Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unsung HERO's

At an amusement park holding my father's index finger, looking at gigantic ship-hull shaped toy suspended by a huge frame, I was amused to the core. The little 10 year old brain on my head was processing all sorts of feelings, it was pumping excitement to heart, processing the happy-fear alloyed cries my ears received, asked my left leg to take a step forward just when my right leg refused, foresaw what my stay on the ship would be on a full run. My father asked me if I was worried. I do not recollect what my reply was.  But I still hear what my superhero told me back then; " Do not worry about something happening to you on that ride, You are not the first person to do it and you will not be the last person either. There are many out there who did this before. Be a grown up kid, instill faith to your sister."  Time and again ever after, I kept telling my self that one line when ever the days were cold. 

We lookout for hero's to get inspired from. Sometimes from athletes, philanthropists, great personalities, movie stars, movies, books, authors, songs, iconic celebrities, politician, inspiration at professional level . We try to pick a lyric from one of our favorite song, then try and mold our self to fit into that lyric. We tend to imitate something good from a movie or novel . We tend to preach what our preferred celebrity/politician says. Irrespective of all that, there are few people who play a vibrant role in shaping our personality. Those hero's of your story who make you what you are today. Those you look up to in your time travel on this earth,  My father is one such super hero. And there are few more, few more who made a my script a multi-starred .

A friend since I knew myself, since the time I do not know, since I started sensing things around. He is the one person who introduced me to valuing people, valuing morals and valuing things around. A pillow I can always cushion back when ever I'm stressed. More than a Hero. A shadow if I can call him.

An other friend, who always thinks big, thinks positive, inspires in attempting such good things by initiating them. Every time I meet him, I get to know about a new thing; Technologically, Politically, Philosophically. Solving  a 5 point SU-DO-KU to me was exactly like what Oscar is to  DiCaprio. Then came someone who inspired me in attempting to believe I could solve one. Another friend who let me know the divinity in experiencing the feeling of driving. I was awestruck and it took me few days to come to terms with the fact that I could drive a four wheeler. And all it took to my driving guru is a couple of hours off out of his busy schedule to get me going. Yet another thing he taught me was to value money. There is one more mate whom I met whos got this amazing ability to be nice 24x7. Always cool, always speaking only good about others . 

It was not till I met a crazy girl did I realize there iisza crazy chap inside me as well. I could never believe a girl could do all those things until I personally experienced it with her. She let me know to be clam composed and crazy. She driving my bike with couple of us sitting behind, on the empty midnight streets of Hyderabad is just a trailer. She could dare to fly, strive to win and die to do what she loved.

Books; one thing I started because of my huge feelings for a girl and wanted a topic to keeping myself engaged in conversation with her. One of the best means I had was to borrow a book from her and read it hoping to catch up a discussion later sometime. Since then books turned out to be my second love. I started writing small stuff and update my blog to see if I could impress. Started to publish small columns on daily. Started to click my hobby of  posting few scenic photographs to see her attention. Another thing that stint taught me was enjoying music lyrically not just musically. 

There are those situations you encounter when you wish someone else was in your position to tackle the difficult situation you are in. And you know how they would behave. More often this marks the end of your difficult situation.  You kind of think what it would mean to people you respect if you either do or do not do something. It always tell you if you are right or not.

Somethings are pretty small in magnitude, but those are also the ones which gives you extreme pleasure. Sometimes we do few things because we get inspired, somethings we do to impress, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because it is inevitable. Irrespective of why you do it, any Good that happens to you because of someone else is a blessing. Friends who gave invaluable suggestions, immeasurable courage, deep guidance and a extraordinary script called life, Family who gave direction and every little thing that helped me attaining any small amount of good inside me.My teachers who made me believe in attaining something.

MY HEROS. Gathered many hero's till date and waiting to meet many more....

Sakethursforever : )

Friday, June 26, 2015

Another Day In Paradise

I took the jacket out of the wardrobe feeling elated with memories striking back to the day I was gifted that jacket  as a birthday present with my favorite things stuffed into the pockets. The jacket was full of chocolates, a couple of hot wheel cars, Charlie cologne, a keychain and lovely card.  "Even if you don't like the jacket, I'm sure you'll like everything it is loaded with" she said, after a pause " specially my love". Date on my biological calendar took me a back to last December, charming birthday ever.  An unknown and unnoticed smile kept creeping to the fullest.

