Thursday, January 21, 2016

788918400 & Counting

25 years 0 months 0 days or 300 months 0 days or 1304 weeks 3 days or 9,131 days or 219,144 hours or 13,148,640 minutes or 788,918,400 seconds and counting. That is the count on my biological calendar.

A Facebook share once told me " Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away". And there is no better time to try and make few moments documented here on my digital scribbling pad. 

  • The YES... mission accomplished...!! feel from within, when I received the first Appointment Letter .
  • Magic I felt within myself steering a car all by myself. It is nothing short of magic.
  • A dream accomplished feeling receiving first pay at work.
  • Turning through the pages and wondering if books can be so addictive, reading through the   Doomsday Conspiracy.
  • Writing down my first blog post and convincing myself I could be Dan Brown.
  • A scholar kind of attitude that I saw in me while getting a Technical Research Paper published in an International Journal.
  • That Jingle which range when I penned down my first poem, a song if you call it.
  • Making a perfect weld joint at college, with all the protection gear on, making  a blow molded bottle cap, and carrying that feeling of being an engineer.
  • Being on a deadly trek with 20 unknown people to an inundated island and finding a comfort zone beyond my thoughts. I met a different version of self there. 
  • Getting an article published on one of the best national daily. 
  • Proud feeling of being a teetotaler till date. 
  • Clicking a scenic beauty and expecting the world to accept it as their wall paper.
  • Finally finding that 5th zero added to your balance sheet of the bank account. It is truly a gratifying aura of satisfaction
  • Finding clouds underneath your feet when someone said a Love you.
  • Satisfactory Phone calls, messages and comments I get when I make a blog post.
  • Gifting Mom, Dad, Sister, best friend with money made at work. A small pay back and an intense emotions .
  • The killer smile which went ear to ear writing down a gritting short story.
  • Feeling responsible at work place and working out of the box . 
  • Puff of air which filled my lungs beneath the sea at the scuba dive.
  • Getting 57 rupees 31 paisa return on investment on stock market. I thought I would become Warren Buffet soon. 
  • Feeling secured having vast relational space to fall back when ever required. Friends, Relations and everyone else.
These are very few Breath Taken away moments I would cherish for a long long time. Shall try and add few more very soon this year. 
Happy Birthday Dude.

Sakethursforever : )

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