Monday, January 24, 2011

My MOM'S memories...

It was around half past eight in the evening on January 23rd, when there was a sudden telegram that my senses received from my memory storage center on my mind. It was about a dream i dreamt. It was just like a lightening flash that took me to my childhood. I realised a curve and I pushed the lever beneath my leg downward with a feather touch and rotated the steering wheel in counter clockwise direction.

I slowly uttered these word to mom who was silently enjoying my drive in an assorted voice, "MUM THIS IS VERY ROAD THAT I LEARNT PEDDLING A BICYCLE". I really had no clue of what was going through my mom's mind. She silently gave me a enigmatic smile, reason for which I really couldn't read. Moments later I could see the real face of her smile when she told me that it was the same road where she had seen her months old son in the trolley that she was driving,with innocent looks all around . It was 20 years ago and I could sense the excitement in her voice as she was narrating the fable .

I actually started off telling my MOM about the dream of driving a CAR on the very roads which me  and my mates use for cycling. But then, ended up knowing some sweet memories that my MOM had with me on those roads even before I actually remember completely opening my eyes. I was completely moved with my memories as I drove through those roads and i was almost speechless. But it was a terrific feel to experience what my MOM was recollecting yesterday. And the way she was sharing those memories with me made me completely spell bound.

If  I fall short of words to express what i felt like, it is just amazing to imagine what went through my MOM's mind seeing her 20 year old son... 

sakethursforever :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My go at Indian team for most awaited WC2011

The first 14 players that are selected for the squad could have been done even by my aunt, pani puri wala, or even the watch man of our college. If I was MSD or even the Chief selector, I would have not opted for ASHWIN as the third spinner and  i would have gone with someone like Dinesh Karthik or Parthiv Patel, who would play down the order and also would server as a backup keeper.

Well team at any game would be having two seamers and one spinner i.e is preferably Bhajji,zak and Praveen Kumar. And the 4th bowler would be chosen according to the conditions of play and opponents. That could be an extra spinner if it is turning track or a seamer if it is a fast wicket. I see no space for a player like Ashwin in the playing 11 . That is because 10 to 15 overs will be done by Yuvi, Raina, Yusuf, Sewhag depending upon who is going to play taking into consideration the amount of overs bowled by them. If these part timers can bowl 10-15 overs you would be left with 35 overs to be bowled by 4 front line bowlers of any combination of spin and pace. Which not only takes the pressure off the bowlers but also keeps captain in check.

Next big thing that bother me is not finding a place for Virat Kholi, atleast in my playing 11 even inspite of he being in an excellent form. This is because, when Sachin,Sewhag,Gambir occupy first 3 positions, you are left with Msd,Yuvi,Yusuf,Raina to follow and the 4 mani blow;ers you would play. So where is the place for Kholi to bat. If he bats after Gambir at no. 4, then Dhoni needs to play at 5 and big guns like Yuvi,Raina,Yusuf who can change the course of match in couple of overs donot actually get enough time to review the situation. So it is sure that only 3 out of Yuvi,Raina,Yusuf and kholi would be in the plaing 11. And going for Yuvi, Raina, Yusuf would make better sense because of the fact that they can bowl as well. Or if Kholi has to be taking into the playing 11, One of the top 3 players i.e Sachin ,Sewhag or gambhir must be left out which is not going to happen. So it would surly be a interesting gamble made by MSD.

Yes this is the best team that selectors COULD or rather SHOULD have picked. But, Iwould have gone with an extra keeper or even Rohit Sharma or a player like Raviendra Jadeja instead of R.Ashwin because he is neither experienced nor is he worthy. An other change that i probably think could work is taking Ohja as the second spinner in place of Piyush Chavla because Chavla is not that exposed to the A class cricket these days as much as Ohja is.

Well, team is already picked and by far quoted as the best team that could make up out of 30 probables. Lets lean back and cheer team INDIA which is making a mark on the cricketing world with its world class cricketing strengths for couple of years now. Lets hope Sachin's dream of bringing cup back home has life pumped into.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


From past 4 years , according to a  survey across India there were  thousands of young teenagers who were deeply impressed with INDIAN PREMIERE LEAGUE. For all this three years it has always been in news. If it was for keeping aside players who joined the rebel league at the first edition, Security concerns in the second edition, Big sum of money that is involved, Lalith modi scam in the third edition , Match fixing thing or what ever . Recent auctions have again created a mass hype to the fourth edition of the IPL.
So being a teenager here, it even had a good impact on me and also on my writings as well. Well after seeing all this on television and reading so much about the auction on news paper daily, this motivated to pick a team for myself as well. Keeping the retention scheme and money available, this would be my team.



TEAM CO OWNER :BHARATH (one of my good friend)

TEAM SPOKES PERSON : KARTHIK MNS (friend of mine who would manage media well)

MANAGER : BEN JONATHEN (my friend, capable of managing anything on this planet)

TEAM BATTING COACH : SACHIN TENDULKAR ( who else would know how make the best use of this instrument other that this guy )

TEAM BOWLING COACH : McGRATH (only bowler who can pitch the ball even on a coin placed at any place on the pitch for atleast 5 balls of an over)

TEAM FEILDING COACH : JONTY RHODES( donot thing i need to give a reason for choosing him)


Now getting into the core team...

 JACQUES KALLIS (bowl/bat)
YUVARAJ SINGH (bat/bowl)
MANISH PANDEY (bat/bowl)
ALBI MORKEL(bat/bowl)
VETTORI (bowl/bat)

Well this be my best side which has the perfect balance to beat any team.I think i fall short of one more quality spinner. But on a give day yuvi would do. And also i should be having a reserve keeper. Gilli would be more that enough . I would surly bet my money here!!

sakethursforever :)