Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And I sign OFF

Out I see the sun go down, Out I see the stars come out. Through the bars of the room I'm in, I see the world, which is running around trying to find the path to an unknown foreign terminal. 

I can see someone, with the most happiest moment as I write this through his triumph; I also see someone, just experiencing a nightmare and wondering if he can be the same person in consequent clicks of the clock. I can spot someone at a busy corporate estate, before in time waiting for his turn to make a career. I also spot someone who's missed his flight by a moment or two. I feel the joy and cry too, only because I am fellow human breathing the same oxygen . 

Right now somewhere;
There are people on streets with guns and blood, making this a scary place to live. Firing at flights aiming for catastrophe, triggering bombs and derailing the life. There is a crowd waiting for their team, to win the cup and laurels too. Others playing their heart out, to see a grin on people they like. Someone's trying to keep his power. Someone's dying to get to power. Someone else is trying to over power; across the minds, states, territories, countries and destiny. There is a rover miles away form us, trying to figure out our existence there. There are men at work, trying to make this a better place to live. 

Right now somewhere;
There is a silent prayer and a shower of wishes in a corner, there is a loud cheer and a shower of pats on another. The wait for something have just ended, and quest for something else just started . There is a happy tear to share with a mate and an isolated one at an abandoned soul. 

I send my wishes far to the west of my place, where my friend's rubbing her eyes and finding the day. I also send my wishes far east where she's on the bed, all set to dream. 

Somewhere right now,
The world is going around. I sit on my desk and telling myself a short story .

And I sign off.

Sakethursforever : )

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A mail to someone somewhere.

I was there, staring you go long away,
deep down the dust and the turf of time.
I wish I knew right at the time of dawn,
your intentions were of staying for a brief
Wish not I, sat there and wait,
letting the gloomy grey swallow me. 
It was all grace moments ago,
where is the blot which changed the plot.
You were the light of my day and time,
now I know what shadow is like .
I wait for you to show my way,
back to the place where you were my mate. 
What did you do with the promise of words,
here is the chariot of aegis I brought.
Sometimes wisdom is virtue of pain,
it tells me you are gone far away .
Wish I was an innocent naive,
with no cognizance of your changing veer.
Can I be a kid who waits, for the clouds to free;
knowing they are impassable port to you. 
You were like a balmy bliss,
you made me feel soft and snug.
Where will I earn a beautiful day,
where would you earn a friend like me....

I sign such mails now and then, 
To tell you ,
I feel so good when I think you read,
I feel so good to think of you,
Even if you not happen to read,
I feel so good, you lent me your time, while writing this mail.
"Even when you are no where around."

Sakethursforever : )