Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"PRISTINE NATURE" A Trek to Dudhsagar

Not every day life takes you there, where you also forget your signature. And then comes a situation where you stammer even before recollecting your name. This time it wasn't a song on my music player or Sachin's innings that took me on. It is rather the most basal beauty in the world . 

"The Nature" I call . Railway line trek to Dudhsagar it was.

I always blooper in expecting something from the most pristine thing Nature. It was no different this time around. There was a exponential difference between my expectations and the reality that was offered. We started our stroll from Castle Rock Railway station after our organizer briefing  instructions. Also a very good omen starting off our trek was the slightest drizzle, a welcome one in  fact. 

Walking out along the railway line, there I lost all virtues of mine. My senses were not willing to process anything else except the WOWs that came out without any effort. The first sight was that of an old Loco Shed which was vandalized and yet it looked marvelous with the green coating of fungi all over it . Walking further into the misty path was as if nature too was glad we were there. Plenty of greenery, miraculous silence, Sound of water gushing somewhere near by, lush green valleys with smog; everything added to the  beautiful aura . Small channels of water running down the pinnacle into the deep valley, something simply worth a watch. Sit by the flow with your legs comfortably placed in the water, a feel of approbation it is. If scenic beauty was one thing, Railway line is another. Indian Railway has added lot many colors to the awe-inspiring views. Track disappearing into misty curves, trains making their rhythmic sound every now and then, the fog chocking the visibility of  bright LED signals, tracks changing lanes with a typical sound of servo motors and most majestic scenes of trains running into and out of the tunnels . 
 It had already become routine to my camera which was doing an over time already as the frequency of it making a 'ClicK' sound went up (Believe me even if there was Angelina Jolie there, my lens would have put her out of focus). Our jaws started paining, obviously cause of the jaw drop at every curve we swung through. The quest for the ultimate view, 'The Falls' went up every tunnel we crossed. Every time on a bridge we only hoped there was no train running in. And finally came out bread, biscuits and bars out of our packs . 

The nature walk was on for a mighty 14 kilometers which took us a little more than  5 hours to cover . It is of least possibility that one would feel exhausted with the amount of visual treat we were gifted with . Even if all your calories are already burnt out, it doesn't take much time rejuvenating your energy levels . The first gimps of the water brought back child inside me who was hidden behind virtual walls of maturity, age,  college, seminars, a ponderous task of  building up a career and many other things.  Such was the brilliance of the water fall. 

It was the last step of out trek. But it was the Cynosure of the trek . 

I was against wasting anytime in relaxing after reaching the terminus. Made sure my mobile & camera were safe, and made my way down to the view point. Shivering was I, sitting on a bench right in front of the great fall with two of my very good buddies. With a torch in hand that evening I (WE) spent there was just indescribable.  Water was gushing down the hill, making its way over obstacles and bubbling active. Water was  Splashing, Spilling and was over everything . We could barely open our eyes cause of the amount of water that was dribbling straight at us. Went back to the tents, had what ever was available and slept like a log.

My mind was dead said against vacating the place in the morning . But it is often said golden moments are always short and sweet. I told my self Saketh was waiting back at work and had to accompany him . This time the walk back was more of a lousy drag. 

This will be one of those amazing moments I would cherish for very very long time. I owe a debt of thanks to many without whom this post would have looked pale.

Like every outing, lessons learnt this time too. How to handle yourself and how 'not' to . 

PS : Also lunch and shopping at Londa needs a special mention. Lunch on railway platform was something which was never before never after . 

Sakethursforever : )