Monday, June 27, 2011

Other than what it costs.

Last one week, took me to one of the city's most popular multiplex and also to a touring talkies. The feel of feeling my presence at a theater near by and the multiplex is quite comparable, and the comparison is quite fascinating.
And all that results in this blog post.....

Apart from a projector projecting light rays on to screen and sound box giving out the special effects and punch dialogues, and of course the ticket price  there are hell a lot of differences when you watch a movie in a multiplex and in a theater which in the by lanes of your little locality.

One thing which I did since my childhood out of curiosity is, trying to get a glimpse of the ticket counter as soon as I enter the theater . You need to get a ticket for the on going show, only then you will be allowed to park your vehicle. Even the audience wouldn't risk parking their vehicles before they get a ticket for them self. On contrary, when you intend to watch a movie in a multiplex, you will have to park your vehicle first and only then you are allowed  to look at the ticket counter. May be people are confident of getting a ticket because there are 5 to 6 screens at a multiplex.

Whole of the parking lot seems to look alike in a multiplex . And one need to wonder where you parked your  bike. Or even the cellar number may trouble you. You have got no such problem at the talkies. Only thing that bothers you is the safety of the bike. One wrongly parked vehicle can result in breaking the side indicator or rear view mirror of you bike.

One thing that made me nervous always was loosing the ticket. You have 5 members going for a movie you have same number of tickets in your hands.  You need to preserve all the 5 pieces of paper for getting into the theater. Multiplex are so much audience friendly that they just give you a piece of paper which has all the details printed, along with a cartoon, which they claim to be your photo.

Another dominating aspect that demands a draft here is posters . There wouldn't be as many posters
 of the movie that you have been too at the multiplex. One at the entrance and another at the notice board just beside door that leads you to your seat.

You also do not find many people at the multiplex talking about the movie. No matter if it is prior to the start of the show, at the interval or at the back end of the movie. You will get minimal response. Before the start of the movie people are mainly worried about the seats and the view of the screen that their seat would provide. The issue shits to combo packs that would serve them at the interval (coke+popcorn @ ***). People would only plan about spending some more time at the mall after the show. At the theaters that we are exposed to, prior to globalization, the talk would always circle around the movies,story, actors, performance, songs, gossips,highlights etc etc.

Another crazy thing that came to my sight is that, you don't come across people who would  be waiting at the doors for you to complete the show so that they can take over because the way out and the way in are not the same. So you can neither get a warning from someone about the credibility of the film nor can you help others, which happens at the end of every show at the small theaters .

In a multiplex the person coming to watch the movie is the boss. Or at least the management there makes us feel so (must be having something to do with business tactics). The management creates an environment there which says, "It is great that you have come to watch a movie here" . But here in the little theaters, the managements seems to feel great because of they have something that draws masses to them. You realise this more in the interval time when you go to a vendor selling soft drinks and popcorn.

Toilets at the multiplex are to be dealt with utmost care. First thing that bothers me are the clean mirrors. At the first go, you fail to get the navigation of the wash room. Then the sensors.You never know where there is a sensor and when & where water gets splashed. You have a drier just beside the wash basin. At the warm air comes out only for 5 sec and the machine gets terminated abruptly.  The person visiting for the first time wonders if he hasn't used the machine the way it to be used. At the theaters we are used to, there are neither clean nor are they as hitec . So ultimately one doesn't need to care for anything.

The feel of feeling the feel of a movie lies with us. Whether it is a touring talkies,  a five star theater , a pub with small screen or a multiplex, for me movie and my company are paramount. Entertainment is only thing that I get driven end of the day. Only then comes all the others.

sakethursforever :)