Threw a glance on the mobile. 3.10 AM and more than 10 minutes, No reply Yet. I read to myself the last message I sent " Someone said If a guy waits all night to ping you at middle of night, You are Lucky" . "Another shot on self ah...." came a message a couple of ticks later, "3.50..55  gate to the dosa cafe don't be late...and plz do not forget to get the pen-drive" the message read further. And that was "Affirmative over" as far as I'm concerned. It is more than an idealistic pact to work all week and meetup early Saturday mornings after her shift gets over.  Saturday mornings are the ones I wait all week. Before I started my bike I rang her to find out which pen drive she wanted, the red one or the black one. Out on the roads, city's still in yawns and dreams. Things I was racing past were not just vehicles, I was racing past every thoughts of self.

Zoom past the St. John's church, roundabout the villa lake, through the one way at software bazar , over the flyover beside central stadium, continuing along left of milk dairy, competing with the shadow of self every time I near an over head street light, I made myself comfortable blocks away from my destination. "Naa hai ye....paana....naa khona hai ye...." a pleasant caller tune which made me think of everything beautiful whenever I called her. I can hardly choose what makes me more elated, the song or the person who's gone receive my call.

Call was disconnected and then came a SMS shooting back in speed of knots, "Manager's around.....". Without letting a minute pass I shot back "3.50 or 3.55...??". "Who else is waiting for your date, Obama...!! 3.50...55...60...wait...!!" . For moment though, I thought if I would be as excited as I was if I have an appointment with Obama. Time on mobile was 3.47 AM and I made another call. The call was disconnected again and there was another message; " Wanted to check if it is gate 2 or gate 3 ah....anyway 3 babu" . Beauty with brains I said to myself as I started to move towards the dose cafe. 4.04 on my mobile, few people driving left of me, the quite morning stated to make a grunt start.  I made another attempt at listening to that lovely caller tune. She came running from behind, almost pushed me off my bike, showed me the new display picture of mine on her mobile and gave me my favorite chocolate. After a routine share of fanciful conservation, she said "Why do you have to call me and confirm when I already told you the time and place on the first message...and also about the pen drive" . I said nothing, I asked the same question to self and gave myself an innocent smile. We took a long walk along the avenue. The black starry sky gave way to orange tinge towards the corners, tranquil breeze over us, birds tweaking may be waking up their friends, the environment becoming more and more bright; and I found myself on that lonely bench, my hand quietly making its place in hers . I was listening to everything she was telling me. 

"Are you worried about the bad breath" she asked, setting her hair over her ears and widening her eyes. Even before I said anything she withdrew her hand out of mine, folded them together and with lopsided lips and a typical girly expression, " Why are you not speaking a word... Am I boring you or are you sleepy...." . I delicately took her hand back, gave a charming smile and said "Good Morning" Indeed it was a fantastic morning. All your senses are comforted with an alluring human sitting next to you and how can it not be a fantastic morning.  Walking back hand in hand, " Saketh did you get the pen-drive I told....". I took a halt, then let her take a few strides forward and put a "excuse me" kind of expression to tell I forgot. "Ah... you called me to confirm if I wanted the red or the black one....finally you forgot...." she began to walk a bit faster. I took a couple of quick stroll further towards her " Diya, I promise I'll not forget it when I come to pick you up....9'oClock.... Temple...the program is On right ", I stressed on the temple part. " You know what the first bright  thing that I heard from you today is my name..." with the most charming smile she said " I'm glad you did not forget ". 

I dropped her back home at 7 in the morning. It was an hour later, I picked up my mobile to ring her back. That lovely picture of her, on my bike with a broad adoring smile which makes my phone the best one in this world. She picked up the call " Saketh....the Program is on....!! you don't need to check and recheck with me....pick me up at 9....see you " she waited for me to say something and I said "Okei" . "And please don't forget the RED 8 GB Pen-Drive....Sandisk wala". I liked the way she stressed on the signature of the pen drive. I rechecked my pocket and it was still in the left pocket of the jacket, the very place I left it in the morning. Reached her place on time, gave her a missed call just to let her know I was there. She came minutes later looking vibrant. After getting done with registering our presence with Lord, we had a great conversation that included latest I-Phone release to next Saturday's plans. On our way back, I choose the Airport route, the longer one instead of  the Clock Tower  which we normally use. "Are we off on a holiday...?? "  she quipped, and adding further  "there's lot of time for that Saketh....". I just shook my head and said "Anytime...!!"  . Dropped her back home and before I said  see you, " Don't tell me you forgot the pen drive again.... " . I silently put my hand inside my pocket, took out my mobile and sent her a text which read, " I'm Sorry Dear..." . She checked her mobile and said nothing.

