Sunday, September 12, 2010

Does MOON know your religion???

I am a citizen of a country which is the biggest democracy, a country who's population is almost topping the table and which is one of the most rapidly developing nation. But, most importantly my country is a  cluster of more that 14 national languages, more that 11 official religions and hell a lot of different cultures.
Speaking about RELIGIONS & CULTURES, specially with respect to a democratic republic country like ours, these two things always has a impact on the development of the nation directly or indirectly.Each one of us have faith in different thing , we believe in different things we worship different idols and most importantly celebrate different occasions. Well, for good reasons or bad ones, we CLAIM to be a united even after all the difference that i stated above.
Each and every religion celebrates different festivals and have their own reasoning's and stories behind every religious sentiment or belief .
But did anyone notice the magic of the day 11SEPTEMBER2010 . Well i guess we only think of the attack on twin towers . But, did anyone notice this special thing that me and some of my friends did this September 11.
Yes two biggest festivals of our country fall on this day and both are "ANTITHESIS" of each other one way or more that one. Eid and Ganesh chaturdi fall on this very day.

Most fascinating part of this blog is that both  the festivals has something to do with moon. Yes, the very moon that Neil Arm Strong landed on, few decades ago. When it is a festival for one group of INDIANS that they actually could site moon and on the contrary the other part of country celebrate to avoid moon for that particular day. 
Now if i am a follower of Hinduism then i should not be sighting the sky today and avoid Mr. Moon for the day. And if i follow Muslim culture i should make sure i look at sky for hours together to sight moon even if it is cloudy. So, it is good for a person who is Muslim to sight the moon and pray. And it is not at all recommended for Hindu. 
Well the Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and is the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System according to what i studied in my early primary days. But does moon really effect you considering which religion you belong to????????? Does moon really know your religion.

This is one question that everyone should ask them self . Specially when you  start discriminating the other religion or a different culture. Every person who think his religion is supreme and other religions are not as worthy, should actually be able to answer this question. Does moon know your religion? Every person who takes part in communal riots and feel proud that he had done some thing for the religion should actually think if he is rite or wrong.

Well, i am SAKETH and i am actually assumed to follow Hinduism, but will it affect me in a different way if my name was SAKETH SIDDIQUE ???? 
Lets keep this aside...what if i was DAVID SAKETH??? Should i look at the sky or not? It doesn't matter to me at all.

Don't you think that nature really wants to tell us something very important. That every person is the same once he doesn't have any religious identity?? The power that is said to drive the life here created all of us with same taste.  

This a small attempt to people around me who really think religion, region and caste do not actually affect the life we live. Good or bad that happens to us is the result of what we think and what people think about us!!!
At least let us not drag moon into our discussion and let us leave MR. MOON to organisations like NASA and ISRO so that there can be few more NEIL ARM STRONGS here!!!!

sakethursforever :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Various poets, writers, philosopher's drafted many things about a person and his character. It is believed that a person is silent baby for few months, then a funny fast growing for next couple of years and childish like for few more on coming years until he completes his teens.
I'm 20 today and yet my mom keeps saying I'm childish. Well may be yes I'm. If loving my life and doing what i love to do is being childish then today i confess yes!!! ...." YES I'M CHILDISH"

# YES i don't wake up early in the morning as soon as my mom  wakes up up....i keep asking her FIVE mins!!!
# I skip to have shower if i feel too cold in the mornings.
# I drink BOOST every day....not only drink...i eat a fair share of the bottle.
#I love to get wet when ever t rains...

# After having my share of some stuff my dad or mom brings, i fight with my sister to get a bit more of that.
#  I sing while i shower.
#I have a unique habit of pulling ears of people around me who are really close to me.
# I donot dry my hair after shower.
# I spend hours together in wash room.
# I never keep my dress ,bag,shoes ready for the next day.
# I donot complete my plate of break fast every day.
# I spend hours together in front of television set.
# I open paint on my system and draw all non sense stuff....
# I fight for the window seat....sometimes with my sister ....sometimes with my friends.
# I love to have my food with a spoon of sugar.
# If i hear to to a nice song,i just sing along anywhere i may be.
# I just love to see cartoon network....specially tom and jerry,bob the builder,thomas and friends,oswald....and the list goes on and on.
# I like a movie...i see it again and again and again.
# I eat hell a lot of junk food pani puri,samosa....the lists never ending.
# I pounce on to the couch or bed when i feel like jumping.
# I ask if my mom or dad could actually carry me for some time.
# I spend hours together in playing computer games.
# When i and mom are out in a shop, i cry for all so called silly things like softdrinks or chocolates or chips ....
# I sing aloud with my head set on.
# I do quote all silly reasons when i donot want to attend college.
# I complete my assignments just the day before they are to be submited at the nick of the moment.
# I drink liters of sofdrink and love to eat ice cream....
# I donot care for my dress at the end of the day...ghar mei surf exel hai or washing machine bhi...
# I forget things in my pocket and leave it to my mom to look after them before washing it.....sometimes money, pen drives,hall ticket and many more.
# when ever my mom asks what will you eat...only one thing...."PURI"
# Run to television when i listen to voice of my favourite star's voice.
# I like to sleep with my mom or dad around who could actually make my sleep more deeper.

well this is how i like to spend my day. And if all of this is being childish and illogical...than i can only tell  one thing yes " I'M CHILDISH ". And i love to be childish...and i guess evry person should keep the young person in him alive to have a happy and superb life!!!And  i'm childish, not foolish!!
and friends if you have something more really childish in me do tell me so that i can include it!!!

sakethursforever :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Every person has a different way of marking the end of a particular day. One may just put a status message on social networking, someone would end it as he wishes his dear ones a very happy sleep and someone closing his diary and there are infinite ways for a  human expression.

But, the time that a person spend between officially ending a day and the actually time he sleep, speaks a lot about his likes,dislikes, about how the day was and hopes that he has on the next day.It is the "actual" time that a person has for himself. At least to me, it is the time when i get to think about various thing that i like,dislike or things i have done,things that loved doing, things that i hated the most and many more.

As i sign out of my messenger, i actually record my day .Not in a diary of course. I record it on my system and save them on the disk. One way it is digital dairy. But the next 20-30 mins to me is totally and totally me. You don't even get hand full of time to happily enjoy your meal every day with the most
disorderly drawn schedule that every one of have. But this is that i keep entirely for myself.


I either lay down and have deep sight of the night sky with some cool breeze that pass over ,have a night walk on my terrace ...trying to discover and rediscover the that things that make my day, which obviously include me and hell a lot of things that surrounds me every day from the time i get off the bed. 

It is the time one can really be honest the self  and speak a lot about self. It is the time where your are the master and you are the one who need to listen to your inner heart. It is the time that you, your self grade the way you live and think if you are right or wrong!!!!

A time which has every thing that your day or life is carrying for quite sometime. This is the time that a person actually re-thinks about every thing that his brain has been processing. All the moment that are worth enough to give an other look at. This will surly include the things that you like and thing that you never want to look back at. But believe me, anything that runs through your mind or memory is something very very important.This is probably because this unique majestic time has space only for things that matter a mile. 

Some days are such you only repent or feel bad for various things and some are such where you cherish it for a life time.And there could be days where you have everything to cherish for and yet you badly feel bad of various things. This is the feel that tells you nothing is here to stay. It is just as the way we look at live around us and most importantly it is all about the way you look at yourself.


and never miss this  superb tells a lot to you and you will have hell a lot to learn!!!!
it is when i am with my self

sakethursforever :)