Thursday, July 19, 2012

PM to AM

My mind comfortably caught between aroma and the pages I turn with endless desire to stay there inside that coffee house. With heavy clouds hovering, I made my way in there roughly an hour ago on a late evening . With not many living souls bothering my presence , I was in abundance of comfort slowly sipping away the cup's content and turning sheldon's classic pages . Was too difficult to get knocked off the trans that I was in . One thing that got my eye in through my play there, was when the peddler switched on the lights.

Doing a page per minute was I, leaving behind rest of the world . Not to my immediate senses that I knew what was I doing in there . Only other thing that I noticed when I turned from one page to another was the fine music that was playing, which was the only harmony until I heard someone calling me . Your name is one thing that always puts you alive no matter how absent your mind is . So, my instincts brought me back to life as soon as those audio waves reached my ear drum . Failed to notice anyone calling me around, had a glance at the clock . Took the final sip of the leftover stuff  and began to vacate the place. Just then, I heard my name for the second time with something said before it, which was vague it didn't catch my attention . It is quite obvious that your name catches your attention very quickly, specially when it is unique .

 Fortunately, noticed someone at the adjacent cabin speaking on his mobile. He again began to say ' Hey Diya, this is Saketh here '. I strongly feel mine is a unique name and I have this habit of meeting people with same identity that I posses . So before I made my move towards the cabin, I decided to let him complete his call, then I would say a ' HI ' and leave the place . I was there, next 5 minutes waiting for him to complete the call . I exactly dint know the tone of his chat, but there was an anxiety with tinge of nervousness in his tone through out. Met him a couple of minutes later and introduced myself to be a person carrying the same signature . He was warm enough to respond well . He looked lot more relaxed, contrast to what he was a few moments earlier . Being a curious person that I am , I asked him the reason for him being impatient .

 He gave me a moral smile and told me, 'Aunty saw diya's call log and asked whom she was speaking to at 3 at night, so I was worried '. Now every thing's fine he ensured. I was very much tempted to ask him something, he began to look deep into his mobile and started to say something . I missed the starters of what he said once again, but heard the important bit of it. He said  'She's damn smart' . Without giving me a chance to speak, he further said,  'Do you know what she has done.... She has changed her clock settings from PM to AM just then ' . I was was unaware what the logic was, but only for a second though. We exchanged good byes and left the place.

On the way back, I was astonished with the game played by this girl. To act with such spontaneous thoughts is impeccable . She changed the setting from PM to AM just then . Just when her mother asked her about the call log that afternoon, she changed the settings . It was afternoon and the clock on her mobile then read AM . She could have easily convinced any brutal court of law in this world that her clock was set wrong and the log actually meant 3 PM last evening.

Well that was one heck of a line . 'She's damn smart....'

I wish I was like that, so spontaneous, pro active and ultra smart. Wish I was a part of a game something of this sort....
Or may be I'm already a part of one....

Sakethursforever :)