"How about a coffee, Cups....I'll go home...get the pen drive mean while....". "Certainly yes for the coffee part, but you don't have to go back all the way now..." I tried convincing her, and met her at the Cups . We were on the central table, coffees made their way on our table. She started to move her hand towards the cup and found the pen drive just next to the cup. "So finally I get it .... do you expect a thanks now...." she asked. "As far as you are concerned, I always look for opportunities Diya....".  She stopped sipping away her coffee and said "what sort of...??" .

"I carried the pen drive right inside my left pocket all day" . She put down her cup, "Then why didn't you give it to me in the morning...." . "Because it gave me a chance to meet you again, a chance to sit down in the lovely cafe and have coffee with you". She did deny, but I could see her blush with a feeling of being loved. "You know why I call you just to confirm the obvious, because it gives me another chance of speaking to you." After a brief Silence I added, "Why do you think I take the longer route while dropping you lets my bike look gorgeous for a bit more time with you on the back seat. It gives me a chance of spending more time with you." As far as I can remember, this was the longest I spoke all day. We did not speak anything until she paid the bill and we started to move out. On our way out she told me the most magical words ever "Saketh, you don't need a chance, opportunity or an  excuse to call me or speak to me." She took my hand and said " I'll always be there...." .

I was ecstatic, blissful and punched my pillow. Next thing I realized was a pain in my right wrist which had a bang against the window beside my bed. Creeping out the bed, dragging myself to the mirror, I saw a person on the other side of the mirror. His hair undone, clothes stretched, eyes bulged, face sleepy, and a  husky voice which said, " Which Saturday did you get up so early boy.....dream of such dreams only when you can dream of getting up 3 in the morning...... for now it's a good morning from my side...."

Sakethursforever : )

Friday, June 5, 2015

Dil Chahta Hai

Friends, Unplanned Road Trip, Experiences, Adventures, Food, Drive, Letting heart beat a different rhythm and finally back to busy life with a soul different from the one that existed thus far. A perfect script of a blockbuster Bollywood tale. And this is my blockbuster Tale.

A rainy evening, a troop driving home after a medical diagnosis, group of confused minds, mercury well past the 100 mark on the thermometer and questions pooping out trying to figure out permutations & combinations. In hand were Examination Admit Card, Reserved Railway Ticket for the following morning and most importantly a Blood report which said the count of CRP which read 98.6 mg / L. The report meant the biological reference range of C-Reactive Protein was 20 times more than what is ideally suggested; 0-5 mg / L. This also meant he had to be put on a drip, have an IV-Cannula on either of his two wrists and given a couple of injections every 4 hrs. And it finally all this implies that he was unfit to take a 12 hour train journey and make it to the exam a couple of days later. Then said someone; lets go by 'CAR', Start early tomorrow, carry all the necessary medical stuff, get the pharmaceutical therapy uninterrupted, let him complete the exam and let us take his responsibility. That statement was just a quip until his parents gave a surprising nod and the journey began as early as 6 the following morning. The first song that was played made all the sense as Shankar Mahadevan sang "Hum na Rahe khabi Yaaroke Bin................

If all the introduction made you think of a Merc, BMW, or at least a 6 seater Indian Made SUV, I can only sponsor you an ounce of goodwill. It was a Maroon Color Alto. And the best part of the tale is, the car ran on CNG which meant whole of the place that was allocated to luggage in normal petrol cars was only occupied by a hefty CNG tank. So we headed towards the outer ring road in an Alto with  all the luggage on our lap, laptop and camera finding the safest place in that cramped car. But that was the theme of our voyage. It was no luxury trip with one of us really ill, but we had all the virtual space on this earth throughout the journey. I personally learnt what space is . It is not always measurable. Space is something more than luxury. It is emotional playing ground that you and others share rather than a limited boundary. And we five shared an endless emotional space.

 Everything was like a jig-saw puzzle with five different people, different mind set and with different ways of thinking. But everything was driven by a divine force and I felt as if everything fell into place. When you have 5 people on an unplanned trip which is not so luxurious, the possibility of everything happening correct is a rare probability. It is like having that unique combination of stars aligned in a particular order once in hundred years.  

