Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Short Fable Of A Sweet He & She

Clear skies, Harvest moon and twinkling stars, far away from the routine life, just next to what he always thought was life; the broken resort in the valley was his final lap. The resort was his choice and only the first half of their holiday. He virtually ran something more than a marathon for all his life. Today, he found himself calmly letting the moment to settle with in his system and started to allow himself understand he is finally over the line. For the first time for 29 years, he did not have to think of next race. Personally he was won the biggest race. A Master's degree from a renowned institute, a decent pay at work and now this. He took a deep recline gazing into the infinity thinking if the next biggest challenge will be of taking someone else's responsibility.

It was more than three quarters before either of them spoke. It was their first hour spent together without a task on hand. Last couple of months were full of plans, parties & preparation. And here they were after the wedlock. Pushing a gulp of warm air and courage, he broke the the silence. He read out a few lines he penned down many years before, during his initial tryst with her. 

Laying under the Starry Skies,
A radiant white apple floating over the sky,
I dim my eyes to frame the Sight,
My hand's in a seek of another one to hold,
One of those times - I think of You.

Moments later, his hand found a company, lips found a gratified smile and his mind found the reference to the phrase he was written miles ago in time.  Then followed a whisper with a warm hug "I did these lines for you, and waited all these years just to see those eyes lit up the evening." They remained undisturbed, enjoying their stay there forever, with the full moon silently witnessing the sweet pair.

The couple left the place few days later to their next destination. It was her choice this time. A long cantilever stretch extending fairly into the waters, their table was further extended to far left. While the remaining couples faced each other, they faced the infinity and it was blue waters forever. Both of them seemed in the endless desire of being in each other's company. Hand in hand, he had his glass of wine to his right and her's was to the left. Melody was all around; mellow of the soft wind gently passing by, birds cooing back to their nests and mellifluous sound of water striking the shore.  

They made their way back to their shack with sun setting to their left. It was few strides later she stopped and began pull him back. She covered his eyes with her hands and read out something she has penned down sometime ago.

A solely stroll on the golden Coast,
Blue to the left and Sand to the right,
Leaving my footprint with each of the stride,
All those prints needed a pair, 
One of those times - I think of you.

He turned back to see a couple's trails on the sand and she found her hands wet. Then followed a whisper with a warm hug, "It was you on my mind when was here last time and I thought there isn't any other place I can tell this to you."  The remained rejoicing their stay there forever, with the dusk sun witness the sweet pair.

The frame of their hands in each other's company along with the moon light made its way on her work desk and the the capture of their trails on the coast made its way on his work desk with orange sun calling it a day. None of the frame had a full capture of the couple, but they were filled with a feeling called Magic.

Sakethursforever : )

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