Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not more than 100 sms can be sent in a day:ORDER


Well TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) will be the one thing that is being badly abused by the young community of India who speak less and text more. Well these are some things that came to my mind as soon as i heard this news of limiting the text messages that can be sent per day.

* People can easily identify who actually wants to be in touch with you and who don't. So beware my friends, PEOPLE you TEXT to can actually count the number of messages that you send which reflect your intent. Well do text more to your GIRL/BOY from now. You can actually show your affection this way. And my suggestion to you is to prepare a pie chart so stick it to your cup board so that you can have a clear idea about the messages you SHOULD be sending. So if someone sends you more then 10 sms per day then do watch out for them.

* What happens to the forwards. I'm really worried about this particular thing. There will no more be BALA KRISHNA, RAJINIKANTH jokes on your inbox. This is pretty sad :( . The creative ideas of our youth of framing jokes on everything has been shattered.

*You can no long send sms during class to chit chat with your friend whos sitting beside you. Nor can you send the status of class to your friend who's out side waiting for the class to get over. And ya answers during exams are also ditched :( .

* People who text more should follow a strategy from now. I have a perfect idea for some of my friends who romance on mobile itself .Give 5 mobile numbers to your friends, and allot a particular time to each number. For example use a number from morning 6 to 10. As the count reaches 100, put life into second number from 10 to 12 . And use your other numbers in similar fashion.  

Well one thing is sure you can actually find out if your loved one has genuine feeling for you or not.  Be really careful guys your relationship status can shift either ways. All the very best .... :)

sakethursforever :)