It is a story written with five characters, where each one had a  definite role to play . Bharath was our pilot and really adamant when it came to decisions he made. There were 3 people who could drive, but believe me, me and goutham were mere spectators through out. After every 100 kms we would look at bharath and he would quietly ignore us.  And then came the famous decision of taking a detour for 100 kms just to find CNG station. At an unknown town, we were circumambulating all around to find the CNG station that too dead night. All 4 of us asked, warned, threatened, begged him to stop searching for CNG . But he was never playing yes to drive on Petrol. Then there was Karthik. Long ago sometime he did travel that route by road. And every time we passed through a place, or read a name board, he would jump into conversation and say, yes this is the correct way.  He was obsessed to say the least about the places we traveled through.  Kranti was Virat Kholi of our group. I called him kholi for two reasons. One because he doesn't like cricket and Two because he can never start or complete a sentence with out having a Censored word or two. Goutham was a mere spectator through out the trip. He is one of the best drivers on board and never got to ride throughout the trip. He was like a kid who though his dad would buy him a chocolate in the next stop. But Bharath was his dad and he never got to sit behind the wheel. 
Every moment  let us experience something new. Glitter in our eyes at the beach, enjoyment we had at bay of bengal was fantastic. Food at one of the famous hotel was yet another surprise . Believe me even Google maps played its part in giving us a share experiences. When we checked for navigation, google guided into small towns rather than taking us to the express highway. Thanks to maps we experienced what is it like to be on an old barrage in the dark with water gushing beneath us. And  how can I not quote that unexpected guest on the highway who asked us a lift. 

 Someone said you experience the best when it is unplanned and when everything you experience is a surprise. I would brag that someone with the wealthiest regards because he is spot on with his statement.  More than anything what the trip has done is it brought 5 souls wandering together. It gave us bags of memories and I try to save few on this blog. We now have tales about each five of us which would really spice up the environment when we get to meet the better halfs of each one of us. I would thank every virtue out there which made this trip what it has been. Every time we think of a road trip, every time we think of Vizag, everytime we meetup the memories come crashing back. Thankyou Bharath, Kranthi, Karthik, Goutham for giving an experience which we would cherish for a long time.

This is one of those blogs which I can never put a full stop to, so leave it without one 

 Sakethursforever : )

Sunday, May 10, 2015

'IPL' Through My Pair of Eyes

It is more than an evident fact that Cricket or anything associated with it in India has humongous response. As Harsha Bhogle mentioned in one of his video blogs, Cricket is India's longest running   SOAP OPERA . With endless episodes and never ending story. No one dies here and come backs with a new face. But they surely come back with enduring memories. When Cricket is still a daily serial in India, IPL changed the face of Cricket in India. It is now a super hit Rock Band of this nation.  IPL is like a season comes back every year entertain and pack back.

I find the face of most of the teams similar to people around. Or may be there is always a striking parallel with how we feel when I look at different IPL franchises . Here are a few.

Mumbai Indians : Sachin is your Love . MI is like your First Love. You almost acknowledge the fact that it doesn't come back, but you still keep track of whats happening . You keep track of scores, just switch on the television, hope you get a glimpse of cricketing god and try convincing yourself that you are not bothered about MI after sachin left. Just like checking out your first loves FB profile & keeping track of their statuses or checking her last seen on whats app . You may be in love or even married to someone else, yet you tend to look at the memories MI has given. Out and Out which ever team you support, you silently always wish MI wins.

Chennai Super Kings : CSK is Someone so lucky that when they are around, nothing can go wrong. It is like finding a dry polythene cover at a shelter less highway on a rainy night when all you are worried about is your 25k smart phone getting wet. You can almost catch a live wire with bare hands and expect the power to go off just then when a talisman called luck is on your side. CSK is like that guy who possess a talisman. CSK is like a pack of maggie. All across India people get associated with it quite effectively and love the taste .

Sun Risers Hyderabad  : SRH like a food court which would never understand the meaning of the word stability. On a tired day you go there order a plate of noodles and find them extremely tasty. You come back  the next day to find same food bland. Next time when you step out to pacify your appetite, you can neither rule out the option of going to that food court, nor can you confidently walk in and order something.   

Kolkata Knight Riders :  KKR is like a student who asks about library even before knowing where his classroom is. They are like a sincere student of  a rock star father who always brings gifts irrespective of results. Or rather KKR is that student who sets his alarm clock for a very early get up even before deciding when to sleep . Very serious, always studious, speak only about ranks and points. While every other team plans to get into IPL playoffs, they always think winning Champions League not just IPL.

