his voice, makes an belligerent challenge, delivers a lengthy patriotic phrase. He doesn't do all that, instead he simply mumbles a silent line which leaves you with tremors  perforating deep into your thinking capabilities .

John Abraham all these days was just an other lad on Indian Movies whom I had very little interest on . He is obviously the decision maker with this movie and each bit of it is spot on . He is the cynosure of the film. It was a strict NO with senseless display of erected muscles, adventurous fights, unwanted skin shows, stupid romance, sick songs which are presented on a very prestigious stage giving a tag, calling the movie commercial. Yet the movie created an impact which is still knocking on my thought process. There were moments when every cell in my brain said the hero's gonna shout or make aggressive move. But then, every time he quietly says a thoughtful dialogues. John will surely leave you with a long lasting thump of a superlative degree.

One reason I love reading DAN BROWN is because of the informative stuff he puts into his books. Madras Cafe does exactly the same. It is very informative. Dealing with technicalities, portraying the civil war, events that led to the odd things and the after effects also . 

Look out for Race against Time thriller mode in the second half, Unfolding of the assassination plot and most importantly the Decoding of intercepts . Personally to me, the perfect mix of Hindi-English dialogues expressing a tense feel at key moments was the best part . Madras Cafe may surely be a routine reel on Star Movies. It is certainly a very fresh one Star Gold.

There's a line in the movie a journalist says, " Har Kisi ka apna sach hotha hai, depends tum kaha khade ho...." . You will love the movie if you are at the right position I would say. 

Post Script : "I'm Impressed." It is as good as any movie made in west on a similar scale, if not better then it. 

sakethursforever : )

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I drive on My own WILL ... !!!

It was just a moment ago I've told on phone "I'll be there in 15 mins Sushma, also ask shiva to wait until I come." The reaction from other side was negative with not much time left for the seminar to start . Cursing me being so late was I saying "Mei aisa kya hu" at self. The RJ I was listening to on 90 + something FM was also irritating with his sick love tales right at the start of the day . Added to this was the lazy thing I saw in front of me which never seemed to move .

It was grey Ford Icon which looked lot more yellow . Dust accumulated on the rear window of the vehicle made way for someone to scribble something that started with the word S and ended with the word D. With a dent on one side of the baggage box, a sticker which asked everyone not to kiss him from behind and few scratches at the bumper made that car look very much Hydrabadi.  Though, I was not sure who the driver was . I was pretty sure he was in two minds whether or not to venture overtaking the bus which was diagonally to the right of him. Probably there were couple of youngsters on the foot board which further helped his inability to cruse through. Bus was next to the divider and there was just enough scope for me to jump on my accelerator and race through the left end.

Fiddling with different FM stations, finally my finger made a very good gesture switching on a station that was playing a song (one of my fav) instead of RJ's flirting with my patience. Song was so good that I wanted my horses to run as fast as they can.  All my senses wanted a quick move on and the song added to the quest of driving past the lousy ford somehow. Quickly checking on the rear view, almost involuntarily did something which Manoj a friend of mine always used to talk a lot about." Grip your steering as soft as you can and then oscillate it radially 45 degrees to left first & then 90 degrees to right at a good pace." My K10 swung to deep left of the road and then almost immediately right leaving behind the sick ford and its driver. It was indeed a satisfactory take over only until I found a couple right in front of the ford on a shining pulsar which is now inches to my right. Wondered what made them drive that slow. Probably they saw clouds flying past them and not traffic . Distance between my Ferrari and the Pulsar was only a bit more then the gap those two had between them.  With very minimum time to react I made my way through the passage accelerating at top of my ability. Mean while something very scenic caught my eye almost involuntarily. The picture lasted only a micro second though.

My retina saw a girl with hair flowing down her cheeks pillion on the bike with fear oozing out of her eyes, forehead wrinkled with confusion, fingers clinching the shoulders of the one driving and an expression that said she was read to jump off the bike . What I loved the most about the girl was her lips. The sound that I could depict reading her lips was 'WOW'. (Probably she did admire my skill of handling the machine.)

 I raced past them and had a quick look on my rear view mirror only to find them involved in an animated conversation.

The song on the speakers started to fade out after a couple of minutes and RJ was back with his boring concept of asking people to confess their love interests ( never knew if he would arrange movie tickets for the couples ) . Back to thoughts of seminar was I. Just then came a vehicle miraculously making it through the allowance between my car and the divider. The vehicle seemed to stop for a second just beside my window and the guy diving it showed me his ugly finger before running down even without waiting for my reaction . Probably after a second or two the girl adjusted a bit, turned to me and gave me an unreadable expression and then clinched herself to the rider .

I was in no mood of thinking of the incident, my mind obviously din't have enough chambers left to accommodate more thoughts. Only after the seminar that I smiled at the mirror and said to myself I accelerate when I want to, I decelerate when I want to.

'I Drive on my Will'
Do You ??

"Riding is a Divine virtue. Do it for yourself not for someone who's riding beside or the pillion rider ."

sakethursforever : )