Monday, August 20, 2012

Move on Every time ??

Most of the time when a majestic era ends, that which has been a part of our life for so long, we tend to recollect all our memories making a track record of that particular thing . We make a chronological tape of that era, play it a few hundred times for our self  may be for a week and comfortably lay back then, move on. We, calling so I generalize all of us, have made it a routine that we move on . But not everything is a lovely mountain that you relax and see through the window on your journey, which excites you until you find an other one or until the journey end. It is completely easy to move on in such cases because you will have to end your journey at some point. But, there are few, which cannot or rather should not be taken on a lighter note. They need a replacement and one that equally excites you.

Indian cricket team has seen two of its tailor made test players retire recently . Dravid-Laxman were those, who could romance test cricket in a way, which no one else were meant to adopt. The very thought of not seeing Dravid walking in at No.3 when there's a quick wicket upfront and making the bowling attack look silly, made every cell of my little brain feel bad. So is the case with Laxman . Well, I do agree that there is a saturation point for a sporting career, if it is Ganguly yesterday, Dravid-Laxman today it will also be the cricketing God tomorrow. But is it that we should just look at their track record, make an excel sheet of their stats, make a record of their outstanding innings, discuss their career in detail, make a video, put up status, bold headlines and do nothing there after. Well, I guess 'after' is a wrong word to use in this context, it is 'way before' that we need to fix things. I am very imperative in saying this is not the way a system should function. We, just cannot end an outstanding era without having a proper substitute. Or in this case I even doubt if I can believe we have one. Moving on just because we know it is all over is not the ultimate thing, at least in this case.

Dravid at No.3 and Laxman at No.5 are two defensive weapons that Indian armory have or may be had is a right word, now that both of them hung their boot. It is not attacking mode of play that wins wou a battle ( in real sense too ), it is how good you are at defending, that decides the result and also creates a scope to attack . So now that we have our core department retired, don't we have a need to search for a replacement, that I do not believe we have. Probably concerned people should have first looked for replacement and then approve the resignation. This era of Laxman and Dravid is not a passing scenery, which can be left behind . They thought us how to romance the leather ball with the willow for hours together and sessions to follow. Passing on the legacy of these cricketers to those who follow should be of prime importance.

This is one place where moving on doesn't make any sense. We mustn't move on, rather learn and reproduce what these legends have done at least to half their way .

Moving on, with things make them less important to us. And these legends are not worth moving on after all.

Sakethursforever :)