Saturday, July 17, 2010


The excitement that i find in myself, when you are around.
The smile that dominated more then half of my appearance when I sight you.
Moments that made me feel that every other person on this earth is incomplete.
The countless number of colors that were all around me when you were here.
A feel,which makes me glow as you come down to me.
The pleasant atmosphere that you brought along .

No worries come to my mind when you were dominating my sight completely.
The warmth,that surrounds me when you were here.
The pace,which the time ticks when i see myself with you.

The miraculous amount of joy , happiness, awesomeness that i was accompanied with when you were here was just a bit more than what it is like jumping off an airplane.

All this just kept fading away just like an old painting which was buried deep inside the earth.

Smile that you taught me , left me as I was travelling the deserted path where there is not a sign of excitement, and the world around me turned pale just like a colorless rainbow, whose colors were way way... APART.

I want to get driven again with the lovely breeze that you bring along.
I want to feel the divine air of love that you carry along.
I want the confidence back in me which said you were here to stay .
I want to listen to the lovely music that i sen when you are around.

I want you to support me again.
I want you to drench me with shine again.
I want you to come down again.
I want you to shower again.

 something that strikes me when the most lovely  RAIN that introduce me to a colorful mirror which in turn reflected me at a great heights , started to fade away and leave me.....

I Know,
It is the nature's mail,
for the seasons to sail.
Pushing loads of weight on my gain
when you impede to rain ,
everything around goes vain.

I really wonder why you had to change, flushing all my dreams darker and pushing loads of weight on my gain.

May be because you feel your role this is year is done . But,

 I wonder,
Wonder if you have not known,
the amount of passion that is born,
just when i feel you all around,
and fly way above the ground.

Oh! rain , let me tell you one thing , if change is what that is you want ,
 then please take me along . 
Take me along so that I can drench through out!!

Only thing that you can never take away  are those lovely, sweet, cute, amazing memories . You may have gone far away, but these memories you have given me this season never fade out.

Only thing that i realized end of it all is that 

Oh beautiful rain , i cant even curse you at the end because of all that you gave me. I can only tell my self that you were always right...

always right ,
when you gave me light,
when you made me bright,
when I was with the glow
and when i finally had a blow.

please remember not to forget this lover who admire you forever!!!
hope i get to realize this wish of mine....." I WANT A SHOWER AGAIN "

sakethursforever (only urs) :)

Monday, July 5, 2010



If you carefully converge and sharpen your study on the title that i have given to this particular blog post, you will notice three very critical words which are very immensely significant in a DEVELOPING DEMOCRATIC NATION like INDIA. And if you intensely study the sequence of those three words that i have drafted , i place the COMMON MAN at the median of ruling party and the opposition . 

Ruling party tries all ways to retain their seat with seat belts locked in and never want to cross the track and  become an opposition. Conversely the people on the other end of the bridge want to cross and grab the seats that are occupied by the rulers on the other end. But anyone who want to cross the bridge has to pass through a very important class "COMMON MAN" . And both , the rulers and the people who want to become a ruler knows this fact which no politician would dream to forget.  

It is this section of people who actually can decide the fate , and these are the ones who would actually print both entry and exit pass to the party on the either side of the bridge.Both rulers and the ones in the opposition knows that common man is the person who should be targeted . Both these groups try and attract this section . The motto of either groups may be same , that is to attract and impress the common man . But strategies that they apply is completely different.   

Well this post on my blog is an reaction towards the idea of our opposition parties to bring the country to a stand still for one day as a protest to the price rise. As an ordinary citizen of this country , and a person who is well capable of knowing what is what , i just don't understand what these politicians feel people are.

The very idea of calling off a day itself , has many reactions from all the corners of the country involving different sections of people and hell a lot of emotions that these people as a party of this gigantic nation carry or go through. 

Government employees need to work because the off is not official , a school going child feels hes got an extra day to stay away from school and finally a senior citizen feels bad and starts complaining that the country is going worse day by day. 

But , does anyone at least think of the common man??

Well I'm speaking about people who earn their daily wages. They are most affected with a day off. Well every member of the opposition parties actively took part in the off call today and irony is that every one wanted common man's welfare. This is stupidity at its heights. I wonder not even one member who took an active part in the protest realized the importance of the common people and his needs.

The government can't actually handle the prise rise. It is really awful. But opposition is more worse. They don't even allow an opportunity to earn. This is crazy man . Everyone wants to develop and provide the common man with all necessities . But , is this the way...

Why is that no one at least think of this issue . Every time there is a day off ,  people who work on daily wages loose their earning and food for the day. There could be millions of people working at a construction site , riding an auto rickshaw , selling news papers , owners of small tea stall , small children who attend school only because they get food , a cobbler who set up his equipment on a road side and the list goes on and on. If there was no off today , there could be millions who could fill there stomach and have a healthy sleep . I really cant understand who the hell would look after these people . Who would actually step up and take the responsibility of these people not able to fill their hunger for the day?

 I bet non of the activists who have been fed with money and other bribes would actually admit the fact that they were responsible and that they are answerable to people who couldn't actually fill their basic need of filling their stomach.

These so called leaders never want to at least know what a common man needs. He just says he is doing everything for the common man. 

Actually there is a well known political and social organisation called siva sena.This party says "govt must pay for damages to buses and public property"  who will pay for broken auto rickshaw? Confederation of Indian Industries say there is a loss of 300 cr just because of this day. Who will cover this loss??

This is a request to the leaders , both who are on the seat and those who want to get on to the seat. As a common man i only ask you to take into consideration what a common man actually ask you and what a common man need.

I wish to see INDIAN politics where common man is actually involved in decision making and a nation where there is no opposition. Where opposition and ruling party go hand in hand.


sakethursforever :)