Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unsung HERO's

At an amusement park holding my father's index finger, looking at gigantic ship-hull shaped toy suspended by a huge frame, I was amused to the core. The little 10 year old brain on my head was processing all sorts of feelings, it was pumping excitement to heart, processing the happy-fear alloyed cries my ears received, asked my left leg to take a step forward just when my right leg refused, foresaw what my stay on the ship would be on a full run. My father asked me if I was worried. I do not recollect what my reply was.  But I still hear what my superhero told me back then; " Do not worry about something happening to you on that ride, You are not the first person to do it and you will not be the last person either. There are many out there who did this before. Be a grown up kid, instill faith to your sister."  Time and again ever after, I kept telling my self that one line when ever the days were cold. 

We lookout for hero's to get inspired from. Sometimes from athletes, philanthropists, great personalities, movie stars, movies, books, authors, songs, iconic celebrities, politician, inspiration at professional level . We try to pick a lyric from one of our favorite song, then try and mold our self to fit into that lyric. We tend to imitate something good from a movie or novel . We tend to preach what our preferred celebrity/politician says. Irrespective of all that, there are few people who play a vibrant role in shaping our personality. Those hero's of your story who make you what you are today. Those you look up to in your time travel on this earth,  My father is one such super hero. And there are few more, few more who made a my script a multi-starred .

A friend since I knew myself, since the time I do not know, since I started sensing things around. He is the one person who introduced me to valuing people, valuing morals and valuing things around. A pillow I can always cushion back when ever I'm stressed. More than a Hero. A shadow if I can call him.

An other friend, who always thinks big, thinks positive, inspires in attempting such good things by initiating them. Every time I meet him, I get to know about a new thing; Technologically, Politically, Philosophically. Solving  a 5 point SU-DO-KU to me was exactly like what Oscar is to  DiCaprio. Then came someone who inspired me in attempting to believe I could solve one. Another friend who let me know the divinity in experiencing the feeling of driving. I was awestruck and it took me few days to come to terms with the fact that I could drive a four wheeler. And all it took to my driving guru is a couple of hours off out of his busy schedule to get me going. Yet another thing he taught me was to value money. There is one more mate whom I met whos got this amazing ability to be nice 24x7. Always cool, always speaking only good about others . 

It was not till I met a crazy girl did I realize there iisza crazy chap inside me as well. I could never believe a girl could do all those things until I personally experienced it with her. She let me know to be clam composed and crazy. She driving my bike with couple of us sitting behind, on the empty midnight streets of Hyderabad is just a trailer. She could dare to fly, strive to win and die to do what she loved.

Books; one thing I started because of my huge feelings for a girl and wanted a topic to keeping myself engaged in conversation with her. One of the best means I had was to borrow a book from her and read it hoping to catch up a discussion later sometime. Since then books turned out to be my second love. I started writing small stuff and update my blog to see if I could impress. Started to publish small columns on daily. Started to click my hobby of  posting few scenic photographs to see her attention. Another thing that stint taught me was enjoying music lyrically not just musically. 

There are those situations you encounter when you wish someone else was in your position to tackle the difficult situation you are in. And you know how they would behave. More often this marks the end of your difficult situation.  You kind of think what it would mean to people you respect if you either do or do not do something. It always tell you if you are right or not.

Somethings are pretty small in magnitude, but those are also the ones which gives you extreme pleasure. Sometimes we do few things because we get inspired, somethings we do to impress, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because it is inevitable. Irrespective of why you do it, any Good that happens to you because of someone else is a blessing. Friends who gave invaluable suggestions, immeasurable courage, deep guidance and a extraordinary script called life, Family who gave direction and every little thing that helped me attaining any small amount of good inside me.My teachers who made me believe in attaining something.

MY HEROS. Gathered many hero's till date and waiting to meet many more....

Sakethursforever : )

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karthikmvs said...

Whenever I read ur blog.... There is something in it which attracts me a lot to read it again and again.... Sometimes I feel like.....Orini appuday iepoeindi ah ani.... Ur writings not fantasise....they are near to real life... That maight be the reason which attracts me to read ur blog again and again....