Delhi Daredevils : DD is that team in IPL which has never made it to finals, not got a familiar big shot owning it, do not have star players except for Sewhag, Gambhir, Yuvi, donot promote as much as other teams do and is the last team on the list when you start counting IPL teams. Normally one do not keep any information about this team's performance until the result someway affect your favorite franchise. They are like Salman & Akshy in Kuch Kuch Hotha hai and Dil Tho Pagal Hai respectively. You only care for them because you want SRK to finally win the heroin.

Royal Challengers Banglore : RCB is like that big discount sale on electronic retail stores; Flipkart, Amazon etc. They put up 50% off on electronic goods on the front page of the daily newspaper and stock is never available expect for someone really fortunate. Just like the discount sale you sit down and try to watch Gayle, ABD, Kholi fire and finally realize they put those 3 name on 1,2,3 on their line up just to scare off the opposition. Customers wait for the lucky sale and viewers wait lucky Gayle. More often they are like a pack of Diwali Rockets slightly drenched in rain. When you fire it, you may see astonishing patterns of light in the night sky or just a dud sound right on the ground.

Rajasthan Royals : RR is like a bowl of macaroni at a vintage South Indian Udipi Hotel . While every team has a desi masala kind of backing, RR has a smooth and rather different aura in Australian Dominated lineup. Right from the first season you can associate every IPL team with India, but you tend to  lean towards Australia when you think of Rajasthan Royals. They are like small PEN sized PSLV. Pen because when you look at their lineup you would hardly find a team with all the players equally reputed. You find half of the team picked up from by-lanes of Indian cities. But they just shoot up like a fully loaded PSLV. Samson, Tambe, Rahane, Trivedi,Binny and the list goes on.

Kings XI Punjab : KXP is like a car that is moving on a 8-lane highway at its own will. Never consider what and how the other cars are performing. They are in their own league. Seem like they never bother the points table. Sometimes they play like they are on notch 10 when others are still on 7 or 8. Later you find them peacefully resting on a lay-by just miles before the end mark. They are like tourists who visit a particular place in a Air Conditioned bus and return back as the holiday ends. They might bring back stunning photographs along or lost bags of pride from the holiday.

Sakethursforever : )

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Birthday 'Baby'

I'm very familiar with the person who loves the most. That person who brings out smile on my face, who never lets me down and the superstar of my day and night. I'm always in sync with self and I'm the hero of my life. I love me back. But there are those days when you find everything around you loving you back. 

You get up, find yourself fresh. Just of the bed, Boost reaches your side,exactly the way you like. Ankle troubling for a while seems ok and you just spring out the bed.Trimmer giving a perfect smooth shave with just enough charge to get me groom. Geyser already switched on, hot steaming bath on the way. WoW bliss. Out from the shower, mom waiting with sweet and all new jeans and blue shirt, again just the way I like. Click a selfie and the first click itself was a wow . Perfect morning with a cool breeze with sun peeping out with doubt, again just the way I like. Get on the bike, give it a kick and the engine's into life without giving a  second go. 

I was as though everything was loving me back. Boost, Ankle, Trimmer, Geyser, Mobile, Camera, Mom, Bike and finally the weather. 

If that was not enough, the first song that played on my head set was the 'one' which kept my senses going going and going . I scoot through the traffic with others giving me and my darling bike just enough space to race past which would never happen on my normal days. I see a traffic signal count down, 5,4,3,2....and just before the light turns red, I drive past the pole. Everything was working wonders. For the first time in last 30 odd days I find my friend already waiting for me even before I called her to come down. Exactly on time to office. Awesome at work. Excellent wishes, a cute gift, a greeting, perfect day. Come evening, early exit from office. Amazed to find no traffic at all, back home in less than an hour. 

Lot s of time with friends, family and an awesome dinner. everything seemed to love me back. After all it was my birthday. How can the beautiful world I live in not love me back. Yeah I do miss a special shake of a hand, a beautiful kiss on my cheek, a charming smile, a naughty wink and someone wishing my "Happy Birthday Baby". But then you can't have all of it right. Fingers crossed, let me have that some time later.

All in all, Happy BirthDay Baby. You are the Hero of your own league. Keep smiling and keep loving yourself.

Sakethursforever : )