Thursday, January 19, 2012

Indian failure.

There are not many products that have been failing for 15 long years in today's global market. One exception will surly be BCCI's product 'TEAM INDIA' . Over and again this product has been failing in one particular tour i.e of Australia. It is exactly what I'm going to concentrate with this post of mine.

With India loosing the series to Aussis 3-0, with a match yet to be played & also has least possibility of pulling the next one off, there is another game on (off the field though), called the blame game. Now then this particular game has its presence always when ever there is a failure . Each and every person has his own structure of theory which blames someone or the other, depending upon the persons knowledge, thinking ability and most importantly how active is he with respect to media . The latter of those three, according to me is most significant because half of the people who draw conclusions are directly influenced by media . And they blindly reproduce what is being said in media.

Getting into theories of failure, there are 4 main ones.  Seniors not performing up to the mark. Second one though is bit hypothetical, which say lack of a aggressive captain . Blaming IPL for all the bad reasons have become a habit now. Sachin concentrating on that ton of his and not on winning a match . Not playing Rohit sharma instead of Kholi or Sewhag and some more add to the list though. But hang on, just as a prominent cricket analyst, commentator say the tumor is not just here. India has not won a single Test series in Australia . Which says it is not just changing one player here and there or changing the opening composition that would serve. The problem is deeper. One can't keep loosing for a decade and give a momentary excuse.

Remember there isn't a single player in India who should have been on this tour and who isn't . This is by far  the best set of players who could have been on this tour. So it is not just the selectors who need to put their thinking mode on. And when one blames IPL, we need to remember our top 5 batsmen became test players way before IPL started . Dhoni was applauded for being the best aggressive skipper that cricketing world could have ever seen . And there is no point in blaming Sachin because he is still getting those 70's and 80's .

And what really wonders me in personal with this particular tour is that, our defensive weapons badly failing. A war can never be won when you have you defensive weapons weak. You can still win it, if you can't attack though.  But being strong at defending is something that puts you in a better position because it often makes the opposition think of different strategies. So, Dravid and Laxman can't be left out either before you find a perfect replacement. You can't say you can bring in Rohit Sharma either, because his is not a Tendulkar-Bradman put together. Yes he is a good player, but you see, when your front line players fail you can't expect a youngster to come in and fire.

There is one more thing that most of us are negatively proud of saying. 'Inda cannot play over seas ' . Same is the case with the other teams right. England and Aussis could keep their winning streak going whn they toured India in recent past. Hence it is evident that one can play only in their back yard. Which brings all under the same roof. England, the no.1 team itself failed terribly and ended game in just 3 days with Pakistan when not played in England. Not producing  sporty tracks can only be the possible reason which questions if the game is played in right spirits.

Finding a solution to the problem with India touring Aussis is not something that one can sit back and arrive at on a blog. BCCI should think "Why is my product failing time and again " . For now it is sure that, irrespective of the 11 Aussis is playing, India cannot play cricket in Aussis. After all, after seeing  5 series's disaster you can arrive here. It is the administrators, selectors, skipper, seniors & staff who need to think about the failure time and again. And it is not media, common cricket analysts who fail to understand difference between a red ball and the white one, who should be thinking so much.

Being a true cricket fan, I support men in blue and cheer them .

sakethursforever : )