Friday, May 20, 2011

What is 2G scam?

Well there are 3 generations of mobiles that we are using or rather used
First generation 1G, or we call that CDMA. We used to have those Lg mobiles for Tata and & Relaince. They used to provide you with the handset as well. No other network can be operated from those mobiles except for the sim that the provides has given you . This was the start of mobiles in India and  we named them 1G, First generation or CDMA. This was quite famous with Tata, Ralience & virgin. No other networks had much of CDMA (Code division multiple access) stuff .

Second generation was the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)  world that we are or rather we WERE living untill 3G arrived. That was like, you have one hand set with you, you can use any network . Unlike that CDMA mobiles, here the user has the choice of changing the network when he wished to.

Then then came third generation and you what all you are provided with . Video calling, highspeed Internet etc etc....

Now if you set up an communication network in India, you will HAVE to transver your call only through BSNL . That might be any permutation and combination . Make a call from Airtel to Idea or Idea to Vodafone or what ever, the call has to the through BSNL. So there are certain frequency bands which are combat able with BSNL. This is just like radio frequency and and other bands. So every network has to use that specific band width or need to set to the frequency. This facility of using the frequency or spectrum will be auctioned and it is need to be bought, paying all kinds of taxes and other things to government of India.
Anything in a country like ours, should be first provided by government  only then it can be given to private sector. So that government can recover all the money it spent on installing the equipment like towers, satellite cables and all . So when 2G arrived , it was to be given to government ie Cellone should have provided it first until it recovered all the inventory it spent and only then it was to be given to private organisations.
Our telecom minister Mr. Raja was least concern about the government inventory . So he directly let out the spectrum for private firms like Bharathi Airtel ,TATA ect. The 2G spectrum scam in India involved the issue of 122 licenses of the 2G spectrum to 85 companies including many new telecom companies with little or no tax at all. For which Raja and his assosiates have been paid heavily.
So, government had to face losses of 1.76 lakh CRORES.
In short this is the story of 2g scam.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I seriously fail to understand  the logic behind half of my generation out here, who out source music and feel as if it a deadly crime to listen to Indian music and call themselves to be "MUSICIANS" & "MUSIC LOVERS". Isn't it a bull shit kind of crap. They claim themselves to be Musicians not knowing the basic definition, that music is divine,irrespective of it being INDIAN or an OUT SOURCED track.

People here look up to an an English track and say wow!!! which is understandable, but i feel like knocking the same person down when he says Indian music is not his cup of coffee. Aren't we in most charitable position where in we applaud a product designed out side, not even giving a go at produce made at home. Don't you all so called musicians or music loves know where you are drifting .

Some say Music here is below standards, and some say Indian music is lot more of copy from western tracks. But, what it make me feel like is, fair proportion of people feel admiring music made in west is something that takes their character to a greater level. And, what's worst part of the story is that these SO CALLED ( I insist on saying SO CALLED), musicians or music lovers have so damn knowledge that they would judge music done back home.

Well, I seen no wrong is using the same  tune or source form a Western track . And even if there is something wrong, people who don't have basic knowledge about music have no right to judge or even comment. When people like you prefer the Western ones and over look the creativity here, i see no wrong in imitating or even using the source music to reach fools like you. And also one should know playing or recording the same stuff done once is not as easy. We all are living in a false prestige or false status, where in we admire people who are known all over the world just because they have a global market.

It has become a habit for every obnoxious person knowing how to play a  Guitar or Drums to call themselves to be a musician who doesn't know the basic definition of what music is . Well if it is to show Attitude, please keep it to yourself, because Indian music has nothing to play to you. What I can actually say to these people is that, if you are true music lover or a musician as you claim to be, please have a broad 'ears' to have a neat go music, irrespective of its origin,source,composer and other production values.And if you still can't actually know the value of MUSIC on a whole, they i can only pity you!!!

Stop crying about the origin of the music, source, who being great and who not being great, ultimately what a , music lover should look at is if it makes him feel good or not .

(this post is a dedication to all those literal fools out there who dis agree that credibility of music dosen't depends on its origin!!! )

sakethursforever :)